Roof pie under the shingles

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13 April 2016

obvious advantages of a soft roof - it looks spectacular, is not afraid of heavy rains and severe frosts, does not crack and does not burn, is sealed.A rich palette of colors to match the color of the roof or facade to match the surrounding buildings without staining.In addition, soft tiles can be cut to any shape, it is easy to install.

At last, let's discuss in more detail: soft roof to last a long time, you need a properly manufactured roofing pie.It guarantees a comfortable microclimate, protecting the inhabitants of the house from the noise, heat or cold.Of course, professional roofers know how and what to lay tile.But, first, the control never hurt - then your house!And, secondly, you yourself can cope with this task, saving the contractor.

What roofing pie

roofing pie - something that will be laid shingles.Actually, this whole roof, with the exception of interior trim parts and a number of roof system.This cake has a layered structure: rafters, sheathing, insulation, lining, etc.- Depend

ing on the device attic.Each layer - its important task.The sequence of stacking the components of this "food" is also crucial.

roofing pie is of two types: Cold and warm roof.The first option - a summer country houses, farm building, awnings - ie buildings that do not require insulation.If you are going to live in a house in the winter, spring and autumn, the roof have to be warm.

roofing pie cold roof

Consider how the system looks device cold attic in the pitched roofs (for example, the popular classic tile TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS):

1. Shingles
2. Lining the carpet
3. Ground (wood flooring)
4. sparse crate
5. Rafter leg

As you can see, the system - very simple.Even one person to cope with a device cold attic.

roofing pie to warm roof

And so the system looks for the device roofing pie warm roof (TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS Attic):

1. Shingles
2. Lining the carpet
3. superdiffuzionnye membrane
4. Insulation (rockwool)
5. Steam insulation film
6. Ground (wood flooring)
7. sparse crate
8. Kontrbrus to create ventkanala
9. Rafter leg
10. Stepping crate under the insulation of the attic
11. Filing

Here we seeAll materials that were used in a cold roof apparatus, and several new ones.Of course, roofing pie to warm room - a more complicated design, but if you follow the instructions, and there should be no problems.

Put rafters

The lowest tier of the cake roof - truss system.Type-gabled roofs are sloped, hanging, truss and may consist of rafters mauerlatov, beams, girders, puffs, counters, stays, etc.Construction of gabions should devote a separate workshop.

device for the roof it is important that rafters were fixed firmly as possible, and the design is easy to maintain not only the weight of the roof (square meter of tile weighs 9-13 kg), but a layer of snow and ice.For rafters is better to choose pine or larch.Wood is required to treat ognebiozaschitnym composition.

Mount vapor barrier

So truss system is ready, proceed to the installation of vapor barrier film.It will display the warm moist air, preventing condensation.Vapor barrier is installed inside the premises to be protected bearing wooden structures.The film is secured to the rafters by means of horizontal bars (increments of 60 cm).A vapor barrier between the layers of material are glued to two-way tape overlapping areas.Rods and we presses film useful during the interior finishing the attic - they are, for example, will be attached drywall.

insulated roof

To heater did not fall from the bottom of the roof need to nail a wooden bar - it will stop.Plates put on top of the film as possible - vrazbezhku.

After the insulation is laid on the rafters waterproof tape is placed, it - superdiffuzionnaya membrane protects the roof from blowing particles of rock wool.It also helps to remove water vapor from the heater to the outside.

windproof layer is attached with kontrbrusa on which is mounted a sparse crate.Thus, between the membrane and the crate must form a ventilation gap of 5 cm. The moist air will rise from the eaves to the ridge, and from there - to the outside without damaging the roof.

Making wood flooring

crate placed on a solid floor boards, OSB or plywood WBP.Why one?Because the device pitched roofs requires a special deck strength and moisture resistance.

WBP plywood made of layers of veneer glued using phenol-formaldehyde resins.It has good water resistance and mechanical strength.Under the bitumen roof choose plywood softwood and birch avoid - it can "story" of temperature and humidity that threatens to depressurization of the entire roof.The optimum thickness of the plywood - 10-11 mm.

additional sheets is recommended to treat refractory and water repellent solution, especially carefully - at the ends.

oriented strand board OSB (or OSB) - a more reliable option.In fact, this improved timber - rectangular flat chips, compacted under pressure at high temperature, and fixed with a special resin.This material does not bend, does not suffer from moisture, keeps excellent hardware.

between the plates must be a gap of 2-5 mm in case of thermal expansion.No need to lay the flooring at the very horse.To operate a vent, should leave about 70 mm.

spread a carpet backing

Whenever roof pitch you need to arrange a carpet underlay over the entire area of ​​the roof.On the eaves and valleys set ANDEREP (self-adhesive) or other material with the same characteristics.Its stack 1 m wide (50 cm per ramp).It is better to lay carpet vsploshnuyu (without overlaps) the entire length of the valley.If this is not possible, the carpet underlay is laid overlapping carefully prokleivaya seams at the top of the roof.The amount of overlap - 30 cm.

along the eaves ANDEREP adhesive or other material on the value of the trail cornice departure, adding 600 mm from the inner plane of the outer wall inside the house.This prevents undesirable leaks in the house eaves area due to violation of temperature and humidity of roof space, or rapid temperature changes in the street.On the eaves material is not brought to an inflection Cornice strip 2-3 cm.

rest of the surface slope harboring carpet backing ANDEREP (mechanical fixation) or other similar material.Stacking is carried upward, the overlap in the longitudinal direction is 100 mm (for carpet underlay organic based type BiCARD overlap - 600 mm for a roof inclination angles up to 30 degrees, more than 30 - 100 mm) in cross - 150 mm.Roll rolled parallel to the eaves.To consolidate his base every 200-250 mm with special galvanized nails with a wide hat.Places lap coat with mastic TekhnoNIKOL N23 to the width of 8-10 cm.

to form cuts SONATA, AC cord, TRIO and beaver tail carpet underlay can be used only in the most likely locations of leaks (on the perimeter of the roof - the carpet backing band width of 50 cm,valley - the width of 1 m, roof penetrations - 1x1 m, skylights - 50 cm, eaves carpet plant for 60 cm from the inner wall to the ridge).At the same warranty terms and conditions will change and will be the same as those of other manufacturers.According to the climatic features of the Russian Federation, this condition applies only to such regions: the Southern Federal District North Caucasus Federal District, Volga Federal District, the Central Federal District Northwestern Federal District.

Summing up

device roofing pie under the soft tile - not easy, but you can in terms of the implementation of the task to two or three, even non-professional builders.It is important not to disturb the sequence of stacking of layers and choose the right materials, as any "weak link" in the end will bring down the whole "team".

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