7 advertising myths about plastic windows

By Admin | Windows And Doors
29 April 2016
plastic windows

1. Completely sealed and thus do not let the cold in the apartment!

There are no windows.Another issue is that modern windows about twice successfully save heat than the old "Soviet".In addition, they are much better sealed.But there is another side to the coin: a room with such views must often be aired.

2. Fully insulate any street noise.

That still trick.Low-frequency sounds - tram, jackhammer, traffic rumble, especially from multi-ton trucks - will still be heard.But the good of their windows can significantly reduce.

windows with panes of different thicknesses give the additional effect due to the partial elimination of the phenomena of resonance.In addition, to help ease the resonance glazing, broken into several sections - solid large glass in the only increase it.

3. The vacuum inside the glass provides additional sound insulation.

In the manufacture of glass inside does create a vacuum to the glass tightly to the frame.However, it is not the vacuum in the conventional sense.

4. The thicker the window, the better.

Not a true statement, based on the fact that the air - the best thermal insulator.Remember of course school physics law convection - warm air rises and cold descends.Around the same principle works in the air space between the outer and inner panes.Along the internal (warm) glass air rises, and it takes his place cold, dropping down along the outside (cold) glass.Formed between the glass air circulation.This kind of heat exchange gives the greatest heat loss.

To avoid this, the distance between glasses do just a little, it could lead to an increase in the deterioration of the thermal characteristics of the glass.A glazed thicken due to a larger number of cameras (layers of glass).But the more cameras in the package, the more expensive it is.For Moscow, the best option (price - quality) - double-glass (three glasses).

5. We have the cheapest windows - on per square meter!

quality "plastic" can not be cheap.All self-respecting manufacturers prices roughly the same window.And the concept of "square meter" abstract.Modern windows - a complex structure consisting of a few dozen components.And the price can not be determined only by the area.

6. Our double-glazed windows filled with argon!

This may be true.But check out what the reality is in the glass, it is difficult.Why would you break the glass and a special device to determine - there argon or air.

Besides, it's not so important.Thermal conductivity depends on the gas pressure.And the air or argon in - it does not matter.

7. The thicker profile and the more cameras there - the better.

Profile initially transmits heat much worse than glass.Therefore, it makes no sense to increase its thickness.If we are a window will "freeze", then on the glass.And such frosts that the profile was chilled, at us simply does not happen.

Standard scheme - three-chamber profile, two loop seals and double-glass - this is the best option.Choose any of the known manufacturer - will not lose.


Some sellers indicate prices without VAT.Remember that.Ask how much you will manage the installation and delivery of the ordered windows and all necessary equipment for them (Window sills, transition profiles, and so on. P.) With VAT.

Explore marking

eye on the quality of the profile is not defined.Carefully read the factory markings on the inner side of a window box (some foreign manufacturers, it is done directly on the profile).It should be the stamp with the name of the manufacturer (each company has its own way) and a number of figures - the number of shifts, number of extruder (a device for the production of PVC profiles) and the date of manufacture.


Do not blindly trust the recommendations of friends or advertising.Learn all about the company where you are going to order.Namely:

- whether she is engaged in this activity;

- if she produces a window or a dealer;

- whether the dealership formal contract with the producer;

- what guarantees are given - it must be at least a year.If within this period the profile of crack, turn yellow, warp, and so on. N., The company makes a claim, the guarantee was issued.

In addition, no harm will check the relevant certificates for all components of the window, ensuring the quality and suitability of use in the Russian climatic conditions