Water Stations for cottages and cottage

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24 May 2016
And here you have idea how to go out on the porch toward the light-filled world.It is necessary to heat and hot air intoxicate head aroma of herbs and flowers.Against the background of a smooth hum of bees from somewhere hear the melodious warbling of the nightingale, and the azure height toil swifts vengeance ... In the evening when the heat subsides, melt bathhouse, you will admire the fountains ... Somewhere near the river flows - and calls for a dip in the cool watersforget about all the city and experience the joy of finally being ... But ... Alas!You are once again on this sinful earth, already accustomed to doing your thing: decide vital issues.

organize the way the entrance to his house, to conduct electricity of course you can with your new neighbors.But what about the water?But not simple: you need clean water suitable for drinking and cooking ...

try to help you in this matter.

In our latitudes, fortunately, is easy to get the water.And even if there is no collective water tower, the probl
em is in any case quite solved: typically a drilled well or constructing a dug well.The water from properly constructed wells is always great quality, but whether you have enough funds to pay for this expensive pleasure?Besides, construction of wells requires a professional approach and regular maintenance.

easier and cheaper, of course, to dig a well.But in this case has its own characteristics.First you need to determine as precisely as possible the location of the aquifer, which will provide you with a sufficient amount of quality water.However, this task is quite capable to solve a professional team that you hire for the construction of the well.Do not forget, however, to verify whether the brigade recommendations.In general, it can be noted that the well - is the most common way to solve the problem of water supply of suburban areas: it is cheap, requires little maintenance and provide you with ample amount for an average family tasty and good quality water for many years.

most ancient device for the extraction of water from the well is a bucket with a rope.In the future, people invented the lever structure by type gate, "crane", which greatly facilitated the use of the well.However, practice shows that a summer resident per day is required, at least two buckets of water (every 10-12 liters), and it is only for washing and cooking.And when you consider watering the garden?It is estimated that one tree when watering requires 2 buckets of water, bush - one bucket, and even beds and beds - 1-2 buckets per square meter stands.Watering produce at least twice a week, during dry periods, and even more.A simple calculation shows that your vacation will likely often be interrupted for pulling heavy loads.

Besides, if you're a typical spoiled urbanite comfort, then you probably want and the country to have a warm shower with the usual pressure for you, do not wash the dishes in the basin and under the tap, and wash it is better not to hand.All this makes us think about some more meet your requirements the methods of delivery of water from a well on the site.

It is logical to assume that for the solution of this problem in our time, you can use the pump.But there are a variety of pumps, and you need not everyone.First, the pump must generate the same water pressure, which is created in urban apartments, or about 2.5 bar.Second, it is necessary that the pump is switched off automatically in.Third, a major role is played by such qualities as reliability and durability.Fourth, you should have no problem with the installation and dismantling of your pump.Finally, the important value.Of all the options, perhaps the best for the summer resident is the use of a pumping station.

pumping station - a special device comprising a self-priming pump, through which water rises from the well, pressure tank that supports the constancy of the pressure tank and the employee, and automation, responsible for the smooth operation of the pump.The pumping station is installed in some back room, or under a canopy, and delivers water through a pipeline to the territory of the site.

If you wish to use the pump and in the winter time, require some excavation.In this case, the foundation provides for the construction of highway, which runs between the well and the house at less than 1.7 meters (freezing point in the suburbs), develop appropriate technical room, where the station is established.When installing the unit you do not need special knowledge, because the installation is fully configured at the factory.The only thing you must first do - is calculated in accordance with the requirements of the basic parameters of your pumping station.

When selecting a pump, first of all, take into account the level of water consumption and the required head.Water consumption depends on the number of cranes that you are going to use.It should also be remembered that in dry periods water demand increases at their summer cottage in the 30-50% due to greater water consumption for watering plants.

Next, you must decide what material will be mounted your pipeline.If the consumption is small, it is best to use pipes made of materials that ensure durability, ease of installation and reduction of friction losses.Among these materials are plastic and metal and plastic.Most likely, you will be best for external pipe with a section from 1 ¼ "to 1 ½" and an inner tube with a cross section from 1¾ "1": they allow you to save the installation of the pipeline and provide the most appropriate flow rate not exceeding 2 m /with a decreasing and thus the risk of water hammer, is detrimental to the pump.

proceed directly to the calculation of the parameters of the pumping station.You need to determine the flow rate (performance) pump, referred to as Q, and also the amount of pressure H. consumption is considered as the sum of the costs of all existing delivery points.On average, washbasin consumed about 0.48 m3 / h, for a shower or bath - 0.72 m3 / h.

head count is more complicated and is as follows:

N = rtap · 10,2 + Hgeo + Hf;

The formula ptap - designation for the desired pressure at which the water comes from the tap (as we have said, the city is about 2.5 bar, but at least 2 bar).Hgeo - a designation for the height of the point of water pumping on the level of the source water intake.Letters Hf indicated pressure drop of water as it passes through the pipeline;for this indicator also has a formula Hf = Hftab · L, where L - is the length of your pipe in meters, and the factor Hftab depends on the material and the pipe section and is taken from special tables.

For example, the magnitude of the required flow rate of 2.4 m3 / h, the pressure at the tap - 2.5 bar, the height of the water intake point - 12 meters, and your pipeline has a length of 20 meters, the material - plastic, nominal diameter - 25 mm.Then head loss will be equal to Hf = Hftab · L = 0,22 · 20 m = 4.4 m (0.22 coefficient table), and the amount of pressure required will be H = rtap · 10.2 + Hgeo + Hf = 2,5 · 102 + 12 + 4.4 = 41.9 m. Having calculated all this, you can use the directory and choose the brand, according to the obtained values, a suitable pump.

buying a pump, note the possibility of providing warranty service because you do purchase for many years.Naturally, it is better to buy products of proven brands.The world leader in the industry of pump is currently the concern GRUNDFOS, the products of which, however, has a high cost.

Making the right choice, you will turn your favorite cottage in the perfect place to relax and stay in the nature combined with the convenience and comfort.