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29 April 2016
doors So what better doors to decide in the end to you, and we, in turn, can only tell us about the distinctive features of both, in order to help you make the right choice.

Today's buyer expects from the new interior doors, not only functionality, but also beauty, matching the general style of the interior.Internal door must meet the following parameters:

1. Separation of space.2. Noise.3. The protective properties.4. The aesthetic properties.5. Environmentally friendly.6. Durability.
variety of types and designs of modern doors allows you to select a model with the necessary consumer properties and reasonable value for money.

door, at first glance, a simple design, is fraught with huge number of subtleties and nuances.Its classification is a long thread taps.Doors can be:

- according to the method of manufacture (framed and shield);

- by way of opening (hinged, folding, sliding along the wall or into the opening);

- in the number of cusps (odnopolnye, dupolnye, sesquioxides);

- for completing the d
oor leaf (glazed, glazing and blind);

- the shape (rectangular and arched).

paneled doors.

canvas paneled door is a wooden frame, which is binding (main bars) and panels - panels that fill the space between the bars.Paneled panel itself is hollow, with an excipient, e.g., cellular, or consists entirely of solid wood, MDF, HDF etc.

doors Regarding the paneled doors of the array, such designs have a high strength, low heat and sound conductivity and ease of recycling.However, as any organic material wood can be susceptible to chemical, physical and biological impacts.The disadvantages of it are: the presence of natural defects (knots, cracks, resin pockets, etc.), hygroscopic (the presence of excessive moisture in the wood produces a sharp deterioration in all its physical and mechanical properties);combustibility.

As explained to us the specialists of Krasnoyarsk companies, timber has the ability to donate moisture or absorb water vapor from the air as a function of temperature or humidity.Door leaves from an array of sharp changes in the relative humidity and dry conditions can change their geometry and decrease in size, which leads to the appearance of areas along the glazing beads NOT, filёnok.Above identified problems are not determined by the low quality of doors and a mismatch climate in our living spaces (increased dryness or humidity, lack of air conditioning) to the parameters for which were created these doors.To the door is not deformed and maintains its aesthetic and functional properties, until the beginning of the wood, the wood must undergo a process of drying very carefully.Artificial drying is carried out in different ways: in a highly rarefied environment, through condensation and by air blowing.The whole cycle of drying requires very sophisticated equipment in order to avoid distortions of the wood, cracks or creating internal pressure, which may occur due to small defects dry.Good stability of wood is reached at 10 -12% relative humidity of the interior.In addition, panels of hygroscopic save.When installing them are special grooves to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction: they are never fixed firmly, leaving the possibility to play - the more panels embedded on the door leaf, the less likely its deformation due to moisture.

Krasnoyarsk companies, for example, "Windows, doors, arches," "Modern door" factory "Rainbow" today offer door constructions made of pine, larch cost up to 5000 rubles.These doors will serve for many years as they are reparable.As we have explained in one of these companies, the biggest advantage of doors in solid is the possibility of subsequent repairs, when break easily replaced by some part of the door.Also, the door to the process of deterioration can be re-sanded and coated with oil paints to give them an updated look.But the durability and flawless operation of the doors of the array depends on the type of wood.Softer rocks, such as pine, which is so popular here in Siberia, are particularly susceptible to mechanical damage.Whereas the first, the highest category of wood, doors are solid oak, beech, maple, mahogany.Deciduous wood is different from other breeds, not only for its natural uniqueness and beauty and superior strength.

Flush doors.

constructively Flush doors consist of a frame, lined with two parties with any material.The shield may be filling of wooden bars, chipboard, MDF.Increasingly used in the door structures such new material as MDF, HDF, has a high hydrophobicity and increased density.MDF - fiberboard of medium density.MDF is a modern, technological development wood industry.Fibre boards of uniform thickness produced from dedicated on deforestation and waste (scrap) wood that is ground to small cubes (chips) is subjected to steaming under high pressure and, subsequently, served on a rotating disk grinder (grater).All Wipe and svoylachivaemy material immediately enters the drying and subsequent gluing.This type of intermediate product is highly environmentally friendly, and has excellent characteristics of compactness, adhesion of the fibers, as well as geometric dimensions of the constancy over time.The great strength of this material is extremely favorable relationship between hardness and thickness: sheets of MDF can be from 4 to 22 mm.Recently, steel door frames appear with boxes and trims from MDF, covered with fine wood veneers.The surface of MDF is flat, smooth, uniform, dense, all this makes external processing boards is extremely easy, especially for direct painting and thin lamination.The use of this material in the manufacture of interior doors allows the latter to acquire properties other than the planar surface fabric, surface hardness and impact resistance.In addition, achieve excellent esthetic results with excellent possibilities of painting.

Folding doors

If a compact space forced to compromise, it is very convenient mobile design - sliding, sliding or folding: they allow you to make full use of room space.Such doors or walls are moved along the guide or a "buried" within the walls (such a design looks elegant and advantageous, space-saving is remarkable, however, in this case neshutochnye required to install, especially if the door is composed of two webs, leaving in opposite directionsopening).Sliding door moving along the rail, or fixed on a wall or on the ceiling above the opening.

simplest and most technologically advanced option could be to design the type of folding screens."Books" and "accordion" - a kind of folding doors."Literary" type door has two wings, "musical" much more.The "book" is more convenient to use than "accordion" as in its guide rails move only one clip.

Exterior finish interior doors.

external finish (lining) paintings of interior doors can be done in many ways.The choice of a door exterior trim defined architectural design, taking into account the special requirements of the customer.Among topcoats isolated masking (covering various films).In particular, "Optimal door" offer door trim doors different films made in Germany, "Laminated decor" uses mostly Polish materials.In addition, door designs are covered by a laminating technology, which, according to experts, much better than its laminating of operational characteristics.

external finish doors can also be effected by means of veneering.Veneered doors and doors made of natural wood always varnish.Varnish, except for decorative function, has great practical significance.On the one hand, it prevents the penetration of moisture into the door leaf and, consequently, its swelling, and on the other, prevents drying of wood at low humidity.

As for color, it is full of plenty: from classic wood colors to the new-fangled trends, both in color and in texture.For example, "Modern doors" offer today four basic colors: the "golden pine", "walnut", "clear coat" and white.

So to summarize the above, highlighting the pros and cons of doors from the array and doors from MDF categories of economy class, and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.With regard to the door of the array, their main advantage is the environmental friendliness, naturalness, the possibility of subsequent repairs, when in service are replaced by individual parts of the door.Cons array - a tendency to mechanical damage, especially soft woods such as pine, poor resistance to weathering.At the door of lightweight materials (MDF, HDF) good resistance to temperature and humidity, they are perfectly adapted to our Siberian climate.Such doors because they are hollow, and therefore lighter, less prone to sagging, are optimal for installation in areas with high humidity.Outs from MDF door is that of a serious defect or breakage, such doors can not be repaired, they are less durable, and there is a possibility of peeling or erasure outer coating (film veneer).Although, in general, massive doors and lightweight design in the price range up to 5000 have almost identical characteristics for aesthetic and operational parameters at different manufacturing techniques.The buyer in this case choosing between natural material or artificial, depending on taste preferences and the overall ensemble of the interior of his apartment.

Where are your pens?

Door furniture belongs to the category of small things, the presence of which we do not notice, but when they break down or go haywire, take it as an obvious sabotage and tragedy.

Roller Latch - simple mechanism of freely rotating rollers (roller), fixed by spring.In the closed position the roller is located in the groove of the door frame.To open the door you need to make some effort to push the clip into the slot.Output roller latch regulated screw located on the front plate.Door latch of this type are usually equipped with a stationary handle.

falevye latch provided with oblique tongue, lockable spring.The door is opened by pressing or turning the knob.Explicit plus falevye latches to roller or magnetic is the inability of the spontaneous opening of a door, for example, under the influence of drafts.But the advantage is evident only for us adults.And if the family has a baby whose growth does not yet allow to reach the door handle?Do not leave it well alone with the unsolvable problem of the door?Solve it will lace, fastened to the end of the push lever handles.Experience shows that children who can barely walk, able to open and close the door with the help of the lace.This simple mechanism, by the way, unable to master and four-legged pets.

to isolate themselves from the world in a particular area are used as conventional locks with keys (in most cases the most primitive structures), and special bolt latch.They allow you to lock the room from inside.Shapes and designs latches and valves can be varied.Catches vary in shape cross-section of the locking rod (flat and round), its degree of "openness" (there are latches in which the rod is seen as a whole, while in other models it is visible only part extendable).Some valves provides tabs for padlocks (of course, in a residential area of ​​use is not justified, since their purpose - utility and utility rooms).

very popular in the last five to ten years, with a kind of snap-lock steel handle noby (from the English. Knob - knob) with integrated swivel lock button.Of course, they are locking their properties rather conventional.Such devices are intended to denote the fact rather inaccessible to other rooms than prevent cracking.It is necessary to noby 50-60% of the sales of all locks and latches.These advantages include the simplicity and reliability of the mechanism, ease of installation.

Push knobs and interior doors are mounted on the profiled pin (rod square) countersunk screws.And do sockets in one case, pressed the door only on the profile pin reinforced handles, and in another - pulled together beyond this through the lock body screws (the latter, a more reliable option is sometimes called "German", because it was his loving prefer thoroughness the Germans).Fixed to the front door handles are attached with lag screws and lever handles for use besshurupnoe connection using the threaded sleeves.It is difficult to access and handle the dismantling of its "foreign elements," but, of course, can not be regarded as a serious obstacle to the attacker.Therefore, when the door is important inaccessibility, reasonable use fixed models lag screw protected armored plate.

regard to the materials and appearance of the handles, here there is an incredible variety.For the body most commonly used chrome and nickel-plated steel, brass, aluminum alloys.German manufacturers traditionally "thrifty" and prefer cheap products from plastic, aluminum or stainless steel.Plastic, of course, for all its cheapness and hygiene, and is optimal for the price, but its life is low.

sometimes rational to buy accessories separately, especially since it is now the choice is almost unlimited.Very often, the wall thickness is greater than the width of the door frame and to set high quality door inserts require special extender.These strips are not included in the package and do not be amiss to ask their presence at the seller.Otherwise, to find the right color and texture strips have to spend a lot of time and effort.


There are two main types of loops for conventional wooden doors: versatile and classic.Classic consist of two detachable halves - left and right.Buyers often opt for generic loops just for the reason that they are afraid to get lost, determining the direction of the door opening.

Universal hinges have several friction surfaces (in contrast to classical, where there are only two).Therefore, they need constant lubrication.In some cases, this lack is eliminated by a pair of bearings.But then quite what some 5-10 mm deviation from the vertical to the door began spontaneously closed or opened.Therefore hinges with bearings are only recommended for very heavy doors (over 50 kg).Cheap and versatile loops have one more unpleasant feature - they have gradually loosened, and then the bottom falls off quite figured nut.

When buying loops see whether there is a gap between their cards folded.Best of all, that it did not exist or did not exceed 1-1.5 mm.The greater the gap, the greater the distance from each other will door leaf and frame.