Pumps for drainage in the cottage

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22 May 2016
and difficulties arise, as a rule, not the laying of communications, and the purchase of pumping equipment.Therefore, his choice should be taken seriously.

Drainage and sewage systems are provided at the stage of designing the house and land.To successfully control the level of groundwater and surface water and, if necessary, to pump excess water out of basements and pits, use modern drainage pumps.For gravity sewer devices, if there are local treatment facilities or the nearby municipal collector pumps are not needed.But often there are situations when it is impossible to organize their course.Then the use of compact sewage systems of different modifications is simply inevitable.

Currently, the market offers a huge selection of pumping equipment.And when it is necessary to consider the acquisition of a number of nuances.First, drainage and sewage pumps pumped the contaminated liquid, therefore the unit should have a large free passage to solids not damaged working parts of the pump.Effluents may co
ntain caustic chemicals, so the pump body, its parts must be corrosion resistant, have sufficient mechanical strength, as the inclusion (sand, small stones) can damage enough strong material.Good modern pump must be protected against dry running: to turn off automatically if there is no water.It is important that the unit is easy to mount and dismount, does not require sophisticated maintenance, easy to carry surges.

Choice drain pump

For right choice it is important to determine when and how to operate the pump.If the drainage system is already there, but occasionally there is a need to pump out excess water, it is best to buy a compact pump with a small free passage with a simple connection system and requires very little maintenance.Such pumps are usually made of stainless steel or plastic (pump UNILIFT CC).

main advantages of high quality plastic pumps: light weight, low cost and quiet.Their capacity is not more than 3 l / s, but this is enough for occasional use (to pump garden pond, pit, eliminate the effects of small household accident).These pumps operate at a water temperature of 4 ° C to plus 40 ° C plus.Pump out the hot effluent with them is impossible.Pumps in stainless steel harder plastic pumps, they have greater capacity and operate over a wide temperature range (from 0 ° C to plus 50 ° C), and some models (e.g., pump AR12) can briefly withstand very hot water (70 ° C).

This allows them to eliminate accidents on the lines of the hot water and heating, as well as sewer systems, eg for the removal of "gray" wastewater from washing machine or dishwasher.The diameter of the solids in the fluid all of the pumps must not exceed 10 mm.Experts recommend installing strainers in front of them, protecting working parts from accidental larger particles.All pumps are equipped with float switches, which protect the device from working "dry".For right choice model, the drain pump is necessary to know the intensity of inflow of water pumped.For a rough estimate we can assume the following values ​​of the nominal intensity of the rain, for the flat terrain - 0,014 l / s / m2, for the highlands - 0,023 l / s / m2.For convenience, you can use the table 1 with an expense ratio (measured flow of surface runoff of rainwater from the catchment area).

intensity wastewater inflow depends on the number of people living in the house.About the amount of waste per person is 150 liters / day.Based on the performance of the drain pump is selected, which should exceed the calculated maximum value.The limit is determined by the excess capacity of the pipeline, which can be found in Table 2. Performance of the pump must not be less than the table values ​​for the selected pipe diameter.Sewerage systems easiest and most economical way to withdraw wastewater - a connection to the existing central system, gravity sewer.But this ideal.Therefore it is necessary to resort to pressure sewer systems, thanks to which it is possible to use smaller diameter tubes, which reduces the cost of laying the network.

These stations are available fully equipped and consist of a storage tank from corrosion resistant material, 1-2 submersible pumps, piping and valves.Compact and completely sealed Multilift stations are designed for installation in the basement of the house and cottages are convenient when connecting to the collective collector.For a group of homes is better to use the system Liftstation - pumping station for outdoor use, such as SEG pumps equipped with a cutting mechanism to effectively grind the coarse fraction of wastewater.These systems are reliable, easy to maintain, easy to install into existing networks and is fully automated.

latter gives an advantage when monitoring network status.To build the sewage system inside the house, especially if the bathroom, toilet or kitchen are far from the riser or below, use compact automatic sewage systems (Sololift +), consisting of drainage sumps with integrated pump.Installation is connected directly to plumbing fixtures.The pump is automatically activated by the sensor level when filling device.The unit is equipped with a special cutting mechanism that grinds and fibrous solids.Thanks to this adaptation drainage tube may have a small diameter, which allows them to hide the wall panels.

In addition, the installation is almost silent.Such systems require virtually no maintenance since their construction ensures self-cleaning during discharge and carbon filter eliminates the odor.In order to install and play installation does not require special expertise.The only requirement - from time to time to wash the tank.For simultaneous use of modern wall toilet, sink and shower model has been specially designed SOLOLIFT + CWC-3, which can accommodate the installation rack is most convenient to not impede access to the riser.Modern technology today allows for a high level of comfort, not only in urban areas but also in the individual building.Reliable and secure systems make it possible to solve almost any problems in wastewater facing the owner of a country house and grounds.

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