Domestic boilers domestic production: reality and prospects

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26 May 2016
domestic boiler consumer provided extensive choice of domestic heating apparatus: floor and wall;with open and closed combustion chambers;single- and double-circuit;gas, liquid and solid fuel, electrical;steel, cast iron, copper heat exchanger.Generally, differences are caused by their boilers functionality and accordingly costs.

Features Market

For the consumer price in the country - an important factor and often plays a decisive role in the choice of the boiler for the heating system.The second fundamental factor in determining the final selection of the domestic user, - the type of an existing heating system.It is known that in Russia operated and built a very large number of housing, which is designed (or designed) outdoor heating system;In this case, use a high-tech imported boiler is simply impossible.

Due to the factors above, it may be noted: Today outdoor boiler domestic production optimally meets the conditions in which resides the majority of consumers in this country.

Typically, users of domestic kot
lostroiteley are owners of apartments without central heating, private houses, country houses, the area of ​​heated space ranging from 30 to 350 m2.Mostly these are people with average and below-average (according to the national standards) income.The lion's share of consumers - residents of small towns and rural communities, where the well-being significantly lower than in the metropolitan area and the regional centers.

Issue floor domestic boilers is adjusted throughout Russia.

Besides domestic production, the market represented equipment manufactured by our Ukrainian and Belarusian neighbors.

gas - the cheapest fuel in the country.This fact predetermined the most demanded heating boiler - gas boiler.The level of gasification of Russian regions determines the sales markets, the location of producers and suppliers.

So, in the Rostov region (the region of the country gasified) manufacturing facility located six manufacturing plants domestic floor boilers.

supplier of products on the market act, usually producing plants themselves or their trading houses.The dealer network has covered virtually the whole territory of Russia.

heating system on the basis of the domestic boiler

It is advisable to consider the whole heating system with floor boiler domestic production.

System components - heating boiler, pipes, valves, radiators, the coolant expansion tank, circulation pump, and others. The boiler - the main element of the system, from which the heated heat transfer fluid (water or antifreeze) is moving through the pipes and gives off heat to the roomthrough heaters.

discussed in this article boilers are designed to operate in an open heating system with natural circulation of coolant.In this system, the coolant moves by gravity, is due to the difference in density (specific gravity) in supply and return lines.

For such a system required large-diameter pipes (to reduce resistance).It is necessary that the heating system were exposed slopes.It can not be regulated, and the operation you get little comfort at high cost of fuel.

Floor heating devices designed for elektronezavisimyh autonomous heating systems and hot water supply of domestic and industrial buildings - cottages, houses, shops, workshops.

Floor domestic boilers virtually all producers are identical: as a rule, the boiler is in the form of a cylindrical base cabinet (or rectangular) form the front part of which is closed by a door that provides access to run the boiler and heating control mode.Manufacturers are gradually moving away from the imposing size of the device, making their new models are more compact.

boiler consists of the following components:

heat exchanger, usually steel (models with hot water coil is located inside the hot water);metallic shell (frame);umbrella with a fairing;gas valve;gas-burning devices (burners both own and imported);

safety automation and control, including the gas solenoid valve (shuts off gas to the burner if the pilot burner extinction or lack of traction), thermocouple, pilot burner, temperature control and automation of traction.

Heating devices are single-circuit (heating-only) or double-contour (with the function of production of hot water).The dual-circuit devices for domestic hot water production using a coil disposed within the main heat exchanger.As a rule, the most popular models on the market (11-17 kW) can not provide comfortable hot water supply, which is enough to use only a single point of analysis.This is due to the small capacity of the boiler.In Europe, many domestic manufacturers of boilers, in order to achieve a comfortable hot water supply to consumers, produce two-circuit units the minimum capacity equal to 23-24 kW.

addition to well-known gas boilers, domestic manufacturers offer devices to "alternative" form of fuel: oil burner boilers running on diesel fuel;solid (energy sources - coal, peat, wood);Universal (several fuels).As example is the boiler "Don", made at the "Konord."As a fuel it can use natural gas and solid fuels (gas burner is supplied with the unit).

initial range of thermal power bytovyhapparatov floor - 6 kW.This allows you to install it even in a studio apartment.A number of manufacturers (Taganrog PKF "Hephaestus CDF" Ukrainian JSC "Agroresurs" and others.) Produces a model with a closed combustion chamber, where flue gases and combustion air supply are carried out through coaxial or separate chimney.

Advantages and disadvantages of the heating system on the basis of domestic production of the floor of the boiler can be determined by comparing with the heating system, which use imported wall-mounted boiler.

- elektronezavisimost heating system.In a system with natural circulation of coolant not necessary in the circulation pump (for imported boiler there is one) for which you want electricity.The coolant is circulated through the pipes slope (
very important factor for the domestic consumers, as in every corner of our country quite often there are power outages);

- considerably lower price;

- the absence of restrictions on the heated area.In our country operates a large number of housing and a heated area of ​​30-40 m2.Usually imported wall boilers power modulation starts from 9 kW (through additional configuration can reduce this limit up to 6 kW), therefore, the minimum floor area, which can normally be heated so the boiler - about 60 m2;

- complete adaptation to the gas pressure in the Russian networks, the stable operation of devices at a minimum pressure of water and gas;

- the loyalty of gas services to domestic devices and operating service network across Russia.Dealers plants tend to favor the centers of services and products.Warranty, post-warranty repairs, maintenance, spare parts for domestic boilers are available to the consumer in any corner of the country.

- an open heating system with natural circulation of coolant, for some reason less comfortable to use than closed.Inability to install several heating circuits (eg underfloor heating) and temperature control
heaters, the use of large-diameter welded registers, the need for keeping the system of slopes;

- low productivity of hot water.Lack DHW priority implies that the production of hot water boiler consumes only a fraction of their capacity, the water temperature is regulated by the duct.Thus, in a small two-circuit devices (11-17 kW) power performance over the WAN reaches 3.5-5.5 l / min when heated at 35 ° C;for a comfortable use of hot water, at least at one point analysis, flow needs at least 8 l / min.

- lower than the imported wall boilers efficiency.Its range varies from 70 to 85%, which increases the consumption of energy.This is due to the corresponding design of heat exchangers, heat loss to the flue gases leaving a large outer surface of the boiler, insufficient insulation;

- large dimensions and weight of the unit;
- appearance, not in harmony with the surrounding environment of a modern home.

Market Outlook

Domestic manufacturers of floor heating household devices, trying to take into account the current realities, market trends and customer wishes, are developing new ways to improve its products.

Recently many factories started to equip vehicles imported automation (Honeywell, Sit) and burners (Polidoro, Bray, Worgas).The prices have changed slightly, but the differences were significant: maintaining the level of temperature deviation of 1-2 degrees, reducing gas consumption, stable operation at low gas pressure without power loss.

manufacturers pay special attention to improving the appearance of the devices.The main requirements here are a modern aesthetic design and ease of use.

One of the areas of market development boilers domestic production - is mastering the production of wall-hung boilers.Keeping pace with time, domestic companies seeking to win a market niche wall-mounted gas boilers, even a few years ago represented only imported products.It may be noted the production of "Rostovgazoapparat" (Rostov-on-Don) - wall-mounted boiler Siberia, OJSC "Zhukovsky Machine-Building Plant" (Zhukovsky) - "Beetle", JSC "Borinskaya" (Lipetsk) - "Ishmaev"EPO" Signal "(Engels), and others. As a rule, the assembly of wall boilers comes from imported components (burners, automation, circulating pump).Design close to foreign analogs, the price offered on the market is somewhat lower than the import boilers.With the development of the individual in Russia every apartment heating, the prospects of domestic wall hung boilers look good.However, while it is not clear how well "nastenniki" domestic producers can supply - very few reviews specialists.

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