How to choose a water station for questioning and cottage

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24 May 2016
pumping station cherished land is already yours, there is a house (and perhaps the house!), There will be a bathhouse and later (you never know!) - And the pool and fountain near the terrace and the garden, and ... Yes!Dreams come true ...

However, before the long-awaited inside your hacienda, or latifundia, and maybe come patrimony "paradise" and score Fountains of Paradise, have to spend a lot of the same strength, nerves and money.Problems in the area, especially, is said to be "undeveloped", ie without communication finished, very much, and they have to solve consistently and thoughtfully.The main tasks - this, of course, the way the door, electricity and water.If the decision of the first two, usually - it is a collective, then water (at least for now) - a problem for the owner-individual farmer, it is rare for two or three neighbors.How to solve the easiest way - this is what we want to tell in this material.

Where to get water?

In our climate zone problems with the production of water usually does not aris
e.As a rule, if there is no collective water tower (which is an expensive and troublesome, and new sites are usually not practiced), the owners solve the problem of water supply in two ways: either the well is being drilled or dug dug well.Both of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages.In more detail: well - fun is not cheap, but it gives a greater amount of water of good quality.In this well - a rather complex hydraulic structure, and it requires a skilled construction and equipment, and regular maintenance.

more cheap and simple way of extraction of water is, of course, well.The main problem in its arrangement becomes usually impossible to guess the exact location of the aquifer of good quality and with a large enough debit (amount of water which ensures the well or wells in a unit of time).However, not too risking, you become the owner is quite a decent source of clean and tasty water, which will serve for many years.Luck, to a large extent depends on the skills of the brigade, which is taken to dig a well, so it will not interfere with the recommendation.Despite these disadvantages, among truckers wells are much more common than well.The reasons are simple: the relative cheapness, no complicated and expensive service and ample for the average family, the average daily amount of water - 2-3 cubic meter.

Koromyslitse mine, painted bow ...

At its simplest, a pristine version of the water from the well was increased by some simple device consisting of a bucket and rope.Then collars were invented and "cranes", facilitating the extraction of valuable moisture.However, in order to provide themselves with water only for cooking and washing, you need at least two buckets (a bucket - it is 10-12 liters) per family member.Counted?Now add the fruit and vegetable garden: irrigation season in order to fully ensure the planting water plants watered at the rate of 2 buckets on the tree, a bucket on a bush 1-2 buckets per square meter vegetable garden and flower garden.And this should be done at least twice a week during dry days - more often.Well?Impressive?Instead of eating well-deserved holiday relaxing in a hammock surrounded by nature, you are provided with a water-carrier operation and irrigators.

In addition, it is bad or good, but we, the citizens, the people - accustomed to comfort.I would like to, you know, and a warm shower with decent pressure, and wash the dishes under the tap, not in the basin, and washed by hand, too, almost forgotten how.For all these charms and a bucket with a rope rocker fit too.It therefore has to attend to the more modern methods of water delivery to the destination.

What and how?

Typically, the average citizen rarely thinks about how water gets to his apartment.As a rule, familiarity with the city water is limited to paying bills and occasional contacts with the plumber.But, becoming the owner of the suburban real estate and desiring comfort, it necessarily has to think about.Naturally, the water comes into the house through the pipes, hence, they need to build.The water stored in the sump.Then it must somehow lift.What is between the pipes and manholes?That's right, the pump!But how, we will discuss in more detail.

Experts know that the pumps in the world there are so many.However, we need a machine that meets the specific needs enough: first, it will have to pump water from the well to the familiar to us pressure (about 2.5 bar), ensuring household water pumping and irrigation.Secondly, it should turn on and off independently.Third, he must be reliable and durable.Fourth, it is easy to assemble and dismantle.Fifth, all of this must be accompanied by an acceptable price ... Perhaps, for truckers most appropriate option in this situation can become a pumping station.

What is it?It's quite a tricky device consisting of feed self-priming pump, pressure tank and automation.The pump lifts water, hydraulic tank maintains a constant pressure and serves as a reservoir, automation ensures uninterrupted operation of the pump.In practice this means that the installed somewhere in the back room or under a canopy assembly is coupled through a pipeline without problems feeding water from the well to the house and land.

order for the pump can be used in winter (many country houses now used throughout the year), it is necessary to carry out simple earthworks.That is, even if the device should provide the foundation line from the well to the house below the freezing point (for the Moscow region is approximately 1.7 m) to arrange technical room and set his own station.Since

station configured at the factory, the problems with the interaction of all its components are not there, the installation immediately ready for use.Mounting it does not require special knowledge and skills, and can be produced on its own.However, water requirements are different.

How to find the right setting for you to provide comfort, garden and garden watering and do not spend the extra money?It will have to find first a little.

From one pipe flows ...

Yes, it is a sad intonation school math puzzles we have to remember now.However, knowledge is enough to solve it all, but the result will be very useful.Let's get started.

In general, the choice of any of the pump is based on the knowledge level of water demand and the required head.At the same time water consumption based on the number of consumers (in other words, cranes), connected to the system.It should take into account that water consumption can increase dramatically, for example, in dry, hot days when you need a lot of water for irrigation (up to 30-50% of normal standards).

For a more accurate calculation it is necessary to collect more information.Firstly, it is necessary to determine the material from which the pipes are mounted.At not too large amounts of water consumption, better to prefer the tube of plastic or plastic, since they are durable, easy to install and can significantly reduce friction losses compared to traditional metal plumbing.

most used section of the outer tube - from 1 1/4 "to 11/2", and internal - from 1¾ "to 1".Such section reduces the costs of piping and to keep an optimum flow rate (less than 2 m / s).Note that if the flow rate of the above, it can cause noise in the pipes and creates the risk of water hammer, harmful to the pump.

defined the pipeline, we can calculate the parameters of the pumping unit.For this we need to know a few of data flow (capacity) of the pump (Q) and head (H).

Performance is calculated on water consumption, which greatly depends on the number of people in the house.As the base, you can take the following empirical values:

- expenditure on washbasin, washing - Qi = 0,48 m3 / h;

- flow in shower, bath - Qi = 0,72 m3 / h.

Total consumption is defined as the sum of the individual costs of water pumping sources:

Q = Σ Qi;

Another necessary for selection of pump setting - a head.Its calculation is more complicated.

N = rtap x 10.2 + Hgeo + Hf;

Where rtap - required pressure at the draw, at least 2 bar,

Hgeo - the height of the point of water pumping on the minimum water level in the source water intake,

Hf - loss of pressure in the pipeline and in the sleeves (see. Table 1);Hf = Hftab x L, where L -

length of the pipeline.

friction loss in the knee, tees and check valves pressure losses are equivalent to a straight section of pipe in meters in the last two rows of the table.To determine the friction loss in the foot valve is necessary to multiply the value of the head loss in T-pieces by two.

Consider a concrete example of the calculation of the pump for domestic water supply.

required flow - Q = 2,4 m3 / h

rtap = 2.5 bar

Hgeo = 12 m

pipeline is made of plastic pipe with a nominal diameter of 25 mm and a length of 20 m.

Thenhead loss will be: Hf = Hftab x L = 4.4 m = 0,22h20m,

and required pump head is H = rtap x 10.2 + Hgeo + Hf = 2,5h10,2 + 12 + 4.4 = 419 m.

In accordance with these parameters and the pump will be selected from a company catalog.

When buying the pump it is necessary to pay attention not only on the operating parameters and price, but also on the manufacturer's warranty and service.The fact that the water-lifting station - rather complicated machine and sold for many years.That is why the reliability, durability and serviceability are located here in the first place.Of course, in connection with these considerations, it is better not to save, and to apply to the production of well-known brands.The leading position in the world of pump today occupies the concern GRUNDFOS, although its production is classified as "premium", ie the highest price category.However, this year the group released a new line - GRUNDFOS Basic, quite affordable to the ordinary gardeners.Thus, focusing on the range, select the setting for our example: JPBasic 3 PT.This station consists of a pump housing with cast iron and composite impeller, and 20-liter pressure vessel and the pressure switch.It will work for a long time with no problems and provide water as a house, so the garden and orchard.

... The choice is made.The pump is purchased and installed.Now your site can really live up to its main purpose - to serve as a happy and carefree holiday.Anyway, comfort and convenience from now on will no longer be exactly synonymous only urban housing and become an essential attribute of country life.