Well for the garden or home

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24 May 2016
wells for the villagers, the private sector in urban areas, or for truckers - the construction of a valuable and convenient.The problem of water supply of household and suburban areas is always there, and it is solved by people, depending on availability of funds, materials and conditions.You can certainly take a centralized water supply system or by using the rig drilling the well to produce, but it is very expensive.And payment for centralized water supply is not small at times.Therefore, the majority of the population is digging wells or their own exercise hand "drilling" wells, and believe me, it's real and accessible to many.

And if the water table is not too deep, the water wells, is the most convenient, optimal and cost-effective method of obtaining water.The well for the home or garden can be punched with both - to manual "drilling" wells or manual penetration hole.Manually clog the pipe in the ground, put a manual or electric pump and well for garden or home ready - to pump water and use.

So, well to give to my eyes was built by my craftsmen - a neighbor in a new suburban gardening.And for 3 years prior to the centralized water supply system, the whole neighborhood to enjoy the water from his water well.The description of this simple way to give the device a well, built with the help of the manual "drilling" wells, and bring to your attention.
Well for the garden and the house Well for the garden and the house
What materials are needed for the construction of water wells:

  • 10-15 meters inch (25 mm.) Pipe or 2-inch (50 mm.).However, when using the latter, for water intake must be inserted into the tube which has a ¾ inch (20 mm) as a column of water to 2-inch pipe of 10 m or more is not raised.Desirable to use galvanized pipes.All the ends of the pipes must be made thread.
  • coupling with internal thread,
  • hand pump - also preferably be galvanized,
  • electric - it is not mandatory, but to reduce the physical burden on a person with a large water intake is desired,
  • iron cone.The outer diameter of the cone should be 10 mm.greater than the outside diameter of the pipe.
  • flange (the plate or disc),
  • rope of 10-15 meters.
Now let's talk about how to carry out work on the construction of water wells.When the selection and preparation of the site for the well borehole is completed, begin to clog the pipe.Clog the pipe part of the length of 2-3 meters.As clogging pipes are connected to each other through threaded couplings.In the first section of the pipe is inserted and brewed their cone shank.From the end of the pipe (on the cone) must length 600 mm drill intake holes of 6 mm diameter.The first pipe portion of the cone and above the rope pushed.The other end as clogging once threaded portion of the tube.After finishing the installation of the well hole, the rope is removed and the pipe stays clean.

Scoring pipe can be any load having a hole for attachment to the tube and the handle.The lock can be used as a steel plate or a disk with a tapered bore larger than the outside diameter of the pipe by 4-6 mm.By the fence machined cones, which put the bottom.Install a fence above - load.When bumps cones firmly wedged emphasis on the tube.When plugging to the ground and beat rearrange cones above.

hand pump is better to choose the simplest design, so that it is easy to manufacture and reliable in operation.Sometimes it requires only a change of the rubber valve on the piston.In general, the pump is a tube dimensions 100-105-110 mm which are welded to the drain, the support for the handle and the upper flange.The inner surface of the tube flange from above and must be stripped from the weld, better - is ground along the length of 300-400 mm.
After plugging the pipes and the installation of the lower support flange with a tail pipe and it is advisable to enter into a ponytail in the concrete or wooden base.Sometimes, in the course of operation of a water well, it is necessary to replace the pipe coupling or perform other repairs, so the foundation is better to put the halves of the sleepers or prosmollenyh boards - they are easier to remove from the pipe.When the entire structure
wells - well collected, water is pumped with sand to form a cavity filled with water.After the appearance of clean water, and electric can be connected.So the well pipes and ready, and thus completed my description of the construction of the well without the drill.

For those who are preparing to organize a small business or a business related to the use of water, but the location away from the centralized communication - construction of the well - well, it may be an attractive event that does not require large expenditures.

My description may prompt new ideas solving problems of water supply, to those interested in questions: boreholes wells, water wells, hand drilling, borehole for the garden, the well house.