Remaking a heating furnace

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24 May 2016
Stove heated area is small, just two rooms: a small 2x2 baby, I'm there just let the tube, and most (if one can call it that) of 18 meters, but still one battery last in the corridor, there is, unfortunately, not insulatedand the house warm beam + insulation ..
Stove heated Regarding heating if by electricity, the liquid reaches 50 degrees in 3 hours, but already there is will depend on the frost on the street.This is the first winter, but the goal was not to heat the house and warm up for the arrival.

The pipe filled water, soon changed to a liquid for radiators is 20 liters of 626 rubles to -35, the boiler is welded from 4mm factory reflёnogo iron.
Stove heated Stove heated Stove heated

Next, bring a list of expenses:
  • pipe itself almost free export, but not the new galvanizing;
  • battery
  • when carried out thorough repairs of houses, negotiate with local locksmiths, collected and made molding
  • boiler
  • Box for electricity
  • chaser threading 650rub
  • die 100 \ pipeline holder 600rub
  • sleeves and corners for 35rubles (sold cheape
    r took a lot)
  • pump 2300 (the most expensive thing)
  • programmable relay 400 rubles (in Moskva market)
  • ten 350 rubles for 1.5 square meters and another ring under ten te adapter can not weld nut, had to buycosts 80 ruble expansion tank 1200 rubles
  • valve Majewski 3shtuki 50 rubles to remove air from the system
  • pressure relief valve with pressure gauge 400 rubles.

of the tools needed 2 gas wrench, drill, drill under the feathers instead inch pipe.
Stove heated Stove heated Stove heated
Stove heated Stove heated Stove heated

Here like and everything, all the collected one after two weeks, but the lead up to mind all summer because it is collectedfirst wrong, there the figures shown by the arrows, which had made a mistake again, disassemble, twist and cut the thread.
Stove heated Stove heated

timer on the battery, and a separate heating outlet and the RCD.Posting on the house exterior, wire 2.5.I think that's enough.Mice not.But just in case, between the walls of the wire harness in the tubes.
Stove heated Stove heated

Regarding the installation of the boiler, the furnace was first, then had the idea of ​​heating and dismantle the stove did not want to, hence the idea to donate a hob, what, in fact, I do not regret ...