Sills and flows for wooden windows.

By Admin | Windows And Doors
27 April 2016

New wooden windows transform a house or apartment and give them not only aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also comfort, protecting from dust, noise, weather conditions.From that, how well constructed and installed window units, largely depends on the atmosphere in the room.But speaking of themselves windows, do not forget about their constituents such as sills and flows.The first set in the inner part of the room.Besides the decorative function (usually a place to put the house plants) sills and perform the role of the design relied on when washed windows, hang curtains.Therefore the strength characteristics of drip planes no less important than appearance.

Modern window sills are made of a variety of materials - plastics, particle board, (including Werzalit - vertsalit), artificial stone.They differ not only in appearance but also the price, quality, reliability and durability.However, the most common and attractive to consumers are the traditional window-sills of natural wood.

most affordable you can call the window sills of plastic.Despite the fact that the material for the manufacture of one and the same quality of the finished products from different manufacturers may differ significantly.Generally, the cheapest models of Russian producers, so common in the market, short serve their masters.After a couple of sills years lose their attractive appearance, covered with cracks, scratches, are sometimes broken in the corners are pressed, especially when large surface area.More expensive imported analogs stand the test "way of life" is much better.For example, a German company, "Moeller" produces quite competitive products that can successfully carry out their functions, rather, all the same, fine: plastic is plastic.


window sills of chipboard and more than Vertsalit please durability and reliability, as one of the components of these materials are natural wood fibers.Binder - Synthetic resin - attached plates hardness and wear resistance, but does not allow them to be called environmentally friendly material.

panes slabs of artificial stone - not exactly a new trend, but widespread, they have not yet received.Owners of homes, offices and apartments prefer a warm and pleasant to the touch "nekamennye" options, though in separate rooms models made marble, serpentine, malachite and other natural stones look very harmonious and fit into the interior.

Still, wood, wood and wood again holds leading market positions established under window sills and windows in most homes.

However, not all have the same wooden windowsills properties and characteristics.From the wood it depends on the strength, hardness and durability.Traditionally used for the manufacture of window sills hard wood species: oak, beech, Siberian larch.Cheaper option is pine, but the softness of the wood becomes apparent in the literal sense: the traces of heavy flower pots, solid objects are in the form of dents, spoiling the appearance of not only the window sill, and general impressions of the entire window.

is therefore reasonable not to save money on quality material and choose windowsill a little more expensive, but safer and stronger, that is, the hardwood.In contrast to the narrow nondescript sills installed in old brick and panel houses, at the current construction market represented model not only of all colors, but almost any size - from 10 to 70 cm.

choosing a size, remember that when installing the sill shouldlying on the window-sill space of not less than 2/3 of its width."Removal" window sill plate in the space of the room is recommended to install no more than 5 cm. This is important for the normal heat transfer in the opening window, where the warm air battery washes inner glass glazing.Installation is wide window sills involves the use of additional support structures.

Competent manufacturing of planes and drip - not easy.Due to the complexity their operating conditions (temperature and humidity fluctuations, load) and the need to achieve a flat surface over a large area, experienced manufacturers to produce only use laminated sill plane.They allow end products to keep the form and do not buckle up.In addition, models of laminated surfaces have higher strength and durability analogue than solid wood.

exterior window sills, otherwise known as tides, represent a flat profile, installed outside of the window and designed to drain rainwater from the underside of the window opening.Usually low tides are made of aluminum or galvanized steel.Often, they coated, not only protects the metal from natural impacts, but also give an attractive appearance ebb and simplifying care for them.Sometimes, as a protective layer used polyester, sometimes - special varnishes.

As in the case of window sills, the width of the tides can be different.Manufacturing companies offer products from 90 to 360 mm.To make ebb more attractive appearance produced special side plates, usually manufactured from ABS plastic ..

choice of materials, of which will be manufactured your window sills and flows - it just yours.But trying to save a couple thousand, think about whether it is necessary in a couple of years to change the low-quality products at a decent model that no doubt cost you significantly more.