Self-cleaning windows

By Admin | Windows And Doors
22 April 2016

cloth on the ground, a car that does not require fuel, boots that never demolished - the dream of almost any human.Indeed, it would be desirable to save not only money, but also time for repairs, cleaning, taking care of things around us constantly.A big step to fulfill the dream of making the company Pilkington, who announced Pilkington Activ - self-cleaning windows.As such cleaning is possible?Under the action of ultraviolet rays through a special window layer, the dirt is removed from the surface of the window.The second special layer Pilkington Activ is designed for water.Cover windows hydrophilic, so the water spreads evenly over the surface of the window, removing all accumulated dirt.Special layer also promotes rapid drying of excess moisture.Thus on the surface of the window does not leave streaks.

self-cleaning windows

should be noted that the above-described cleaning mechanism is not working right.Before you start self-cleaning windows, you need to wait about seven days.During this period, Pilkington Activ ha

ve to wash yourself.In addition, the fact that the self-cleaning does not mean that the windows can not be subjected to serious pollution.If, due to the dense layer of dirt or dust surface two special layers gets access to ultraviolet rays, the process of purification is impossible.So we have to manually remove the dirt with a soft cloth, which is pre-moistened with warm soapy water.

One of the most important characteristics of windows Pilkington Activ is durability.Special layers are not corroded by chemicals that surround us, so self-cleaning effect will perform well for many years.The windows do not fade, and the glass has high strength.

Currently the company's products Pilkington found their consumers in the Nordic countries, which is quite long and cold winters do not allow to deal with washing windows.Other territories conquered Pilkington Activ, to become Russia.