Sika has introduced a new line of environmentally friendly products for the durable repair

By Admin | Building Materials
09 April 2016

In Russia, the construction and repair, often neglected materials for roughing and finishing works.Meanwhile, they are also important for the durability of residential construction and repair, as well as the professionalism of the construction or the repair team.Cheap waterproofing will not protect against leaks.And the water that has penetrated into the room, harm not only the interior decoration of the rooms, and can even damage the supporting structures.And it is fraught with significant costs for the new repair and / or compensation for damage to neighbors.To avoid such troubles, it is necessary not to save and use the original quality product.

Swiss chemical company Sika many years producing construction chemicals for industrial facilities.The company recently released a product for private construction and repair.The materials are designed specifically for the Russian market.With their design uses special formulations and technologies that allow for a rough finishing work efficiently and quickly.

By locating production in Russia, managed to produce products at an affordable price, but with high quality.Technology and innovation - the main focus of the company.Each batch of goods are pre-close monitoring in special laboratories.Only after this are commercially available materials.

Currently materials for private construction and repair produced at Rzhev.The company also plans to open a factory in Volgograd.The company will produce dry mixes using Swiss recipes and techniques, but mainly from domestic raw materials (70%).

In June this year, the network of retail products for DIY and professional dealers, you can buy such materials:

  • Rovniteli floor (high-strength mixture for pre-alignment Sikafloor Screed, Sika Floor 30, Sika Floor 80).
  • Products for waterproofing (flexible mineral waterproofing Sika TopSeal-107, a hard mineral surface waterproofing Sika-101a).
  • Poured floors (mixture of preliminary and final leveling Sika Level Pro, Sika Level Universal).
  • Grout (Sika Ceram Cleangrout).
  • Tile adhesives (glue Sika Ceram C1T, adhesives for indoor and outdoor use Sika Ceram Universal).
  • Concrete admixtures (hardening accelerator Sika Antifreze N9 with antifreeze effect, additive device thin ties and adhesive layers SikaLatex, increases the elasticity of the solutions).

Director General of Sika Russia Sergey Zuzya , answers to pressing questions for users FORUMHOUSE:

- Many believe that the professional line is always higher quality than the line for private developers, is that so?

- The company Sika has developed high demands on the quality of our product, and they apply to the new line of products made for private construction.

- On our website there is a lot of professionals and builders superintendents.Does the company Sika opportunity for them to become acquainted not only with new products, but also with the peculiarities of working with them?

- Yes, we are constantly held workshops where we teach everyone to work with our products.Choose the day that suits you and make an easy - just enough to go to our website