Installation of windows

By Admin | Windows And Doors
22 April 2016

In fact, everything is completely different.Plastic windows can crack and zamutnet.However, this is not all the problems arising as a consequence of poor quality products and poor-quality installation windows.It is about the installation will be discussed in this article.

plastic windows One of the most common problems is the wrong size window.For example, an expert from the company to install windows made carefully measuring works in your apartment, but custom-made windows for some reason do not fit.

This and many other similar problems can be solved simply.

is enough to choose the right company producing operation for the delivery and installation of windows.For additional payments for services have to be included in the total score.The customer does not have to wonder too high payment for work performed, that the assurances of the representatives of the company are at times cheaper.Otherwise, you can go to court.

document on payment for work should include a lot of additional items: the date of conclusion of th

e contract, the contract number, name of the organization, its legal address, end time and the start of work, the responsibility of the Executive and warranty.

Treaty, of course, is made in two copies, one of which remains with the customer.It is also attached to the document paper with full estimates of works, which is confirmed by the price list of the company.

Thus, we examined the main pitfall associated with the registration and payment of work performed.Now, however, detail the installation of windows.Before you start, experts chosen companies must show a plan and tell how and with what materials will be produced each stage of the installation.

Once dismantled the old structure, professionals must begin to prepare for your new window unit.

For example, it is necessary to drill in several places for the installation of fasteners.For protection against dirt and scratches the inner and outer sides are sealed vapor-permeable self-expanding sealant tape.After this unit is installed in a window opening where the unit box is aligned and secured.It is important to monitor the composition and density of the so-called weld, which secures the window to the opening.The seam should be composed of multiple materials, which together provide the necessary additional acoustic insulation and thermal conductivity.Next comes plastering slopes.It is preferable to use a plastic slopes that protect the window from cracks and small gaps.Depending on the slopes of the company will have to buy their own, or they will be incorporated into the overall packaging.

job completed, but how to determine the quality of the installation?The window should be adjusted freely, without additional effort.Between the windows there should be no dirt, the surface itself and the glass is required to be 100% consistent.

scratches and small cracks produced during installation, will be an occasion to replace the windows, for which the responsibility of the company, the head of the installation process.Even if the original problem has not been detected, do not forget about the warranty period, as mounting defects may occur a month or a year.