Wooden windows - control humidity

By Admin | Windows And Doors
28 April 2016
Wooden windows quality windows are not only significantly reduce heat loss, but also reliably protected from street noise, those who tried to replace the old woodwork double glazing, have evaluated their advantages.It would seem that all the inconvenience left behind, however, to cope with one problem, the owners of new windows facing the other - namely, the appearance on the glass condensate.This phenomenon often occurs during the cold season and especially bright expressed in the rooms where the windows are installed from metal-profile.

One of the most common causes of condensation are thermal bridges.So called the place where there are additional heat flow and thus a lower surface temperature than neighboring sites.Usually there are no thermal bridges in places connecting joints where the frame contacts the outer wall, where the junction of materials with different thermal conductivity.To determine the most favorable location of the window in the opening perform drawing isotherms - lines connecting points at the s
ame temperature.In order to avoid the formation of condensation on windows and slopes, desyatigradusny isotherm must pass through the inner surface of the structure.The smaller the curvature of the isotherms, the lower the heat loss in the joints, and hence the lower the likelihood of condensation.

In residential or office premises where a mandatory set of heating system in window block area there is a large temperature difference.So, on the elementary laws of physics, the warm air coming in contact with a cold glass gives him the accumulated moisture.At sub-zero temperatures had fallen on the window condensation often turns into frost or even a thin crust of ice.Once it melts, on the window sills are formed very large puddles, and if they are not promptly wipe the water will flow to the floor, spoiling the laminate, parquet or carpeted floors.However

affected window sills and floors - yet bad.In the room with the air exchange condensate is formed difficult not only on the glass, but also on the slopes, walls and even the ceiling.Excessive moisture adversely affects the level of comfort in the home and well-being of people in the room.On wet walls and ceilings may appear mold, get rid of that is very problematic.

reasons for increased humidity may be different: in the kitchen it occurs during the process cooking in the bathroom - when making routine water treatments.In the living room cause high humidity may people (if they are many, and the room is small), indoor plants, too thick curtains or blinds that prevent proper air circulation.

However, periodic increase in humidity in the rooms - the inevitable phenomenon, and therefore, it is necessary to find a way to deal with it.The best way out - a regular airing.True, summer to make it much easier than in winter, autumn or early spring as with moist air from the rooms leaves and warm.However, air premises it is necessary, and owners will have to make plastic windows it's much more than to owners of wood windows.

you ever wondered, why manufacturers 'plastic' necessarily include all possible of the "natural ventilation" in the form of air strips, and manufacturers Wooden euro-windows of such additional details not even mentioned?

answer to this question is as simple as clear: natural wood "breathe" passing air through the micropores.Even with the windows closed at any moment going ventilation of the room, which considerably reduced and the possibility of condensation.During the day, wooden frame skips through more than 2, 5 m3 of air.Thus, the natural material is natural membrane which prevents drafts and precipitation to penetrate into the room, but the air filter by passing it in both directions.Wooden windows are not only protected against cold and noise, but also a natural control the room humidity, prevents condensation and soggy inner surfaces of the walls.Windows made of pine, oak or Siberian Larch create a comfortable home, healthy microclimate, which can not be seen and not appreciated by residents