Geothermal heating and cooling system

By Admin | Heating
23 May 2016
Geothermal heating and cooling - very cheap, cleaner and much more efficient, for the best use of solar heat contained in the earth.

In fact, the concept of geothermal heating and cooling systems - is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.High-strength thermal plastic closed system of pipes placed in the ground.The pipes are filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze.The mixture circulates through the pipes, absorbing heat from deep ground and passing it to the geothermal unit in your house.The device then amplifies heated using principles of compression to reach the temperature necessary for heating.

So you can and cool the house in summer.Geothermal device in your home will absorb heat from the inside of your home, and then pass it through the pipes in the ground.Your refrigerator works in the same way, but instead of giving heat to the air, geothermal chiller gives his land.

geothermal heating and cooling system - not only simple, but also very effective.The only energy required to o
perate the system - electricity for the geothermal unit in your house.The effectiveness of a geothermal system - 300-400%, it allows you to get the heat for which you would pay $ 3-4, while use of electricity by only 1 dollar.You can easily see that compared to most gas heating systems, with 98% efficiency, and heat pumps with efficiency of 250%, geothermal system will help you keep a lot of money.

In addition, an undoubted advantage of the geothermal heating and cooling system is that it uses a virtually inexhaustible source of energy - the sun, the heat is stored in the earth for thousands of years, in contrast to the fuel reserves that will eventually run out.With increasing pollution and energy prices, geothermal heating and cooling system can be a great alternative for people.