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24 May 2016
But why spend extra when the pre-armed with information, you are certainly not made a fatal error?

Everyone knows that everyone sandpiper praises its swamp.Similarly, every manufacturer and its dealer touted own equipment.Yes, so cleverly touted that future homeowners acquire it, not really delving into their own needs and living conditions.The most curious thing that in most cases you do not cheat: quality heating equipment on the market is indeed very much.However, any heating system should not be an abstract quality, and quite specifically, that is ideal not some the average, namely your home.

expediency of a particular type of boiler equipment, usually determined by the availability (or unavailability of, if you go by contradiction) of one of the fuels.

If the corner from your home gas pipeline is laid, it is necessary to use such luck.So, most of all, in this case, you will get a gas boiler.It happens that the gas supply is planned.Then it is better to buy the equipment, which involves the use of
two types of burners: fuel oil and gas.Perhaps the best fuel would be coal or wood, or perhaps the choice will be made in favor of electricity.

According to statistics, the total number operating in the Russian individual boilers operate at about half the gas, one third - on diesel fuel, about 10% - electrical and about 5% - solid.So let's start our review with the most popular boilers - gas.

for natural gas

Such boilers must say, a lot of the market is supplied, their choice is very large.However, regardless of the choice of the applicable building codes, with the boiler room is recommended to install a gas analyzer, warning of a leak and safety valve for the emergency shutdown of gas supply.Any gas equipment in violation of the normal mode of operation is a serious threat: a risk of explosion or, for example, an ignition gas and the resulting fire.

and to minimize the danger of gas boilers are subject to annual maintenance specialists.

required capacity of the gas boiler is determined from the calculation of 1 kW at 10 kV.m with a ceiling height of 2.5 meters. That is the house of 100 square meters.m required boiler capacity not less than 10 kW.On heating the tap water goes approximately 25% of its power.However, this calculation is very approximate, in practice is not always justified, so it is best if the equipment will select experts who can calculate the heat loss of the house available techniques.

Gas boilers can be either steel or cast iron.At the same power and size of steel boiler is approximately two times lighter.However, the service life of steel boiler - 10-15 years old, cast iron also serves up to 50 years.In addition, steel boiler can rust, especially when the system is switched off or drastically reduce the combustion temperature.Then, on the surface of the boiler condensate settles that enhances corrosion.For larger buildings (over 400 sq. M), experts recommend to buy cast iron boilers.

gas boilers Advantages: ease of use, low cost and high fuel efficiency of the heating units.Gas boilers with atmospheric burner are floor and wall.

By way of combustion gas boilers are available with natural and forced ventilation.Boilers with forced air venting occurs with built-in boiler fan.They are ideal for rooms without a chimney, because the products of combustion can be output through the usual hole in the wall.

without the traditional cost and flue gas condensing boilers with a pulse combustion: the exhaust gases are removed with a conventional PVC pipes deduced from the street.These boilers are fully automated and use the heat efficiently.

By the way, have a gas line nearby is not necessarily as fairly efficient fuel is a liquefied gas.Familiar LPG is very economical, and installing underground tanks at the site and tucking it every three or four months, you are led to the smooth operation of the heating system is actually for the whole season.This gas will function not only the boiler providing hot water and heating, and gas stove and gas water heater - practically inexhaustible source of hot water.

drown diesel fuel

Boilers running on diesel fuel, it is also quite common.In particular, it is popular in remote areas away from civilization, where the most convenient - is buried in the ground more capacity to fill it with diesel fuel, and a year to live in warm and hot water.Roomy tank - the first thing is to take care of those who decided to buy oil boiler.In addition, the need for fuel filters, the equipment was not damaged.Yet we must remember that long-term storage of fuel leads to its chemical aging, and poor-quality fuel can freeze in winter.Diesel boiler considered autonomous, since they do not depend on the gas pipe and for their work requires a minimum power (about 0.5 kWh).And if you install in the house and even autonomous diesel generator, it is not scary, even power outages.

recall some features of the functioning of oil burners.In reality, during the heating season the boiler works with the design load only 15-20 days.The rest of the time he feels the burden of not more than half of the declared capacity as outside temperature is high enough.And then you should reduce the capacity of the boiler to reduce fuel consumption.

If the burner is a single-stage, reduction in fuel consumption can lead to a change in the conditions of combustion, the size of the flame in the combustion chamber and as a result - to a decrease in efficiency.More comfortable two-stage burner designed for burning less fuel, more convenient - modulating.Modulating burner allows to change the output steplessly in dependence on the heat requirement by varying the ratio of fuel and air.

According to many experts, is optimal combi boiler that runs on liquid fuel and gas.In this case, the unit is installed only one burner, to which are supplied the fuel gas pipe and the liquid fuel.By simply turning the toggle switch, you can set the boiler from one fuel to another.However, be aware that the economy of the equipment will not work here.Due to a complex device such burner it is more expensive than two burners, designed for different types of fuel.There are other problems associated with combined boilers.Thus, due to their large size is necessary to increase the area of ​​the boiler as well as provide additional capacity for the fuel.Moreover, their effectiveness is lower than that of the boiler, designed for any one fuel type.

The environmental struggle

If cornerstone put environmental safety, the least harm to the environment brings, of course, the use of electricity for heating.And of electrically heating the safest - is electric heating radiators directly.However, the cost of this method - the highest, and if you take into account annual growth rates, in the long term simply ruinous.Therefore, leave this option outside of our review, especially since we are talking about the boiler equipment.

Electric boiler - quite realistic for a country house.

As a result of the conversion of electrical energy into heat heated heat transfer fluid through a piping system that carries heat through the house.Electric heaters are safe from an environmental point of view.In service, they are quite simple.

Electric boilers can be single phase (220) and three phase (380).Key elements of an electric boiler: heat exchanger, consisting of a tank with reinforced in him electric heaters (heating elements), and a control and regulation.Some firms are already supplying boilers equipped circulating pump, expansion tank, safety valve filter.

costs installation works electric boilers are small, separate room for them is not necessary, it does not need and chimney.They work silently.And they have a high efficiency - 99%.However, it consumes a lot of electricity, and thus increased heating costs are unavoidable.For this reason and due to congestion and low power grids in the country to use the electric boiler is not always possible.

Solid fuel boilers

Looking back, it is the solid fuels were the main producers of heat for our ancestors.Stocks of wood, pinned them, lay in a woodpile, and then - slowly drags itself into the hut yes A pop in the Russian stove.So suburban residents are heated in some places up to now, although the majority, of course, prefer a more efficient solid fuels.

Firewood can get in almost all areas of the Leningrad region, the benefit of the region, we do not suffer the lack of forests.However, such a plus, as availability is accompanied by a minus - a low calorific value of the wood.That is why it is a solid fuel must be ordered whole machines.

burns more efficiently and gives off heat coal or shale.However, coal is usually necessary to load the furnace every two to three hours, which is not very comfortable, especially at night.Manage combustion process in this case is difficult, so temperature control in the rooms is not possible.Automatic mode also eliminated, so solid fuel boilers in the cottage where the heating system has to work in the absence of the owners, it is not recommended to install.And yet, it happens that there is no choice.And then you have to adapt to solid fuels, primarily choosing good boiler equipment.

The market offers a wide range of equipment designed for solid fuels.Basically it is sturdy cast iron boilers of different capacity, serving more than one decade.The cottage, of course, cast iron pot will not see, but it is often used vacationers.To him heat conductors connected system in which the coolant carries the heat generated by the combustion of the house.

impossible not to mention another form of solid fuel, which has appeared in recent years.This so-called pellets - special biofuels as briquettes or granules.They are made from waste wood industry, that is, they are environmentally friendly.Pellets leaves dirt and allow the use of automation: there are special devices that are automatically filled into the boiler Biobriquettes thus overcomes one of the disadvantages of solid fuel boilers.

Expert opinion

All three types of boiler fuels have the right to exist in equal measure depending on the conditions of the area.Electricity is less expensive in the first stage and during the operation, but a more expensive resource.Solid fuel boilers in homes are good for permanent residence they are very cheap to maintain and energy costs.Especially favorable gas-generating wood-fired boilers, which operate in the mode of burning up to 12 hours.Diesel heaters are indispensable in the case of a large heat consumption and house additional equipment, while the primary investment pays off during the operation.Lack of - this kind of boiler is sensitive to the settings of the burner, fuel quality and expensive at the service.The best fuel is a gas.Atmospheric boilers desirable to choose, they are less whimsical to the conditions of operation, no noise, and a lot cheaper.Do not be amiss to get an uninterruptible power supply, even if there is a generator.

If we talk about the choice of power, it is possible to approximately estimate on the area, but the best - on the project and add a 15% reserve (estimated fuel quality worse, clogging the boiler by season's end, and so on. N.).If the hot water produced by the boiler water, in the presence of automation and power boiler 60 kW boiler can not allow: Automatic shut off the heating system and transfer all power to the boiler, within 40 minutes the water will be ready, and the heating system does not have time to cool down.

Alexander Ivanov, General Director of "ACP»