Caring for windows

By Admin | Windows And Doors
27 April 2016

Washed glass shine purity to the frames and sills want to touch again and again, to feel their smoothness and once again confirm how flawlessly all openers in different modes.

I would like to window pleased as long as possible, and this is largely dependent on the quality of materials and craftsmanship of the manufacturer.But an equally important role is played by the content of windows clean, and it is not limited to seasonal hook or glass.

Care sills and frames primarily depends on the materials from which they are made.


to plastic windows last a long time while maintaining an attractive appearance, you should carefully handle frames.Remember that blows detrimental impact on the geometry of the profile, and scratches on the plastic can not be repaired.

To care for PVC windows is recommended to purchase liquid formulations sold in specialty stores.They are designed to remove contamination from the plastic, do not contain abrasive particles, abrasive surface, or solvents, which depri

ve the plastic smoothness and shine, and sometimes even change color.You can also use ordinary dish detergent or soap solution.The compositions are applied to the soft tissue and removed after washing with water the surface of the frames.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows must not be washed and cleaned using a damp cloth.To remove dirt from the surface of the wooden frames are best to use the original cleaning agents specifically designed to protect wooden windows.They freshen the look of paint and provide reliable protection against natural influences.As an alternative means may be used for the care of furniture.

avoid damage to the cover, do not rub the surface of wooden windows cleaners that contain acid, corrosives or abrasives.In no case do not use nitrovarnishes, organic solvents and thinners.

Despite the fact that the external protection of natural effects are special paints, coating from time to time to be updated.Typically, the windows facing the south side, need more scrutiny and care than the exact same set on the northern, western and eastern sides.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium does not require complex and expensive maintenance.To care for the aluminum windows, there are special tools to not only remove dirt and restore the original appearance, but also to keep it in such a long time.For the same purpose there are provided means for regular conservation containing silicone.

In the case of small mechanical damage on the surface of aluminum you can use proofreaders masking scratches, and if significant damage, need for repair aluminum resin.

combo box

Combined windows consist of two or more materials, so their care is carried out taking into account the characteristics of each of them.The most frequent combination in the combined windows are aluminum and wood;aluminum and plastic;aluminum, wood and plastic.For each component of such windows are used separate means.

Caring for window units, do not forget that the rubber seals and fittings are also in need of care.

Caring for rubber seals

Made from modern material based on silicone, rubber seals are used for a long time, but, nevertheless, they do not last forever.A few years later, this component window frames need to be replaced due to natural aging of the material.But how long will the "native" seal depends not only on the quality of the material, but also on how well it will take care of the owners of the windows.

For reliable protection from cold and drafts, you must ensure the preservation of elasticity of the material, so if you care it is recommended to use special agents containing silicone oil.They not only clean the seal from dirt and dust, but also to restore its elasticity and give water repellency.In the absence of specific products can use ordinary soapy water.When washing windows, try to not fall in the seal concentrated detergents and substances containing oil, organic or chemical solvents.After treatment, the seal must be dry.

care accessories

depends on the quality of fittings, the excellent opening and closing the shutters of your window.And yet, even the best loops and mechanisms in need of care, which can coincide with the washing of windows.Twice a year, should be cleaned items from contamination and then lubricate all moving parts accessories motor oil, better - thick that its excess can be removed immediately, and they were not included in the frame.To remove dust and other contaminants are not permitted to use cleaning products and detergents, which contain acid and other corrosive compounds: they can damage the protective coating.

Care guttering

windows have water taking channels for bringing out the moisture accumulating inside.About once a year to clean them from dirt with a brush or any non-metallic object.

Care sills

As an integral part of the sill of the window construction, it should be said about caring for them.Selection means depends on the material from which it is made.Plastic window sills are beautiful and easy to care for.They are handled exactly like plastic frame.Windows made of natural or artificial stone, perhaps the most unpretentious.They can be washed with soapy water or almost any cleaning agent.Damage plastic sill is practically impossible, but if it did happen, to restore the damaged area will require professional help.

Wooden window sills nice, cozy, but rather "capricious."To avoid damage to the coating, should be closely monitored to make such a long time window sills are not exposed to moisture.Wipe clean with a damp cloth should be, and stand on them flowers should be watered with care.Strait of water must be removed immediately and wipe dry with a window sill.How and window frames, window sill needs periodic tinting or lacquering.

As you've seen by reading this article, any window in need of constant care.The only difference is in the choice of detergent and protective equipment, which will help preserve the appearance of your window and its performance for a long time