New windows: tips for beginners

By Admin | Windows And Doors
30 April 2016

those who are only going to do this thing, it will be useful to know that the proposals on the windows fall into three price categories:
-The cheapest - domestic wood;
-on second place - plastic (what is called "glazing");
-Import wood (also with glass inside).Stand for at least a half times more expensive than plastic.

third option immediately dropped for lack of funds, but the first two, we have learned.

Wooden windows do, like, plastic, custom - made of pine wood (cheaper) and larch (more expensive).

Less common are ready to frame, but it is not interesting, because the offer, for example, with the right pane, and you have left.Wooden windows are of two types - the so-called OS (windows double) and OR (separate window).In the first case the valve is composed of two frames fastened together with bolts.In this design, less than the width (plus), but worse thermal insulation, and are difficult to wash the windows from the inside, as it is necessary to unscrew the bolts.In separate windows, eac

h window is a separate leaf having to own loops - such windows are commonly found in Stalin's homes.OR are slightly more expensive than the OS, since they take more wood.

in a wooden frame can be inserted not only the individual glass and windows.As a rule, they have to be ordered separately - any hardware catalog full of ads.Before the new year, double-glazed windows cost from 600 rubles.m2.That is, when you consider that the area of ​​a typical window of about two square meters, it turns out quite inexpensive.And so the window does not muzzle, put on a glass sealant and along the perimeter of the window under the hinges let the gum-seal.

At first I thought it well to do - put a wooden double-glazed windows.

choosing goods, visited two "sawmill".But the frame that showed there, I did not like: bad fit with the sash and jammed windows.

"But do not worry, you will adjust all!"- No, I think if they have in the showroom is worth, what would be "the assembly line"?Although the price was certainly democratic - one firm requested & amp; ැ 55 per box 150h130 cm, plus an additional locks (35 rubles. Thing), the loop (25 rubles.) And bolts tightening wing (20 rubles.).Add sills (210 rub. Per board 140h40 cm delivery (750 rub.) Setting (& amp; ැ 200 for everything), paint (buy yourself) and painting (200 rub. Per m2). Thus, a US $ 550-600.Another company was more expensive: the window cost already 2300 rubles. per m2, but still the total amount did not exceed & amp; ැ 800.

When wooden windows, we have to study the market "plastic". windows, too, are different: either with one"sandwich" -steklopaketom or with glass and added a simple glass.

The apartment okonschiki recommend the second option: so should not fog up the windows, and the house will be warmer and quieter. The plastic frame are two-chamber and 3-chamber. Camera -this is such a cavity running along the inside perimeter of the frame, it plays the role of an air cushion for greater thermal insulation.

My husband and I decided to order windows with double glazing and an additional glass, with shutters that open in two directions - up and the (so-calledfanlight, or hinged, opening).In some firms for such additional one opening took & amp; ැ 25, the same where we finally ordered ("Excellent Windows") it increases the cost of the leaf only & amp; ැ 10.In addition, the leaf with fanlight opening, you can not close until the end and leave a gap of 2 mm (so-called "winter ventilation").This saves an apartment from the stuffiness, if a strong home heating.

"Great - we thought - we take!"Call considered provisional sum.2050 dollars (3 windows + 4th - balcony unit, all with delivery and installation).We had a discount card from this company, which stated that in order for the amount in excess of & amp; ැ 2000 a rebate of $ 100, and the dispatcher in their calculations the amount deducted.It turned out & amp; ැ 1950.But when he arrived and was zamerschik contract, the amount received by the other."What about a discount?"- We asked.- "And we discount only own window, not a plus installation costs. And without installation you two thousand is not reached ..." - "But we said ..." - "I do not know, call management."

Guide, of course, said that the rights of the manager, not dispetchersha.Here's a "marketing ploy."

Then began offering additional services.It is necessary to cut the nut under the balcony door - please $ 60 (abandoned gouging punch yourself in ten minutes), take out the old frame - & amp; ැ 40, the outer seal (promazyvanie joints of the frame and the wall with silicone - & amp; ැ 10 of the window, multiplied by three,and & amp; ැ 15 for balcony unit (agreed with the installers to bypass tariff thousand rubles for all). In the slopes requested & amp; ැ 100 per box (builders Ukrainians take & amp; ැ10-12, however, without taking into account the materials, but these materials areinexpensive).

And then, finally, brought our new windows before installing asked them inspected for marriage.

all right, everything exactly. OK. I signed a piece of paper. But it's OK refers to the moment when the leaf piles wereon the floor. When they found out we noticed that a window handle flaps are at different heights. "Put the handle at the same level," - we asked. - "This is the factory design, nothing here will not change."

Moral: do not sign a piece of paper before the window is installed.

Since the alignment of the slopes in the company we did not order, after you install Windows installers around the perimeter of the frame filled with foam and building on it his job done.And when the next day we cut the foam, we were surprised.The windows were fastened to the wall with metal brackets, some of them were more or less evenly, and some stood out ahead by five centimeters.IeTo get a smooth slope, it is necessary to hide under a very thick layer of putty, which is still unknown whether the stay, not to mention the reduction of space.

"Yes, nakosorezili guys - praised the work of our builders. - Money paid - let remake."Call the service.Those came: "Nothing can not do, because the technology provides."- "But why do such other no ?!"- "You see, the fact is that there are two ways of fixing frames: on the anchor bolts and plates. You have put on the plates. If you would bolt - would not have stuck. But now nothing has changed."Really it was difficult to say in advance: behold, they say, there are two ways?

And what do we do now with these plates, we asked."Try to find a way out with the help of plasterboard - suggested a man of service. - I personally at home did so."