Setting the window in the roof

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26 April 2016

Have you ever wondered what the builders did not come up when going to add a bit of convenience in the bath and toilet, but neglected the opportunity to set the window for sunlight and ventilation?

Bath Thierry and Estelle Blond perfect example, often used the bath was dark, small, stuffy and uncomfortable, even a fresh coat of paint and additional electric lights could spice things up a tiny bath.Ceiling window-pane was the perfect solution to improve the cleanliness and air circulation and let in plenty of natural light (even on a cloudy day).

Chet blonde chose electrically ventilated brand Velux windows with wooden frames, which can be painted before or after installation.They decided that the two windows are better than one.In a small 6x7 ceiling lacked sufficient space to position their joint to joint and create a dramatic effect illumination throughout the bathroom and part of the bedroom, where the light, too, would come across.Press the button on the remote frame is raised or lowered, keepin

g the air fresh and dry.

Proper preparation - the key to success.

Installing ceiling light is a job for two people, which can be completed in one day, after you've done all the preparatory operations, iecheck the plumbing, wiring, and other things that can affect the choice of location of the window.

Blonds hire a professional installer, Dennis Charron of «Skylights Unlimited» Pickering of the work to be completed quickly and efficiently.

After inspecting the attic and roof in a place where you want to install window Charron and Blonds have discovered electricity, wiring and ventilation pipe which they moved a few feet before the start of the work.

first thing that had to be done - to mark and cut a hole in the ceiling.

In this case, it is easier to work in the bath, sincethe attic space between the ceiling and the roof was not enough, especially since it was very hot due to the sunny weather.Formation of the hole took a couple of hours.As it turned out, they saved time because they do not need to cut rafters, windows could be placed joint to joint adjacent to the rafters - only two new bulkheads required strengthening the rafters to support the top and bottom of the frame.

Illustrations - preparation of the holes in the ceiling.

windows in the ceiling windows in the ceiling windows in the ceiling
Use a plumb line as a guide to the ceiling of the attic.Then, using a level and square to mark the cutout in the ceiling. cutout from the inside with a saw a lot easier Transfer electrics and plumbing to the hole in the ceiling cutout
windows in the ceiling windows in the ceiling windows in the ceiling
Fix the rafters for greater strength.A plumb line to mark the opening in the wall. Use a plumb line as a guide to the ceiling of the attic.Then, using a level and square to mark the cutout in the roof. thread and apply a chalk outline of the cut on the roof.
windows in the ceiling windows in the ceiling
Cut a hole circular saw with a protective nozzle. Check the size of the hole and bring it into order.Set each frame from different sides of rafters and check the quality of planting

Illustrations - Installation window.

skylight skylight skylight
Remove the frame from the box, following the instructions, and remove the protective covers Remove the sidewall, the top and bottom of the frame.Paint the frame, thus preparing for the final installation installation mounting brackets are placed and fixed to the appropriate places.The position is determined by the shape of the roof.
skylight skylight skylight
With Blond inside Charron sets the window to determine the necessary clearance for the opening The bathroom Blond uses cutting boards to simulate a tight fit, while leaving small gaps Wrap the frame in a waterproof fabric.The fabric is very prickly, so it's better to do together.
Check the height of each window, and fasten it with nails.Check that all clips are based on the rafters

Illustrations - sealing windows.

skylight skylight skylight
Install a protective layer using a hammer & amp; 襶 inches Put back the elements of the roof and impaled them safety part must extend at least 3 & amp; 襵inches
skylight skylight skylight
Put the central chute and pinned it to the frame in a confined space Blonde uses forceps while zakolachivaniya nails Replace covers the frame from the top
skylight skylight skylight
Make sure that the upper shell in place and secure it with screws Position and align the head reflector opposite the window frame Connect head reflectors using strips, secure it
skylight skylight
Finally, Bend head reflector to the side frame Mission accomplished.Installing ceiling windows are now at the touch of a button it can be raised and lowered

work itself is not complicated and can be finished in a couple of days if you are over the previously prepared place to work and follow the instructions.Choosing the right tools and material (and knowledgeable assistant) key to quality work and transform your room into a bright and attractive place.

Installation Tips.

  • the work is done better with one or two assistants (those who are not afraid to work at a height).Plan to dedicate a whole day to work and find out the weather forecast beforehand.
  • All work on the roof of a better finish on the same day in which you started them.Cutting out a portion of the roof, you do not return it back!
  • Make sure that all the necessary tools at hand, do not forget, if you have anything to do with wiring and plumbing.
  • Charron uses a piece of old carpet on which he kneels down when working on the roof.Also use cut rafters to strengthen frames.

Author: Karen Kirk
Photo: Roger Yip