Every tire two tire - get the house!

By Admin | Building
10 April 2016

Regular readers of our website know well that used tires - is a versatile building material.From them and the foundation can be done and the drainage system to build, and even cut sculptures.

However, the scope of the tires is far from exhausted.A resident of the Colombian city of Bogota, Alexander Posada, proposes to build from the "beushnye" tires and even entire houses cottage settlement.

Despite skepticism on the part of professional builders, the woman said that the bus - it's almost an ideal building material for the poor.

Alexander Posada:

- Used tires are worth nothing, almost eternal and ubiquitous.What is not a building material for people who need as quickly as possible to build housing?

To dispel any doubts, Alexander rolled up her sleeves and, with the support of two assistants, 2 weeks built a round house with a diameter of 10 meters.Technology impresses with its simplicity.First place of construction is cleared from the fertile soil, then soil compacted, covered with sand

and stacked on the prepared base tire.

Sincethe house is virtually no foundation, Alexander advises a base to put tires on trucks and buses.If you plan to build a big house, it is best to use the tractor tires.

Recipe proper "preparation" of the tire Alexandra :

- Tires stuffed the ground, then the first row of the next stack.With each subsequent next to the diameter of the tire is reduced.Tires are bonded to each other reinforcing bars.For greater reliability of several rows of tires can be filled with concrete.It turns armpoyas.

roof is also going out of the tires.It has the shape of an arch.Interestingly this point - to save energy in the roof insert glass bottles.On sunny days, the sunlight is refracted and enters the room.

The fact that such a "solar pipeline", gives details here .

researcher says that such houses are obtained strong, well soundproofed and environmentally friendly.For this purpose all the walls, joints, cracks in the building, inside and outside are coated with a solution of dense clay and sand.It turns out a kind of wattle and daub.

Clay rubber insulates well against weathering and prevents the sun's rays to heat the tires . Those who have had the opportunity to live in a house made of rubber "bricks", state that no smell, no any harmful fumes in the premises there.

see results, Alexandra lined up a whole queue of those wishing to acquire a similar house.The researcher says that her future plans include upgrading technology, for what she wants to experiment with different fillings for tires.Although these homes have limited architectural features, for some countries such an approach - a good solution in terms of the construction of prefabricated houses and in the disposal of millions of used tires.

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