And I can!

By Admin | Building
15 April 2016

1 place (9,85 points) took the theme of "schemes and standards on placement and installation of bathroom fixtures and appliances."To use the plumbing was comfortable, there should be a lot.How much space to leave before the bath or shower?What should be the level of output sewer pipes out of the wall?What are the optimal diameter pipes to drain the water drain?Answers to these and other questions related to the installation santehnichego equipment and devices, as well as photographs of the subject the implementation of such connections are gathered in this topic.

On 2 spot (9,81) - a logical continuation of the first theme - "The real solution plumbing problems with pictures."Tying boiler, laying water floor heating, sewage lining the route to a distant guest c / y, the installation of toilets - there exists a "tip" for any occasion.

3rd (9,75) has taken a new theme of "frame house on Scandinavian grounds." Plotinum began to report on the construction of one-storey karkasnika warmed to the Swed

ish stove.Construction - Finnish: frame with bolt in the wall, isoplaate, insulation ecowool.Facade - Norwegian, with vertical paneling Cutting board with panel strip.Follow the construction progress!

On 4th place (9,75) IriS Rina talks about the arrangement of the family nest - with the hope of turning it into a little paradise.In the apartment, - says Irina - useless spending time "TV, computer, sleep."This was one of the arguments why the couple, determined to expand the living space, prefer unfinished house two-bedroom apartment.But a closer inspection of the territory of the owner threw in horror.Burian in human growth, piles of building materials, scattered stones and trampled into the ground litter.What to do?- Originated the classic question.Answers and continuation of the story - in the subject.

5th (9,72)."And I can" - has decided Orfo74 , having read other people's stories on FORUMHOUSE.Validating decided to build a small gazebo to relax from the hassle of garden in a small summer cottage.What happened?And it happened, "such that the alarm set is necessary that at the hands of the gazebo is not taken away."

6th .Furniture and other interesting works of wood presented Woodworkers master in his subject.Here he shares his thoughts about the craft, design and culture.And occasionally puts its projects.

On 7th place - another squatter, one-storey house of aerated concrete.Theme: "The apartment is in the nature" - again in the rankings. Victorprofessor began construction, with a limited budget.But construction is not delayed for long.Within two years, the owners moved into a new home.Yes, and I managed to avoid mistakes."But a lot can be optimized and made faster and cheaper."You want to know what?Come to this topic!

On 8th place - the familiar theme of another fiscal house of HEC on UWB. TeyaSalat talks about his road to the dream.In this way, it is difficult to have to make many important decisions, and terribly wrong.But when you realize that the dream will soon become a reality, all have different look - says new posts their life and building experience.

9 took place Isalo story about the construction of the house of "the most popular building material in rural areas - myself."Cheap, clean - our forum users know about all its benefits, but not everyone will dare to use adobe, fearing the fragility of buildings.And in vain!This house is unlikely to be similar to a home-NIF NIF.

10th ."English replica" - so called Annnet his house.Fan of English style - dry, soothing, strict - she tried to link all the rooms in a single picture, in spite of the difference of the interiors.For each of them, as well as "decorating chips" recounts new posts in this thread.

FORUMHOUSE recommended to look into the rating list this week.Here you will learn about how to get gas via poultry, how to make the dream a tandoor, a delightful garden to plant and other construction sites of interest.