Filters for water

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25 May 2016
Water Filters The fact that water needs to be further purified prior to use, even a child knows today.Very sad, but what its quality every year worse and worse - the fact.Water whose composition does not correspond to certain standards, can cause many serious diseases.Moreover, it can be dangerous not only by its oral administration but also the use for hygienic purposes.

Thus, the iron contained in the water, in addition to making it turbid and giving it an unpleasant taste, can cause the development of various hepatic diseases or allergic reactions.Regularly consuming water with high hardness, we thus accumulate in the body of salt, which leads to diseases of the joints and the formation of stones in the kidney, pancreas and bladder.Sulphides (hydrogen sulfide) cause skin irritation.Elevated levels of fluoride in water leads to gum disease and tooth decay.And the use of chlorinated water - one of the causes of cancer.

important is the composition of water for technical use - hardness salts, mechanical impurities
affect the quality of household appliances.

As we can see, without water treatment systems today can not be our way of life, however, just as this aspect is also important for industry.In the food industry, energy, pharmaceutical and many other industries for the production of water is needed, which took some training - dehloratsiyu, removal of organic compounds, iron, mechanical impurities, softening.

on where filter is used, at home or at work, and, consequently, the degree of their capacity, all share the water treatment system for domestic and industrial.

filters also differ depending on their destination.The main groups - a mechanical cleaning filters for cleaning of the iron to remove hardness, for decontamination.

Mechanical cleaning of filters, also known as a pre-filter, designed to remove water from sand and other impurities.By the principle of operation, they are net and cartridge.The reticulated waste water purification takes place by passing it through a mesh with mesh size depending on the size of particles anticipated impurities.The cartridge filter core element - a removable cartridge.Such systems are good that you can put multiple cartridges to remove different types of contaminants.For example, the addition can be set to filter cartridge Hosiery fibers slime and clay soil.

iron removal filters can be used as a part of the water treatment system, and separately.According to the principle of work they are aeration and catalytic.The cleaning process in the aeration filters based on filtration through special porous membranes.The action of the catalytic filters as can be understood by their name, due to the properties of the catalytic material, accelerating the oxidation of ferrous iron to ferric with dissolved oxygen in the water.

hardness salts are removed from water by filtration through an ion exchange resin.When the water passes through the filter media, ion exchange occurs.Calcium and magnesium ions are replaced by sodium ions chemically bound to the resin.

One of the most important moments in the process of water treatment - is water disinfection.To do this, apply filters, the effect of which is based on processes such as chlorination, ozonation or ultraviolet irradiation.

At home, usually set filters for cleaning of mechanical impurities to protect household appliances, and for the preparation of drinking water, providing a comprehensive clean - running tap, carbon and reverse osmosis systems.About prefilter we told before, let's see what are the others.

running tap filters are needed for water purification to the state of drinking in a domestic environment.They are well removed from the water, mechanical impurities, chlorine, eliminate turbidity, odor and taste.Also these filters reduce the amount of organic components, heavy metals, trichloromethane and other harmful substances.They are usually installed under the kitchen sink, and the sink is mounted separate drinking water faucet.

Carbon filters improve the taste, color and odor of water, remove residual chlorine, dissolved gases and organic compounds.If added to the coal ion exchange material, such filters can trap and heavy metals, cysts, bacteria, oil products.

In reverse osmosis systems is a key element of the thin film membrane with tiny holes with a diameter of about 0.0001 microns.With it, the water is removed almost all the impurities, heavy metal salts and bacteria.

In conclusion, I want to say that the choice of the filter is necessary to approach especially seriously.So which system is best suitable water treatment, it depends on the quality of water, and from what quantities it is consumed, so the selection of a method of water purification is required to do by means of experts who will analyze the water and give the necessary recommendations.