Well on the plot: disinfection of wells

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23 May 2016

If the well is built of well rings with an inner diameter of 1 meter and a height of 0.9 meters, the ring contains a 0.7 cu.m or 0.7 tons (700 liters) of water.Knowing the number of rings can be filled with water to set the amount of water located in the well.In general terms, to determine the amount of water in the well it is necessary to multiply the surface area of ​​water at the height of the water column in the well.Do not forget to take into account all the dimensions in general terms, for example, if it's meters, then you will determine the amount of water in tonnes.Recall that 1 liter of water weighs 1 kg.

Before disinfection, if the well had to be filled, it is advisable to pump out water from the well and wipe or spray liberally wall bleach solution.Do it with a brush, but you can use a mop or cloth wrapped around the stick.For preparing such a solution of 10-20 mg of dry bleach diluted in 1 kg (1 liter) of water.

should be noted that bleach is contained in only 20% of chlorine, and there
fore it requires 5 times greater than when using pure chlorine.

After refilling the well, poured into a bleach solution made from calculation of 200 mg lime per 1 kg or 1 liter of water.

disinfecting solution is prepared so.Take a clean container, pour into it the right amount of water, but always cold (from the warm water of lime quickly disappears chlorine).The water poured bleach in the right quantity, tightly closed dishes lid to not volatilized therefrom chloro, and the mixture was stirred.Give the opportunity to fully extinguish the lime and the mixture for some time for parking.Then the supernatant, without turbidity, the top layer of chlorinated water is drained into another bowl.

solution thus prepared was poured into a well and intimately mixed sixth or buckets, which initially take water from the well, and then poured into a well.A bucket of water should be raised to the tip, and then pour it with force.From a strong infusion of water, it is well mixed.There have been so.Take a bucket of water, lifted him from the water level in the 20-30cm and then freely lowered a bucket into the well, the water which is stirred up and mixed well.

After repeated mixing of water in the well is left undisturbed for 10-12 hours or a day.Headroom is necessary to cover the shield and a dense web that does not smell of chlorine disappears.Repeated disinfection is recommended to perform on the second day in exactly the same sequence, and prepare for a fresh batch of solution.Take this time water from the well and use it strictly prohibited.After re-disinfected water from the well is completely deflate.This operation is repeated until the smell of chlorine is water completely disappears.It should be necessary to wash the walls of the well with clean water.But after that the water from the well, it is desirable first time (about a week) to drink boiled.

After disinfection of the well recommended to make water analysis.

If you encounter in your village of intestinal infectious disease may be a risk of water contamination.In this case, as an interim measure it is advisable to chlorinate the water daily in the well.At this dose of active chlorine should be many times smaller than in the chlorination well as the structures not 100-200, and 2-5 mg per 1 liter of water.However, in order to chlorinate the water was effective dosage of chlorine must be determined accurately.Here's how: 3 cups pour 200 ml of water from the well.The first glass is poured by pipette 2 drops of 1% solution of bleach (10 g bleach to 1 liter of water), the second glass 4 and the third drop - 6 drops.The water in the beakers was mixed well with a glass rod, capped and left for 30 minutes in summer and winter for 2 hours.After this time, the smell of the water examined, beginning with the cup, which was added in a smaller amount of the solution.Necessary for the chlorination is considered that the dose from which the water has acquired a faint smell of chlorine.If none of the water cup will not have the smell of chlorine, it is necessary to repeat the pilot chlorination using high doses of chlorine.

The calculation of the required amount of 1% solution of bleach for disinfection of 1 cubic meter (1,000 liters) of water in the well.Suppose that there was a faint smell of chlorine in the second glass, which were added 4 drops of 1% solution of bleach.Consequently, for the chlorination of 1 liter of water should be multiplied by 4 drops of 5 received 20 drops.At 1 cubic meter (1,000 liters) will drop 20 multiplied by 1000, ie,20000 drops.Knowing that, in 1 ml of a 1% solution of bleach contains 25 drops, calculates that for 1000 liters of water chlorination must be 20000/25 = 800 mL of 1% solution of bleach.It is necessary to effect the chlorination of wells can be achieved only under strict dose ratio and the amount of chlorine disinfected water.As the water from the well permanently removed and in its place comes a new from the aquifer, the chlorine concentration will decrease, so the bleach solution in the well is systematically added.

Not all carry the smell of chlorine, so when disinfection is necessary to use a gas mask and a respirator, and if not, cover your mouth and nose with a damp cheesecloth, folded in several layers.Eyes must be protected sunglasses.