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By Admin | Furniture For Garden
22 April 2016

relax in the country, sitting in a chair in the shade of a large tree ... peace and tranquility settled in the body and soul ...

A to this fun does not end, it is necessary in advance to take care of garden furniture

Dew on furniture

Anyone who has a cottage, be sure to buy furniture garden furniture not only for the home but also the one in which he will rest in the garden gazebo or on the veranda.And, as a rule, this furniture will not carry.

Being constantly in nature, it is exposed to sun, wind and rain.

And certainly unpleasant to sit on a sunny morning wet with dew chair, and lean his hands on the damp table.

And so you have to start the morning with a wipe furniture.

But if you do not like it, then, a little thought, you can choose furniture, which thanks to its design will cope with its main problem - the moisture that accumulates on it.

That is to choose and buy furniture, which thanks to its design will get rid of the moisture automatically.Such furniture can be made of thin boards with opening

s between them.

To fully protect garden furniture from moisture - decay and to protect the legs from this furniture.To do this, fit removable plastic, rubber or wooden linings.

What to choose, plastic or metal?

When selecting tables and chairs garden furniture everyone wants to have a comfortable, practical furniture with a suitable design.

But it may always happen, and then have to make compromises, paying attention to the pros and cons.

The most common plastic tables and chairs.

They are easy, practical, well-washed and also are inexpensive.

someone they seem cheaper version of street cafes.

But if you ask what's new in this area, it is possible to choose the appropriate style, and interesting decor of color combinations that can decorate the chairs in the form of pillows, covers and capes.

In addition, you should not choose a cheap option.

And if you leave the chairs in the sun, garden furniture legs may buckle.

And yet it is not necessary to swing on these chairs, but if rain is expected, then leaned back on the table top, so that the water dripping from the seat.

Who does not like plastic, may appeal to the noble materials - wrought iron.

Wrought iron furniture with intricate patterns and curls perfectly fit into the landscape and transform every corner of your garden in a romantic place.

Whatever the wrought-iron furniture, it is always exclusive, that is done by hand.

cottages on it is rare because of the high cost and the need for special care for her.

When buying, make sure that it is colored moisture and anti-dust coating.

intermediate option or middle ground can be called furniture of aluminum.

It is easy and convenient, and does not deteriorate as the plastic, and at the same time can be decorated tree, textiles and decorate any country site.

natural harmony wicker furniture

particularly warm words deserves garden furniture wood furnishings and whether it is a simple bench or elegant chair.It fits well in any garden landscape.Since it is summer residence, then, will be used in extreme conditions, and when it is selected to give preference to hard wood, resistant to moisture.

without a doubt the most popular wicker furniture, which in itself is uplifting, as if asking - sit back and relax.For all its charm wicker furniture requires special care and protect it from the rain, and it is necessary, and from the sun, so the most favorable place for her in the shade arbors, in private terraces and balconies.

However, you can manage and substitutes from synthetic fibers, which are unpretentious and more resistant to bad weather.

Of course, you can choose garden furniture based on their tastes and financial capabilities or the requirements of the landscape of your garden, but do not forget that no matter how you choose to decorate the material can be painted and decorate as you wish without any restrictions!