Non-standard construction technology

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09 April 2016

And sometimes we were surprised to note that the new development - in fact, well-forgotten old technology, which builds on our wise ancestors.Should we follow the trends, "construction mode", and we promise to innovation now and in the near future - are investigated with FORUMHOUSE.


profitable to innovative technologies in the construction?What is innovation and what can be the benefits of their use in the construction of the house?Says the expert FORUMHOUSE.

House in Japanese, what is it?How to build traditional houses in Japan?Comfortable to live in such a house?The heated Japanese homeowners?Answers to these questions - in this article.

foundation of tires.Personal experience.How to build a house, if your site is located in the marsh or peat?There is a proven option - to build the foundations of the old tires.

Should I build a house out of wood?Mistaken who use wood for kindling a furnace.After all, they - the perfect material for building a house.And, as we are assured, man

y gardeners - not only environmentally friendly and unusual, but also inexpensive.

roof of straw.Once the roof of straw was a sign of poverty.But today things have changed, and so the roof can only afford to wealthy Europeans.


Monolithic house.Technology and features.Monolithic housing construction is gaining its momentum in the Russian market.No wonder, because this technology allows you to create designs that are not available with other traditional construction methods.

at full sail: building a house from the shipping containers.Our forumchanin Yuri when designing the house went through almost all the options of wall materials, but in the end took the unusual decision: to build a house out of shipping containers.

House geosphere.Personal experience.This unusual house quite difficult to find on the open spaces of our country: the house-dome, or a house-geosphere is more frequently associated with Mars, or, at worst, from the far north.But we still managed to communicate with the owners of the geosphere and to learn the subtleties of various construction.

House Technology "Velox".What it is.Reviewing the various construction technologies, in this video we consider malorasprostranёnnuyu technology as an example of non-standard home complex.

House of straw and expanded clay.Personal experience.The owner of an unusual adobe house Katsuk shares his experience Nikolai stacking straw characteristics of this material and other interesting details from the history of its construction.

vertical bar.The new technology of wooden housing.Build homes, putting logs vertically, at least unusual.However, such technology exists in Austria for more than ten years and are very good.Today, these houses appear in Russia.

Monolithic house of opilkobetona.Personal experience.House of opilkobetona - a rarity in our country.And the production of monolithic way - especially.It is therefore interesting to find out all the details of construction, plus, minus, of the house of those who not only build, but has already managed to stay in the monolithic house of opilkobetona.


Visitors from the future.Unusual construction design.Imagine a house built of bricks rice.It is decorated with facing panels of grass and eggplant.At the request of the facade can be planted any kind of flowering herbs.This building - with good sound insulation ... of oranges.Of course, the windows are unusual - they collect and use the energy of the wind and rain.Fairy Tales?And here and there - let the house this yet, but all for it - already invented and developed!

Every tire two tire - to get home!Tires - universal building material.From them and the foundation can be done and the drainage system to build, and even cut sculptures.However, only the scope of these tires is not exhausted.A resident of the Colombian city of Bogota offers a build of "beushnye" tires and even entire houses cottage settlement.

print on Cities of the Future of 3D-printers.Builders and designers all over the world appreciated the endless possibilities that are opened in front of them 3D-technology.You can use different materials to build quickly and beautifully.Flight of fancy modern architects knows no boundaries.This - in our review.

dug the third millennium.Old technology of building houses from the bags to the ground gets a second life thanks to the mechanization of labor.

House for three days - Fact or Fiction?Can I build a house turnkey in three days?Most people will answer this question in the negative.But US builders have proved the opposite.

Compact and convenient.Review of mini-homes.Well, when the house can bring, spread like a tent ... or inflate.Not bad, when it can be assembled - for a few days, or even better - hours.And just wonderful, if all this home will give you a warm and unusual appearance!

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House of arbomonolita.House of monolithic arbolita have a number of features and benefits.This building has no thermal bridges, which greatly reduces the heat loss of the house.Walls of arbomonolita stronger, but it can reduce the weight of the assembly.From arbomonolita can build walls of any thickness and configuration.But is there any hidden problems in this home?Validating share their experience with this material.

House rocket from the bags to the ground. boo50 decided to build an ultra-budget home.But at the same time - an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, strong and durable.What came out of it - here.

Earthship for the harsh climate.Earthmoving house resembles a spaceship aliens.But this form of making the building self-sufficient, with minimal power consumption.In addition, you can build it entirely from local resources.

flat roof on the frame.Report.Flat roofs usually we see in farm building.And not many people dare to do such a building: they consider it ugly and unsafe.And yet, the flat roof has many advantages.Discussion and examples of the - in the subject.

Sawdust: insulation of walls and ceilings.Most of the "innovative" thermal insulation materials are characterized by high cost.What if warm the house budget - "banal" sawdust produced at the sawmill?How to fix a heater to the frame if it can rot, and what you need to add it to protect it from rodents - learn here.