Selecting a geyser

By Admin | Heating
22 May 2016
creative person is always working ... and sometimes, manages to solve the equation, while trolley buses collide or disperse.

How to solve his equation simple layman who does not to the creativity, and certainly not to such a sophisticated abstract comparisons: he is trying to put a sign of "good" or "not good", choosing from a variety of stand-alone hot water systems, in all its glorystanding, lying and hanging in the salons of climatic equipment?And he needs now flow gas heater.

A in the equation is the mass of the unknown: he wanted the power of the heater design features, security, adaptability of the unit to the Russian conditions, the most appropriate water pressure and gas, value for money, etc.and so on. d.

Continuing to speak in the language of mathematics, we simplify the equation, we replace the unknown constants and coordinate them with the most apparent characteristics of the customer device and accessible to his methods of adjustment.


gas flow type water heater (geyser) co
nsists of a burner, heating passing through the heat exchanger water, and automation, providing safe operation.

Turning the water heater is done manually with the help of a piezoelectric ignition pilot burner or automatically - when opening the tap.At the same time, gas consumption, even with constantly burning flame minimized.Often, there are two modes of operation of the gas column - economical and forced.

Modulating burner

panel heater has a thermostat to set the desired temperature of heating water (usually in the range from 25 ° C to 50 ° C).If the burner - modulating, it automatically adjusts the height of the flame at different flow rates, allowing you to maintain the set temperature regardless of the pressure drops in the water.

on the concept of "Modulating burner" should focus.This burner, changing power facilitates the use of the gas column in the Russian context, where the pressure of gas and water is not constant.This is particularly important when the gas pressure is reduced.Imported columns tested at a gas pressure of 180-200 mm water column, and in Russia it is usually lower.As a result, the column is not declared capacity issue.Column with modulating burner a bit more expensive, but in this case more reliable.


order not to be disappointed in buying later carefully examined with the capacity specified in the data sheet.Focus on the value of the so-called "useful" power, not "consumption."Just "good" and useful, as it depends on it the rate of heating water.Power speakers fall into three categories: 18-19 kW, 22-24 kW, 28-30 kW.The higher the power column, the more the hot water per unit time it issues.

With simultaneous use of hot water in several areas (for example, in the bathroom and the kitchen), you need a powerful machine (24 kW).If this is not necessary, it is sufficient to lower power device (18-19 kW).


main advantage of gas instantaneous water heater is a three-level security system.

Firstly, in the event of reverse thrust or traction without general thrust sensor located in the pin housing, work, and the gas supply is stopped immediately.

Secondly, when extinction pilot burner thermocouple automatically cut off the gas supply.

Thirdly, hydraulic safety valve protects the gas water heater from overheating.


Installation and connection of the gas column are carried out only by professionals, specializes in such work, so it makes no sense to talk a lot about the details of the process.Gas instantaneous water heater runs on natural gas, so before using the need to ensure there are no gas leaks (especially at the joints).The heater is mounted on the available height, and when it is necessary to follow the appropriate installation instructions on connecting to the water supply and connecting the gas source.


In gas water heaters can reduce and gradually raise the temperature of the water, and the automation will ensure its permanence, regardless of the water pressure drops.However, it is desirable to limit the temperature of hot water at the column outlet 45-60 ° C.At higher temperatures, the process of salt deposits in the heat exchanger is accelerated, which leads to the outlet of the column system.

The same happens if the machine works with very hard water - over time may be a reduction in the temperature of hot water or weakening of the jet of hot water.This indicates the formation of a large scale layer in the heat exchanger.To reduce the influence of scale on the job, it is advisable to obtain the desired water temperature without mixing hot and cold water with a mixer, and adjust the temperature thermostat.

machine maintenance should be performed by a qualified technician.In addition to periodic cleaning of the main and pilot burners and the heating element is recommended that a regular general cleaning device from clogging its combustion products.

instantaneous water heater is more convenient, perhaps, in the office and in the kitchen.Only there is instant hot water is more important than its volume.Practical and compact unit.If you need this, do not hesitate to choose a water-heater.