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22 May 2016

first radiator was invented in Russia around 1855.He came up with the German of Italian descent Franz San Galli Karlovic, who lived at that time in St. Petersburg.Haytskerper device, or hot box is then a thick pipe with vertical discs.In Russia, such a heater stuck another name - "battery".

radiator Operating pressure in the heating system - an average of six to ten atmospheres.Before the season, the pipes and radiators arranged a real test for leaks: the pressure comes to fifteen atmospheres.For example, cast-iron battery of such tests may not survive.Therefore, it is important to make the right choice.

for town houses are most suitable aluminum radiators.They have good heat transfer - a half times higher than that of iron.So you can put fewer sections.However, aluminum radiators exposed, so-called electrolytic corrosion.

You can dwell on a bimetallic battery - outside aluminum, inside - steel core.Such a product can withstand any load.
First you need to fix brackets on the wall.Step no less than twenty cen

timeters.For maximum heat transfer, you must install the radiator at a distance of ten centimeters from the floor and window sill, and five - from the wall.Walled pipe heating system into the wall - is not necessary.In the event of an accident they will be difficult to reach.

Particular attention should be paid to install ball valves.They must be made of bronze or brass.Cheap fittings silumin installation can not withstand the pressure and burst.Counterfeit can be easily distinguished by weight.It is much easier.

There is another trick: between the top and bottom of the pipe is necessary to put a vertical jumper, the so-called bypass.When repairing the battery can be removed.This water circulation will continue through this bypass.

Sometimes batteries are not heated.This is due to air pockets.To solve this problem on their own, enough to install on each radiator valve Majewski.