Designer Elena Golubkov, "I just love the colors!"

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10 April 2016
one of us at least once, watching a movie, did not dream to be on the other side of the screen in fabulous interiors, inhabited by characters in the film? Start at the front of the apartment and the luxury of splashes of light in the living room air Buchanan from "The Great Gatsby."
Or be inspired by the spacious, open woods and sky abode of the Cullen family of "Twilight" where insomnia for days on end, you can read books, listen to music and to think about eternity.
Dreams of a life often lead us in DIY stores, where it begins a great story titled "Repair in his own house."How to do it so as not to be disappointed in the result?And instead of restrained nobility does not get gloomy grayness?
Project Designer Elena Golubkov already familiar to users of popular FORUMHOUSE opinion articles on the site and the Council theme "Design Rules". She masterfully solves the problems of transformation of living spaces, sometimes combining the interiors seemingly incongruous things.That's rea
lly who knows exactly how to make friends with old furniture with new flooring and how to decorate a blank wall in the bathroom.Juggle ideas designer help not only thinking outside the box and experience, but also the ability to feel subtle color palette to create the perfect interior.
Learn to distinguish between the coral and the color of alizarin marsala, and share their knowledge in other Elena Golubkov be on July 11 at an intensive six-hour workshop "Colors of repair," which FORUMHOUSE Academy is organizing in cooperation with TC "Designer".In anticipation of the training, we decided to talk to the designer about what awaits the participants intense, and the role played in the interior color.
- Elena, why the theme of the seminar was chosen to work with color in the interior?
- It's simple and complicated at the same time.On the one hand, the basis of color, we need not only until we make repairs and select the wallpaper to the couch.It is generally very useful skill.In his professional activity - what we would not do - many of us have to work with images, presentations.For there is no distinction of color, are you going to make a report or the interior.At the seminar, we will consider the color of their impact on human tradition of using them in our culture.Look at standing near a water bottle: color label blue and white, with possible blue?And the coffee - always brown?A bio-products - always green?Where did these styles and templates, we will also discuss.
Sometimes the first thing begins repairs - with the choice of finishing materials / furniture.Choose something bright, we are faced with complexity "pacify" the object and "make friends" with the rest of his apartment / house.Hands move down, and we go to the beautiful but underpopulated trails individual style on the six-lane highway neutral shades of beige.How to make them non-boring?Or - how to manipulate the colors in the chosen style, like when, for example, the baroque, but it is impossible to do reconstruction, and have a desire to make the styling?Or Scandinavia: how to adapt to the available-finishing materials?That's where we can help the knowledge of color, its impact on the volume and basic skills development of individual color palettes.
- Do you have your favorites in the colors of the interior, shades and combinations?
- a very difficult question for me.Just incredibly complex.I never translates customers preferences, we are working with his / her individual tastes and pleasures.Here it is a question of professionalism - I just love the colors.It is like when an individual develops a palette when in Internet razvlekalochki "What color is your soul?" Appears that accepts and understands the customer.Itself is a very difficult test, I "including designer" - and away we go.
And what to their own comfort - I am impressed, natural colors and quiet minimalism.Like most citizens, I-we are in a fairly aggressive visual environment.The lights of advertisements, cars, offices / shops - sometimes it is a very serious burden.And one of the reasons the global trend to simplify the individual interiors and their guests.There is even such a thing, "the point of comfort," as a collection of the most pleasant and comfortable elements in the interior.So: individual interior should not be that the "point" of comfort.A nest, den, burrow - our own, most comfortable abode.
- There is an opinion that the choice of clothing is better not to combine more than three colors in one outfit.A basic color must be one - all others only complement it.Are there similar rules for interiors?
- Rule of three colors in the selection of clothing and accessories - works very well basic rules of making clothes.But it is a little bit evil.There uchuvstvuet more three colors.The color of the skin, eyes, hair ... That's all - color.And the overall style and the type of man, his temperament, the way and manner of moving too important.How important and priority space architecture.For the interior colors running normally "basic-additional-accent."In this case, each group may have more than one color.This is also an important step in working with color palettes, and we will learn this skill.
- At the seminar, we will make color sketches and work with paints, brushes, paper, learn the basics of working with color.But in practice, when selecting the interior color solutions you advise newcomers also work on paper or "try on" images of simple computer programs?And in general, there are important selection tools?
- I always remember here is the architectural and construction is almost an anecdote."Much of what is planned to stick in the sand, still stands today.And how much of what is being modeled and calculated in the most demanding programs, today disappeared without a trace ... "The tool is not critical here.If you are all good with imaginative thinking, you would get the palette on paper.Computer software is very helpful in awareness and understanding of the scope, architecture space.But fraught with many pitfalls.You have to understand the full measure of their convention, some perspective distortion and volume.This - not a panacea, it is - a simple tool.The most important thing is to be in my head.
- The training is designed for 6 hours of intense work.To be useful, these activities and what are the main skills of the students will be able to get because of the exchange rate?
- We have already said that the understanding of the laws of color is not only designers, artists, but also useful to - advertisers, marketing specialist of any profession.Modern culture is very much working with mental images.This applies to all aspects of life, from watching the news before making a purchasing decision.Knowing this technique, and knowing how to use it, we will be less susceptible to manipulation, so - a little freer.Well, we can do generit content of decent quality, which is important for professional success.
Well and pleasant - it's fun.Pure pleasure - even not punishable as calories, hangover or remorse.Where else to find?
Learn more about the workshop "Colors of repair" and register for the event by telephone 8-905-510-58-18 or here: