Water purification farmhouse

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22 May 2016
As a rule, the water comes into the house any of the village water supply system or from a well.

If water provides an acceptable quality of water (be sure to make the analysis of the water entering the water system of your cottage), the principles of water purification similar to those used for residential water treatment.

Unprepared water (well water) require a more thorough cleaning.If
trace the path of the water from the source, it turns out that it enter the ground water, precipitation, passed through the layer of soil.On the one hand, soil - good mechanical filter and inhibits insoluble particles.On the other hand, when the water seeps through the soil dissolves a lot of harmful substances - fertilizers, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

The result is that the spring water from the nearby industrial city is not so clean.

can be used without a deep cleaning of the water only tested artesian springs, asin the soil over the artesian layer is a waterproof layer.It does not mix with the groundwater
artesian.The composition of the water in these wells is almost unchanged over time.But even water from an artesian well require cleaning from dissolved salts and hardness of iron, which is characteristic for the Moscow region.

Due to the large volume of water consumed water filters for houses need high-performance, and easy integration of household filters with replaceable cartridges used for the purification of water from the municipal water supply would make the water too expensive.

Today, the main trend of water treatment systems for independent water supply - the use of water treatment chemicals removable and regenerable.You can call these filters are intermediate between household and industrial.

stages of water treatment

All incoming water must first undergo mechanical cleaning.And unlike most household cleaning mechanical filter system filters water treatment supplemented with semi-drainage system.

unprepared water content of insoluble particles may be significant, and the usual household mechanical filter (coarse filter water) should be changed too often.

Recovery mechanical filter water treatment system of independent water supply made cottage periodic pumping through it in the opposite direction of clean water.
washed with water particles while leaving the drain.

rough water purification system for the cottage water treatment typically produce silica-alumina, and particles less than 20 microns are retained special ceramic powder.

next stage water treatment system for the cottage removes dissolved salts of iron and manganese (iron removal of water).

as filter media for iron removal of used substances, including in its membership manganese dioxide.It serves as a catalyst for oxidation reactions, and dissolved in water, the iron and manganese precipitate, which is retained in the filter medium layer, and washed by backwashing the drain.During oxidation of iron and manganese some water treatment system filters remove dissolved hydrogen sulphide.

next stage of water treatment - reduce the hardness of the water.The water passes through the ion exchange water softener filter that simultaneously removes hardness salts and ions of some heavy metals.
regeneration of the filter is made with a special solution.

last stage of chemical treatment of water from the well - adsorption activated carbon filter.

its tasks similar to those mentioned above household filters to clean the water from the city water supply, but unlike them, adsorption filters water treatment systems for houses are regenerable.Regeneration occurs by reverse pumping of water.

One of the important phases of water treatment - water disinfection.After unprepared water can contain a huge amount of disease-causing bacteria.Chemical used for this purpose in household filters are too expensive.

standard solution - water disinfection with ultraviolet light.Water is pumped through the transparent cuvette illuminated by UV lamp.The validity of such a filter is not particularly limited, and this technology has been widely used not only in the cottage, but also in industrial water treatment plants.

If you think this is the end water treatment, it is not so.
water treatment process described above takes all the water used in the cottage, and drinking water after all that has yet to undergo additional advanced treatment in the usual household filters, such as those installed in the apartments.Here, the process can be a little easier, because the water is no longer iron salts, hardness, bacteria.

're doochistit it a little, and you can drink the water of the highest quality!