Ceiling heating system for a country house

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24 May 2016
According to most people, the main condition of comfort in the house is warm.For those interested in technical innovations in the field of heating specialists offer a new source of heat - warm ceilings.

When ceiling heating system thermal energy released heating elements located above the ceiling finishing material in the form of low-frequency infrared radiation.The advantage of heat transfer by radiation is the immediate effect of heating the object (floor, walls, furniture and human body), which in turn transfer heat to the air.Due to the direct thermal radiation, the air temperature can be maintained at 1-3 ° C lower than with other methods of heating.This prevents excessive heating of the air temperature is equalized between floor and ceiling, which reduces energy consumption up to 40%.

The heating element is used as a thin metal foil which is placed between two plastic films.In the resistive foil modules have space for fixing.Foil is installed between the ceiling and the insulation coating.Foil
can be used in two versions: foil with power dissipation of 125 W / m2 - for all types of ceiling coverings, foil with power dissipation of 150 W / m2 - for rooms with high ceilings or by using a large area of ​​the ceiling under the lighting or ventilation.

Ceiling heaters - completely hidden from view, discreet source of heat.Similarly, floor heating, ceiling heating system provides unlimited possibilities for the interior layout, because the equipment is hidden behind the ceiling coverings.

Infrared heating system - economical and environmentally friendly heating system.The building does not need to attach a separate room equipped with a boiler or boiler in the basement or cellar.It eliminates the need for time consuming and expensive installation of steam heating.The heat mode can be adjusted by thermostats in each room or centrally on a predetermined schedule.

Benefits emitting infrared heaters:

- do not burn oxygen, do not emit combustion products do not alter the humidity in the room;
- uniform heat distribution without forced air movement, raising dust;
- the equipment does not take useful space, freeing up space;
- easy and fast assembly and disassembly with the possibility of re-assembly and operation;
- fire safety, protection class IP 44;
- high efficiency heating efficiency of 95%;
- silent operation and environmental safety;
- do not require maintenance;
- cost reduction: compared to traditional heating systems, savings of 40 to 70%;
- electromagnetic field these devices are at background levels and significantly smaller than many household appliances;
- the possibility of heating the premises with high ceilings (up to 24 m);
- life of equipment more than 25 years;
- operation of the equipment is independent of voltage fluctuations and temporary power outages.

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