If the window has a crack

By Admin | Windows And Doors
27 April 2016

Windows quite quickly grow old, unlike roof and window frames, which can serve for a long time.

If the life of the roof frame and the house about 50 years, the windows are not usually more than a decade.

Windows, as well as any glass products such as glass, are a high quality and very durable, high or low and quite fragile.

If you have a single window made of thick glass or plastic, this you may not occur.

But if the windows are double, it is not surprising that one day, a crack in the glass, and it did burst.

likelihood that this will happen is several times higher in winter than in other seasons.

The fact is that when you tape the windows between them is still air.

In this space between the windows form an air vacuum is filled with heat-conducting gas.

When the window 37 degrees below zero, most of the windows can not withstand such a temperature and burst.Especially if the inside of the house 20-25 degrees Celsius.The whole point, of course, drop in temperature.When you tape the window in th
e fall, you can do so in the midst of severe frosts do not stay without a window.At a time when the temperature outside and inside the building begins to dramatically different, it is important that between the window frames the space was more wet than inside the house.This moisture will create a film on the windows, which will prevent the glass from cracking.Less

this trick is that the windows are not transparent, as it were fogged.When they come very cold, or even become whitish because the outside of the freeze.

Nevertheless, for many years, window manufacturers recommend residents sharply continental climate in winter to use this little trick to prevent the glass from cracking.Recently, the market appeared spray for windows, which also creates a special barrier in two to three months, which contributes to prevention of glass from cracking in cold weather.It should be applied at both the internal and the external side of the window.When using the spray mist over your windows are much smaller than when using a water tank