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25 April 2016

Glazing attached considerable importance, not least because that glass area in suburban homes from year to year increases.In our region, homeowners are fighting for every extra ray of sunshine and possibly try to do big windows.A large window - this is primarily a large glass, which must withstand the pressure of the wind and not to let the cold in.By

glass composition are different.If the base glass - silicon dioxide and oxides of sodium and calcium, this soda lime silicate glass.But if the main component is boron, the borosilicate."Clean glass" - a conventional clear glass, and the "super-clean" - with low iron content and, consequently, more transparent.Tinted glass is colored in mass with the help of special additives that reduce the light transmittance and reflective glass on the one side is metallized reflective coating.There are also special fire-resistant glass, neutral - almost do not react to aggressive media, and a number of different modifications.

But, of course, most deal with clear

glass sheet.This glass is produced by domestic manufacturers a thickness of 3 to 19 mm.For the manufacture of window panes and glass, typically used glass thickness from 3 to 6 mm, for a large area of ​​windows used glass thickness of 10 mm.Thicker glass commonly used for the manufacture of doors, walls and countertops.

Lack of ordinary window glass - fragility: the glass thickness of less than 15 mm is easy to break.More durable translucent material - toughened glass, which is made in a special way.

first glass is heated above the softening temperature, and then quenched with a stream of cold air.The surface layers at the same time solidify rapidly, and after complete cooling arise in them, residual stresses, provides mechanical strength, several times that of ordinary glass.Increases after such a procedure, and the heat resistance of glass - it is able to withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees, so it can be used, for example, glass sauna.However, tempered glass is not cut and do not give in to any machining.Therefore, a sheet of the desired size have cut before heat treatment.

light- and heat-shielding glass incorporate additives to give them light stabilizers and heat absorbing properties.Lighting glass reduces the transmission of sunlight, and can be tinted or reflective, i.e., respectively, an absorbing or reflecting light.Heat absorbing glass is often a greenish or bluish gray and passes only 30-35% of the infrared radiation.The thicker the glass, the more it absorbs heat.In addition, heat-glass prepared by applying a metal, ceramic or polymer coating on normal glass.Coatings allow "reflect" the heat in the room, not letting the outside through the window opening.Such glasses are currently widely used in the manufacture of insulating glass.

Available as frosted glass, with relief pattern on the surface.It happens both colorless and colored, with a very wide range of colors.Patterned glass can scatter light and are often used in stained glass and decorative partitions.To create the interiors often used a mirror glass.During manufacturing to one surface or applied silver nitrate composition based on aluminum, titanium or copper.Mirror Glass, usually found in bathrooms, swimming pools, gyms.Translucent glass used for external and internal glazing for the manufacture of glass, as well as decorative elements and facade.

However, much more important than the glass itself, and the product which is obtained from it.Take, for example, a glazed - in fact, a revolutionary product that will effectively solve the problem of heat saving in the home.Glazing is a sealed structure of two or more sheets of glass separated by spacers.Dry air filling the space between glass panes, is a heat insulator because of its thermal conductivity is 27 times smaller than the glass.Heat-saving properties of glass can be improved by inter-glass filling the space with an inert gas or the use of "thermal bridge" - a special design that reduces the thermal conductivity of the aluminum frame.Keep warm in the room makes use of insulating glass windows with a special coating that reflects heat flow.

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Indeed, in ordinary wooden windows may sag under its own weight of the sash.This problem was solved in the production of translucent structures from PVC profiles.To avoid gradual sagging under the weight of the sash glass (which may occur if a PVC sash simply "attach" glazed), a bearing element made.That is, in the window of PVC profiles are not glazed sash kept strong, but on the contrary, the flap is held on the pane, which does not allow it to sag.Spacers are inserted into the gap between the edge of glass and plastic, so that the glazing serves as a rigid diagonal preventing sagging folds.From the characteristics of the glazing sashes depends on the quality of PVC windows.

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made of glass used in the construction of rustic glass blocks.Glass Block is a square-shaped "bricks" made of glass, often colored.In the production of glass blocks in the patterns applied, making them more decorative.If the mirror glass or sandblasted, you get a decorative glazing.When this glass surface layer is destroyed as a result of which it becomes opaque.Glazing can be used for doors, windows, furniture parts, interior and decor.And glass making original furniture for a country house.

in furniture production glass has been used for over a hundred years, has accumulated considerable experience, and now hard to imagine a contemporary feel without this premium material.Furniture made of glass weightless, airy, easily fits into almost any decor.At the same time construction of brittle like glass is very strong, so the risk of injury in the home is minimal.

and opens and closes

Imagine that glazed window opening tightly.The light penetrates, but neither ventilate the area or rub the glass is impossible.You arrange a window?Of course not.The device is extremely important window fittings.With its help window can be opened, closed, slightly open, and, if necessary, to remove all the leaf and leave one frame.Almost all the windows in a modern country house fitted with furniture;and in former times it was part of a compulsory set of window.Once the hardware was pretty simple: hinges, handles in the form of clips, well, a couple of espagnolettes - top and bottom.A little later came the handle-wrapping, which, incidentally, are often jammed.Hinges, of course, creaked and latches closed with great difficulty.But beyond these simple details of technical thought usually did not go.

Revolution "window case" occurred only in the last two decades, when the market appeared window construction of a new generation.In them we discover loops in the conventional design.Handles remain, but are turned slowly, and at one position, you can open a window in the usual way, while the other - tilt sash.

Modern hardware allows to fix the window in a certain position, in particular to leave between sash and frame clearance of a few millimeters in order to ventilate the room, except for a draft.If you want (for example, the window is located very high, so do not reach), can be connected to the automation, electric motor and make the remote window opening.The most original version - is automatic opening-closing of the window for a given program, but a "gadget" is probably already excess.

In the modern fittings have their own secrets and know-how.The handle is a lever that is attached to the leaf and is at the base of the pin, driving the special rollers.It was nip rollers provide flaps at five locations (swing-out option), which means, in essence, the clamp on the perimeter.Because the flaps are fitted with rubber seals

, tightness of the window is not surprising.There is no longer need to stuff the cracks putty and prokleivat frame with tape, which in the spring torn off along with the paint.With regard to construction providing open close windows, it is hidden in a groove, positioned on the end flaps, and virtually not visible.

Come on.Anyone who has dealt with the usual wooden windows, knows that over time casements may sag, that is shifted relative to the original position under its own weight.The consequence of this is difficult (and sometimes impossible to complete) the opening and closing windows, creaking, and so on. N. We have to take carpentry tools and return the sash in place.Modern fittings exclude such operations, as it provides the ability to adjust the position of the valves.Anything can happen in the home, for example, may, for whatever reasons, slightly skew the window opening, then fold "leave" from the previous place.In this case, you need only adjust the position of the sash, but not necessarily cause for this specialist, and you can own.Adjustments can be made on the height, width and pressing.The clip can also be varied, for example, strengthen in the winter.

There are a number of accessories to the window and, although fittings they are not, they are worth mentioning.This primarily mosquito nets, which are indispensable conditions of country.

Of course you can install in each room on the fumigator, but breathing fumes all night it is unhealthy.Therefore, when ordering the windows, I think, it is better not to engage in petty economy and to refuse such a wonderful invention as a mosquito net.Especially since it is not necessary to cut the width of the window, and then, armed with buttons or nails to attach to the frame.

One embodiment of such a network is a frame that is inserted into the window opening, creating a barrier to blood-sucking insects.Frame mosquito nets - a lightweight construction of an aluminum or plastic profile, which pull honeycomb fabric, usually plastic.Typically, such frame is provided with handles for ease by which the frame can be easily inserted into a special socket on the window frame.Another option - a Rollers mosquito net that in assembled form looks like a flat box attached to the outside of the upper part of the window or door frame.Left and right are mounted two guides.The very fabric kept in a box, in addition, there is a return spring, and retainer cord fabric in position.Usually these nets are used for non-standard openings, such as balcony doors.Missing people mesh briefly collapses, then again takes place.These nets, by the way, also protects from poplar fluff, dust, etc.. D. However, they are practically invisible either outside or inside the building.

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roof window is significantly different from the facade accessories and component elements.This is primarily due to increased loads those who skylight experiences on a par with the roof covering.The standard system opening roof window - on the middle axis, but recent developments in this area helped to create models such as casement window (opens sideways, like a normal facade) and a window with a combined opening system type PreSelect (flap can be opened at the average, andon the top axis, providing an excellent overview).In modern dormer windows are increasingly used tempered glazing and anti-condensate-weather ventilation system, which allows to ventilate the attic, even when the window is closed.Skylights can also be equipped with a variety of non-standard glazing: Double chamber, shock-proof, reflective, mirror, colored, self-cleaning, and even stained glass.There is also a wide range of different functions and design of the interior and exterior accessories, remote control systems, smoke removal.The variety of sizes and shapes of the windows (there are even arched window in which both fold, and the box, and glazed roof bending bent, respectively), the ability to install in a variety of combinations and complexes, as well as a universal mounting system allows to install skylights almost any roof and createoriginal design and lighting of the attic.

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