Shower room cottage (log)

By Admin | Heating
21 May 2016

shower at the cottage
Its house in the near future does not shine, and his wife and child he had somewhere to take out for the summer.

therefore decided to arrange well Strausru life, and applied only superbyuzhetnye solutions.

The deal allowed all that was left from the construction of cottages.

Dacha planned to use in the summer, so nothing really Strausru not insulated.

Besides shower and sink in the room is located and a washing machine.


- Logs 150 * 70;
- rough floor of an edging board on the cranial bars;
- asphalt;
- concrete block to the top of a log;
- batten 35 mm;
- polyethylene film with a stop at the walls;shower at the cottage
- linoleum;

- frame;
- horizontal crate, line the walls;
- polyethylene film;
- plastic panels;

- Edged board;
- polyethylene film;
- plastic lining;

first wanted to smear the sealant joints of panels, but it turned out that it was completely useless, because panels are joined almost hermetically.

And here's the result.