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23 May 2016

The easiest way - to cause a special service personnel, because there spent algorithm conservation equipment, a well-known professionals.The maximum program includes the following activities:
- Canned air vents;
- switching modes weirs;
- Cleaning receiving hoppers and weighed fallen gutters;
- consolidation of branches and grab onto;
- strengthening and insulation of entrance doors, weighed on them springs;
- fit window frames;
- check fasteners.

In addition, in-house engineering equipment to be prepared for the winter at about this plan:
- needed flushing, pressure test and maintenance of individual heating and hot water, the elimination of air pockets;
- adjustment with the liquidation "neprogrevov" or "melt down" (excessive heat) installing shims;
- install spacers and adjustable three-way plug valves, gates, valves, sealing ebbs, installation clips and restore thermal insulation;
- switch the hot water system in the winter mode;
- detection of possible locations and causes a breakthrough pipe

line blockage of sewer systems;
- cleaning sewage risers and releases, sealing joints, sockets, inspection and repair of wiring;
- repairs, cleaning, lubrication of electrical contact connections, input switching, fuse replacement, cleaning, and replacement of electrical panels broaching equipment, inspection lamps, sockets, switches, sockets and replace bulbs;check stoyakovyh power wires.

on service hope ...

must remember that conservation of equipment by itself does nothing for its safety and optimize performance.An integrated approach.All appliances need regular inspections and, if necessary - in small repair or prevention.The water supply and sewerage can occur with minor faults or functional defects.They should be promptly removed.We are talking about changing the pads in faucet seal drains, removal of blockages, adjust cisterns.It is important to monitor the fastening sanitary appliances, timely procleaning siphons, lapping stopcock in mixers, the packing and so on.Monitoring should be conducted for the fastening devices in the connection to the pipeline, as well as the strengthening of the pipelines themselves.

Eliminating minor faults in the system of individual heating and hot water, for example, adjustment of the three-way valves, the packing, small repairs of insulation - the path to their long and reliable operation.The same applies to electrical devices.

owners of country land has to remember everything that brings him comfort and provides a healthy lifestyle.Starting to dig a well, remember that it must be ventilated.Check of serviceability of sewer extracts ensures the stability of the entire system.The same can be said of the draft in the chimney ventilation ducts, timeliness minor repairs furnaces and hearths (strengthening doors, predtopochnyh sheets, etc..), Cleansing the sewer pipes and other works.

Knowledge - force

When transferring equipment in the winter mode of operation may be a situation where an authorized service for one reason or another is unavailable and the transition "winter quarters" must carry their own.In rare cases, the homeowner makes it really himself - usually it helps someone from plumbers.Integrity in this case is necessary, but we have to act according to plan, after preparing a list of necessary work and moving in order.Then there is the hope that nothing will be forgotten.

worth knowing some simple tricks that will help oberech favorite home from trouble.In some cases, they are really very simple.For example, the pool must be drained of water, clean the walls and bottom, and then hide them with a special film.This will help to quickly bring spring pond in working condition - in fact there are a lot of fans of the early (April - early May) swimming.

Private Well - a source of clean drinking water.However, the antiquated method of its production through the gate and buckets today few people happy.Therefore, most of the owners are trying to put an automatic pump or pump unit to provide with the help of the pressing needs in the water supply.Modern pumps can supply several different delivery points are automatically turned on and off.

However, such "smart" appliances requires special attention before hibernation.In some cases (specified in the instruction manual) requires special grease external parts and external unpainted surfaces (depending on the model selected a lubricant undergo a strictly defined areas).Holes inlet and outlet must be plugged.

If you need to remove the pump for the winter, do it better indoors.To manipulate all nice to have a special tool.Just before removing the pump is completely free of the pumped product (this is very important in the case of sewer installation), degassed, cleaned of dust and dirt.Of course, the cable is disconnected from the motor.

standard procedure for removing the pump includes the following steps:
- disconnection of supply;
- disconnecting piping suction and pressure lines;
- the removal of the pump with the foundation bolts.

spring assembly is in the reverse order.Before it again necessary to view all parts for the presence of dirt and rust.

all more common household air conditioners, which also need to be translated into winter mode.The fact that in the winter can escape beyond the temperature range in which to operate the device.The lower limit is rarely below -5 ° C mode "cold" and 0 ° C for the regime "Heat."If we ignore this restriction, the air conditioner may malfunction.There is only one optimal way to operate in the winter - conservation.

conservation should begin to pump the refrigerant in the outdoor unit.Then, disable or block the compressor start circuit to prevent his run error.After that, the outer fence condensing unit where it will not fall icicles or ice namerz.

possible alternative?

The transfer of engineering equipment of individual houses and plots to winter mode rather laborious, but thought out and does not allow for failure.Gradually begin to appear devices that involve a minimum of preservation work.For example, some systems allow watering only two operations - draining the storage tank and the pump cavity.This is possible when the solenoid valve with special siphon holes.They open themselves when pressure drops, and the water is drained.Spontaneous discharge of water is due to the inclined arrangement of pipes underground.At the lowest point drain valves are also opened automatically.Instead, they may have valves that open manually.However, if these systems are durable, time will tell: they have only recently appeared on the market and the necessary "test of time" is not time to go.

Therefore irrigation system is best preserved.Make it should be before the frost.It is necessary to blow (no matter - in manual or automatic mode) all of the compressed air line irrigation.Filming sprinklers, drip, etc. gidrorozetki. Is not necessarily, but each of gidrorozetok also need special blow.This also applies to the rest of additional equipment.Solenoid valves are transferred to the "open" (in manual mode).The same applies to the valves of the irrigation system.Storage tank completely freed from water piping valves dismantled and washed (it is better to keep in a heated room).Make sure that the hatch was closed storage tank, the pump is dismantled (to drain the water, blow compressed air).The pump is also best to keep warm.

Not to forget!

So again we repeat all the stages of conservation, which must be completed before the onset of sustained cold weather (of course, if in the cold season structure uninhabited).In this case disconnected from the electrical network, from a well or wells hose is removed, and the pressure port is disconnected from the water network.After draining the water from all containers (cans, tubes, batteries), it is important to leave open drain valves and plugs.Well cleaned, treated water is pumped out, well capped.By spring he will be filled with drinking water again.And the well, which are not operated in winter, there is no problem - it is not necessary to insulate, special care it requires.And if you do not neglect these simple preparations, the next holiday season will start without problems.