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14 April 2016

as adverse weather conditions affect the roofing material?

roof of the house all year round is exposed to adverse weather conditions.Wind, snow load, rain, ultraviolet radiation and sudden temperature drops are a real challenge for the roof.

weather in Russia - one of the toughest in the world.

cold, heavy rainfall, strong winds and frequent crossings "0" can significantly reduce the life of the roof, if it is made of low-quality or short-lived material.

the average January temperature in the north-west of Russia can range from -5 ° C to -15 ° C.

summer in the southern regions, temperatures can reach + 35 ° C + 40 ° C.In Siberia, in winter, the thermometer is lowered to -40 ° C and -60 ° C.In addition, the roofing material must withstand heavy wind and snow loads.For example, depending on the region, a wind pressure may be from 14 to 70 kg per 1 sq.m roof.A snow layer thickness of 1 cm and an area of ​​1 sq.m, depending on the density, pressure on the roof with a force of 8-10 kg.

Also, except for the high strength properties, the roofing material must be attractive and aesthetic appearance for the entire period of operation.

Thus, the choice of roofing material - a responsible process that requires forethought and careful analysis of all the properties of the material.Only in this case to ensure long life and reliability of the roof.

Shingles - roof for any weather

To understand whether rain, snow and wind have a negative effect on the soft roof, or, as it is called, the shingles, you need to understand what kind of material.

based shingles laid non-woven fiberglass or polyester.

this basis impregnated special modified polymer-bitumen composition, which gives a soft roof resistance to heat, cold and frequent temperature changes.

fallen snow has increased the load on the roof.

use shingles, unlike other roofing materials, roof allows you to arrange the maximum angle that provides unimpeded descent of snow in the winter.

structure TN Shinglas

Snow does not stay on the roof with roof pitch of 60 °.The maximum load is on flat roofs with a slope of up to 25 °.

One of the most important characteristics of a soft roof - Increased resistance to UV light.To do this, the upper part of shingles coated with crumbs.Granular protect bitumen from ultraviolet rays.The large area of ​​the shingles closed crumb, the better the protection and thus more durable tile.

also important parameter such as the degree of adhesion of granules to the bitumen.If the baby osypetsya, the tile surface exposed, and the bitumen be exposed to solar radiation, leading to premature aging of the roof and reduce its lifetime.

lower part of the shingles covered with a layer of self-adhesive rezinobituma.

This additive provides a soft roof leaks.Here's how: sunlight rezinobitum glues shingles with each other, and a soft roof is transformed into a single sealed carpet having increased moisture resistance and wind resistance.

Under the influence of temperature extremes, such as frequent freezing and thawing roofing material can shrink and expand, which eventually leads to its destruction.Therefore, when choosing a roofing material is necessary to pay attention to its water absorption coefficient.For example, if the roofing high degree of water absorption, the water melted during the day, at night freeze, leading to deformation.Sincein shingles no pores, the soft roof does not absorb water, which provides a long service life the roof and respectable appearance.

Features shingles :

  • flexible shingles has a high moisture resistance and wind resistance.
  • Roof does not rot, corrosion, impact of adverse weather conditions and the effects of pollutants.
  • soft roof can be operated at temperatures ranging from -70 ° C. to +90 ° C.
  • Shingles is not subject to abrupt temperature changes, do not fade in the sun and ensures a higher degree of sound insulation of the roof.
  • Roof perfectly withstand strong gusts of wind and can be used all over Russia in the most severe climatic conditions.

Learn all the details and appreciate the advantages of a soft roof, please visit the Corporation TekhnoNIKOL.

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