How to choose the convector

By Admin | Heating
23 May 2016
Floor convectors 1. First you need to determine the heat loss areas and on the basis of these data to calculate the required power of the convector.

2. Decide how deep to make a niche in the floor.Now there are different types of floor convectors depth from 50 mm to 300 mm.

3. Calculate the allowable dimensions of the convector (length, width), which are suitable for a particular room where the appliance is installed.

4. Select the location of the thermostat and the electronic transformer to the convector is equipped with fan.These are the models most effectively and quickly heats the room, and do not allow to freeze and fog up the windows.

5. Refer to the experts, provide them with the above data.On this basis, it will choose the most suitable to your requirements convector.

6. Carefully read the convector.To convector served long it must have a copper-aluminum heat exchanger and stainless steel.

7. After installing the convector enjoy controlled indoor climate, as well as a gorgeous view across the ice-box.