Comfortable furniture for the garden

By Admin | Furniture For Garden
22 April 2016

Choosing furniture for the garden, it is necessary that it is not only comfortable and beautiful.First of all, you need to be, where it will be used - on the street or at home, and what material will be made.


Garden furniture garden furniture is usually made from hardwood, in which a large amount of mucilage.Wood with such properties do not rot in a moist atmosphere, and does not crack from exposure to sunlight.

excellent material for the manufacture of garden furniture is a larch and teak.Most wood species undergo compulsory treatment all sorts of paints and compositions to prolong their lives.But furniture made of teak, does not need treatment, so it is more expensive.

What would you have not been solid wooden furniture, even it should not be left outdoors if the temperature will drop below zero.And the furniture is not damaged by heat and moisture, it is required to cover special paints.

When buying furniture should pay attention not only on her beauty and convenience, but also on the subtle details tha

t affect the durability of the furniture.Well, if for furniture use wood fasteners rather than screws and glue.In humid air, wood fasteners, usually swell and become furniture even stronger.In the manufacture of wood furniture should be treated on all sides, otherwise it will quickly fail.


Garden furniture without exception like wicker furniture - it's perfect for the summer, it gives the house a cosiness and charm.Its indisputable advantage - it can be easily transported to any location in the country without much effort.But we must remember that it has its drawbacks.Wicker chairs, sofas, chaise lounges under the influence of humidity and the sun loses its strength - the vine cracks and exfoliates.Therefore, it is necessary to protect and not to unnecessarily use outdoors.

among wicker furniture is in demand exotic rattan (rattan vine) from domestic plants used wicker.Of course, using other plants, such as abaca, reeds, sisal, jute, coconut fiber, etc.

povleniem With new technologies were practical and inexpensive products made of paper rope with wire reinforcement in the middle.Furniture made from synthetic materials, combining practicality and beauty of fiberglass weave.

When buying wicker furniture note as it collected.Select the one you need a framework that braided thicker rod, it depends on the strength and durability of the product.If the furniture is covered with lacquer, the product life is increased and lacquered products look great.If the vine brewed in the manufacture of furniture, it acquires elasticity, besides fungal spores are destroyed.In addition to visual inspection, check, comfortably sit on it or not, you will need to listen to the cod rods.When you hear a sharp crack - so the bars are too dry and the product quickly deteriorate.But light creaking need not fear - it produces lacquer.


Garden furniture Unlike other material advantages and disadvantages of plastic are obvious.First of all, this furniture is inexpensive, easy and convenient for storage, not afraid of dampness.It can be painted in different colors, and it is possible to choose any environment.Using plastic can mimic other expensive materials.

Although many advantages of plastic furniture, but still has shortcomings and she - being in the sun, it melts, burns, loses its form and even decomposed by the intense heat.Manufacturers of garden furniture found a way out of this situation by creating plastic furniture with a metal frame.

now started to produce garden furniture of resin - a mixture of plastics and fillers.Neither cold nor heat, nor moisture will not harm them.And if you want to buy high-quality plastic furniture, while guided by the reputation of the manufacturer.


Garden furniture From metal and makes costly sophisticated iron furniture, practical and durable steel construction and light aluminum products cheap.

Of course, many people like luxurious wrought-iron furniture.It is good, but only if it you do not have to constantly drag.Steel and aluminum are used where needed lightness and strength - in a swing, hanging sofas.These products are much cheaper than forged, besides the recent metal combined with other materials - plastic, wood, wicker, stone, textiles, glass.Apply powder coatings to protect metal from corrosion and mechanical damage.Manufacturers of garden furniture, care about the practicality of its products, successfully used these materials.


Garden furniture We can not ignore the textile when talking about garden furniture.To some it may seem that this is not the desired item of garden furniture, but after sitting on a hard chair a few minutes, once you start to think about the comfortable and soft chair.But textiles present in the form of pillows, mattresses and upholstery - give its surrounding garden furniture is not only convenience, but also for tourists.

fabrics used in the manufacture of garden furniture, must be resistant to moisture, sunlight, then there must be a strong and practical as the furniture.When choosing fabrics for the chairs and sun loungers suitable cheap textiles impregnated with water-repellent composition.Polyacrylic fabrics are practical and therefore more expensive, are made mattresses and blankets.
If you purchase a mattress or pillow, it is important to know what kind of filling inside.Who made a lot of different fillers is better to choose light and quick-drying.

No matter what kind of furniture you get, do not be lazy and read it thoroughly.Because she has to please you, not only in the store, but also to please the country.