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11 April 2016
choice of material of the roof - the most important stage of construction of the house, from which depends the reliability, durability, comfort and visual appeal of the home.Find option to the maximum to meet the modern requirements for comfort and safety, pleasing the eye and thus cost-effective - is no easy task.Construction industry today offers a wide range of different types of materials and cost, they all have their advantages and disadvantages, so hard to define.
comparing the characteristics of different roofing materials and sharing experience of their operation, many users FORUMHAUSE opt for the soft roof in the first place - to its popular varieties such as flexible shingles.Let's see, what is the secret of high interest to the soft roof, what are its benefits and features.
the basis of a soft roof - a web of glass fiber or polyester, impregnated and coated on both sides of the modified bitumen and polymer additives.They make the material resistant to extremely high and low
temperatures.On the outer part of the application of the protective and decorative layer - Basalt gritting.Round soft roof option, the so-called evroruberoid, proved to be excellent as a material for waterproofing flat roofs.In the special dispensation is widely used for a flexible shingles: for pitched roofs of any complexity, even with a small (12-degree) angle, it is one of the best options.
performance advantages of a soft roof:
High Attenuation not "noise" in the rain or hail.
Resistance to high and low temperatures.
not corrode, rot, insects.
Long lifetime (manufacturer's warranty - 10-30 years or more).In the case of TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS - 60 years.
absolute waterproofing.
strength, resistance to deformation.
Attractive appearance, choice of colors and shapes.
Shingles are made in the form of small plates (shingles) with shaped cutout on one side.One of the indisputable advantages of its differentiating shingles from other roofing - a wide variety of colors and shapes of tiles (rectangular, square, hexagon, etc.).For example, through a combination of seven different forms of cutting and 48 of the original colors in the collection TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS 62 decorative roofing solutions.This gives a wide scope for the designer fantasies: a roof covered with soft tile, you can "fit" into any landscape.
For owners of houses with roofs of complex configuration of the material - a real find.Due to its small size and plasticity of plates, tiles easily fit on the surface of any geometry: projections, bends, angles, towers, etc.Through such a roof is easy to derive a smoke or vent pipe.
soft roof stability to frost, heat and temperature changes, its water resistance and low wind resistance allows to apply the material in any climatic zone.The mineral granules on the outer surface to protect the roof from mechanical damage and ultraviolet rays and prevent the loss of snow in the winter.Special extra care so the roof is not required.It does not need, in contrast to the metal roof, and to ground, as is made of dielectric materials and does not accumulate electrostatic charges.
Also, despite the word "soft" in the title, so the roof of impact is superior to most other roofing materials.Through the use of a continuous sheathing installation and cushioning properties of the coating, the roof with no problems carries a powerful hail, and even thrown stone does not hurt her.
This, however, does not mean that the soft roof, like any other coating does not require careful operation.It has its own rules: you can not walk on the roof in hot weather, clear it of snow, ice and debris with a metal scraper or shovel to avoid damaging the coating.
attractive material soft roof also make it easy and cost-effective installation.Even when installing roof complicated configuration waste is minimized.Professional skills to work with a soft roof is not required.Do shingles TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS, for example, on the underside of the shingles applied self-adhesive layer that allows to connect securely to each other plates.Anchored on the basis of special nails layers of shingles soon baked in a sealed monolithic coating.Mount a roof - a simple and convenient even for one person.
However, it should be noted that the installation of a soft roof of any type requires mandatory her laying on a continuous basis.And when roofing with a slope of less than 18 degrees shingles will need to mount it on the carpet backing.
Due to its versatility, soft roof is often used not only to cover in the construction of new roofs, and for the repair and renovation of old roofs.
advantages of soft roof installation:
Easy installation.
Can be used on roofs of any complexity and configuration.
light weight (one plate - 1-1.5 kg).
does not require additional reinforcement of the roof or walls.
Cost: installation is a minimum of waste (maximum 5%).
small size plates: convenient for transportation.
material costs and the cost of its installation of a soft roof can be classified as cost of coatings available to most developers.However, the market is presented and a wide range of premium models with different high strength, long life, a variety of forms, textures and colors.However, even when choosing an inexpensive option with a soft roof of the likelihood of running into a low-quality counterfeit minimal.Production of all types of soft roof - a complex process that requires manufacturers of high-precision equipment, quality raw materials and strict adherence to technology.And from the homeowner opted for this variant coverage required strict adherence to all the technologies of its installation - then under the roof soft roof reliably serve many, many years.For example, the warranty on some series of multilayer tiles TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS is 50-60 years.

Finally - a few general conclusions:

Popularity soft roof due to a unique set of characteristics that best meet the needs of homeowners: strength, durability, ease of installation, environmental safety, affordable price.

Due to their operational characteristics soft roof is suitable for use in harsh environments.It is easy to carry and heat and cold, and strong temperature fluctuations.She is not afraid of moisture, hail, heavy rains, strong winds and ultraviolet radiation.

waterproofing properties and high levels of sound insulation make living in the house under the roof with a soft comfortable.The roof is not only muffles the sound of rain and hail, but also "extinguishes" decibels of noise from the nearby highway or railway.

qualitatively soft roof mount the power of even one person, it does not require any skills or special tools.

Roof - the only universal roof covering suitable for roofs of any shape and complexity.

Due to the vast range of models, colors and shapes every homeowner can choose the best option and implement all of their design ideas.

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