Heat and water are always and everywhere!

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26 May 2016

gas boilers Outside, snow and rain, cold and in your home warm and cozy - runs on batteries hot water warms the soul and the body ... Well, if so, and if the room did not warmer than on the street?This problem has the right solution - heating boilers and water heaters.

«in the upper room of my heat ...»

shopping and reading all there is about this World Wide Web, the potential buyer finds out that you first need to determine which of the available sources of energy in the house is better to use.Then, the customer's choice is likely to stop or to the electric or a gas boiler, as mentioned units are most common in our country.

soon as there is a reasonable question: where to put this miracle of technology?And it's not only save space, but also safe.For electric heat generators will fit almost any room.The only caveat - the installation of boilers from 10 kW to be agreed with the authorities Energonadzor (as is well known, for heating of about 10 sq. M is required 1 kW).Gas unit is more fussy.For example, such

heating devices equipped kitchen only when their thickness is less than 60 kW.In addition, there should be a hood, and the door at the bottom, two-millimeter clearance for air intake.In rooms with ventilation and natural daylight patterns can be placed up to 350 kW, if the ceiling height of at least 2.5 m, the room is spacious enough and convenient for maintenance of the heat generator.

now produces not only traditional floor but mounted heating boilers, the size of which is typically less than 850h500h400 mm, that is, they are comparable to the kitchen unit.Moreover, inside the burner together, the heat exchanger and the control device has one or even two of the circulation pump.Throw in the expansion tank, a system that ensures the safe operation of equipment, pressure gauges, thermometers and many other elements - and we understand that this is a mini-boiler room, the optimal solution for the residents of small apartments!While these units have a limit on the power (usually not more than 35 kW) for heating a country house of about 300 square meters.m is enough.Are mounted models about 1,6-40 ths. Rub.It is also necessary to take into account the costs of the filters to prevent clogging of the heat exchanger.Incidentally, the interior options are often times a year or two more.

«And we have in the apartment - gas!»

gas appliances to heat water by the heat of combustion (hence the requirements for airing rooms).They can either operate at only one power level (single-stage) or two (two-stage) are patterns modulated (stepless) of this quantity.Typically, such heat generators are equipped with special safety devices.This group of instruments include: flame sensor that shuts off the gas if the flame goes out at the wrong time;sensor traction control;block off the device if the amount of the coolant is below normal, and others.

main condition for the correct operation of such boilers - the flue.There are many models of wall running on gas: Natural draft (when the removal of exhaust gases is due to create in a traditional chimney updrafts) or forced.In the latter case, the waste is removed by a fan, which is an element of design, through a special coaxial chimney short "pipe in pipe".In the inner tube combustion products are displayed on the street, and on the outside air enters from the outside.For the operation of such a system need only make a hole in the wall.

Most floor models used natural draft scheme.

As for manufacturers, the company Vaillant, Junkers-Bosch, Buderus (Germany), Mora (Czech Republic), Ferroli (Italy), Roca (Spain) and produce floor and wall models.The well-known Italian company Ariston supplies only gas boilers Wall options.

Fuel question

easy to imagine a situation where your dacha cooperative in full, there is talk about what is about to hold portions of the pipeline.However, the exact date has not been determined.What to do: a little frostbitten or compromise?For those who do not want or can not wait for the sea weather, come up with universal liquid-fuel heat generators.They are usually equipped with interchangeable burners for either gas or fuel oil, or Local.To prevent clogging of the filter (which often leads to a halt of the boiler), the temperature of the fuel should not fall below +5 ° C.Therefore, during cold fuel is sometimes necessary to warm up.

principle of operation of devices designed for liquid fuel, no different from the gas counterparts (the only difference is in the burners).Unlike most atmospheric models used in liquid-fuel heat generators supercharged (fan) of the burner.They tend to buy separately, and they are quite expensive - there are about 35 thousand. Rub., That is as much as themselves boilers, and even more.But the efficiency of these devices is very high (94%).Incidentally, the fuel consumption depends on the capacity of the burner.

One disadvantage of liquid-fuel vehicles - high noise.Furthermore, they do not mounted.Save space will not work yet because that would have somewhere to place fuel reserves.Storage tanks are plastic and steel.

Solid fuel boilers also have great efficiency, but require frequent load of firewood, coke, hard and brown coal by hand.Therefore, install them only where there is no mains gas and electricity constant interruptions.

Usually such products built a sensor, it can support the desired temperature in the room.It is mechanically coupled to the valve, which automatically is covered, if the heating temperature is higher than a predetermined level;the combustion process is slowed down at the same time.And vice versa.By the way, the sensor as well as the boiler itself, does not require connection to the mains.Although there are electricity dependent devices.For example, pyrolysis boilers burning when subjected to high temperatures in the hopper burn not only wood, but wood and gas.This increases efficiency and almost no soot is formed.

When installing solid fuel boiler is important to properly mount the chimney, choose the right size of its internal section, height, and pay close attention to the roughness of the surface and the temperature difference between ambient air and combustion products.Otherwise, there will be established the thrust required to remove the latter.Stack height is calculated from the output.For example, for a 16 kW Teploagregat tube need minimum 6 m in height with a cross section of 200x200 mm, while for model 32 kW - not less than 10 m with the same section.


Electric heat generators are easy to use and, therefore, reliable, environmentally friendly, noiseless, do not need fuel, separate rooms and chimneys.The main element - the heat exchanger includes in its membership a tank with reinforced in him electric heaters (heating elements), as well as control and regulation.With this design technique is much smaller dimensions.

On the other hand, not all have the ability to allocate required to heat your home electrical power (even to give an area of ​​150 sq. M is about 15 kW).Significantly limits the spread of these devices and the relatively high cost of electricity (especially in the countryside).You can save if for 1.4 thousand. Rub.buy remote programmer, which will keep the temperature in the building on schedule and warm room just before the arrival of the hosts.The vast majority of models with capacity of more than 6 kW multi-stage release, which allows efficient use of electricity and not to include the unit at full capacity in the spring and fall.

In addition, an electric boiler for heating will have to buy a stabilizer that electronics are not out of order when surges, so frequent in our country.

heat exchanger - the whole "head»

important to know what material made main heat exchanger.Made of cast iron is practically not subject to corrosion, so its service life - 50 years or more.Some manufacturers use this know-how as gray cast iron.It is more homogeneous and ductile structure.Although it is not a panacea - because of hard water often form scale.It leads to local overheating portions of the coil, which may cause micro-cracks.Sometimes they appear after severe shocks or if the cold water enters the heat exchanger is still hot from previous more.Iron cools down quite a long time.On the one hand, thanks to this you can save fuel, but on the other - to quickly lower the temperature in the room will not succeed.Because of the heavy weight of these boilers do only floor.

steel coils easier to 2-2.5 times.They are resistant to shocks and deformations, but burn out quickly and are more prone to corrosion.The lifetime depends on the quality, thickness, steel, operating conditions and is usually from 5 to 15 years.Option of stainless steel with special technology is more expensive, but the service life is significantly increased.

hot water - a luxury!

So what Teploagregat you need: single or dual circuit?The first option is ideal if you only need to heat the room.But when the house is required to provide the same hot water, rescue double-boiler (or cumulative flow).

storage water heaters come with an external or built-in boiler (tank, where the water is heated) in volume from 10 to 1000 liters.There are both outdoor and hinged model.

Before purchasing you need to plan the flow of warm water.On average, showering takes 90 liters to fill the bath, typically requires 180 liters for washing - 15 liters for washing up - 30 liters.These figures are approximate as accurately calculate volume after mixing hot and cold fluids virtually impossible.By the way, the hot water can be brought to a few points, which allows family members to use the shower and wash dishes in the kitchen at the same time.

Foes boiler medium size (width tank 80-100 liter - 440-490 mm and the depth - 450-520 mm) and can under the sink, but for models with capacity of 100 liters will have to allocate more space.Naturally, it is best to install the heater as close to the place of use of hot water, to reduce heat losses in the pipes.Distance from the protective cover of the device to the nearest surface must be at least 50 cm. This is necessary to service the water heater replacement of magnesium anode and installation of flexible podvodok.

Do not think that the water in the boiler is heated instantly.To 100 l of water temperature reached 70 ° C, will have to wait for four hours.Therefore, if you do not want the morning to wash with cold water, better heat it in advance.The high-quality units, where it is automatically supported by a given parameter, it usually cools down by no more than 0,5 ° C per hour.There it is.Ten heats the water to the desired value, and then turns off.Once the temperature drops, it starts to work again.Moreover, the unit operates in two modes: the first - fast heating, and the second - slow and economical.

Prices for water heaters range from an average of 5 to 8 thousand. Rub.per unit capacity of 30 liters and 20 thousand. rub.You can buy a model, designed for 150 liters.The value also affects the quality of enamel and steel, which is made tank.

Flow units heat the water directly in the water intake and therefore require a large electric power (from 6 to 27 kW).But they are compact, have no restrictions on capacity, as it does not store them for future use boiling water.However, the water temperature will depend on how many valves are opened simultaneously.Therefore, in a large country house is better to put some water heaters.For example, one - in the bathroom another - in the kitchen.

The principle is simple.Cold water passes through a heated electric heating element and out of the device already hot.Such heaters are pressure and flow again.The first set in the riser and bred on the whole apartment.Switched on and off a device automatically in response to the flow of water.The second version is equipped with its own shower head and works only as a soul.

select the appropriate type of water heater, first, check to see if your wiring allows connection of the device (some models are designed for three-phase power grid), and secondly, look at the IP - the extent of its electrical safety.It is denoted by two digits.The first symbol of protection against ingress of foreign bodies: 0 - no protection;1 - no particle size of 50 mm;2 - 12 mm;3 - 2.5 mm;4 - 1 mm;5 - protects against dust;6 - complete protection against dust.The second digit indicates the resistance to moisture.Number 0 - No protection;1 - the device prevents vertically falling drops;2 - protects against drops falling at an angle of 15 °;3 - from the drops falling at an angle of 60 °, 4 - from any spatter, 5 - against water jets 6 - from powerful water jets.