Efficient electric heating cottage

By Admin | Heating
25 May 2016
Just specify that the proposed option of electric heating in the rational and cost-effective non-gasified areas.In the presence of gas - real and other options.

So many of today's multi-zone air-conditioning system, supplied to our country, have adapted to very low temperatures - minus 20 degrees.So, installing such a system (outdoor units have different power levels of 14 to 80 kW, ie houses of various sizes - from 100 to 700 m it is suitable for even a single outdoor unit), the owner of the cottage or country house to reach several goals:

- economical heating cottage in autumn and winter with very high efficiency (the effect of heat exchangers in combination with the lack of necessary energy consumption for heating of "middleman" - the coolant and communications, both in the case of electric boilers);

- no plumbing problems associated with the use of hot water heating;

- the air conditioning system in the spring and summer;

- preserving the facade of hanging outdoor units of domestic split sys
tems, it is "freak" or beautiful masonry cladding.

Naturally the question arises, especially for areas of a great country, which is still sometimes winter temperatures below minus 20 degrees: what to do in the cold?
There is a solution.Moreover, that country houses built in these days and in the northern territories.Nestle backup heating system, consisting of panel heaters.Flat Wall convectors, innovative heating elements are controlled by electronic controllers and maintains the set temperature.

Both the heating system is very easy to set up so that when the system is switched off automatically when the outside air temperature is below minus 20 degrees, once included a chain of panel heaters.