Choosing a pump for a country house

By Admin | Heating
21 May 2016

pump Indicator "flow" refers to the volume of water, which is measured in liters per second, or in cubic meters per hour.For a typical family of three suitable pump with a flow rate of 4.2 m3 / h.By the way, the number of water points and the frequency of their use is also very strong influence on the exact value of this indicator and, consequently, the choice of the buyer.

choosing a pump for water consumption, it is necessary to take care of the sewage pump.Such equipment should be selected according to the needs in the volumes of water.And, besides, it is important to take into account the presence of rainwater around the house.

So, we have dealt with the main characteristics of the pump equipment.Now for the selection of quality products.Good durability pumps are usually made of stainless steel or high strength plastic.The bearings must be of ceramic.It is important to remember that the repair or removal of such equipment - it is quite expensive and long process.So forget about the economy, buy durabl

e pumps that will last a long time your home, thereby saving money.

design as materials affects the strength and durability of the equipment.A good pump motor is protected as much as possible.The "heart" of your pump should not be afraid of falling water overload (special thermal protection), and lack of water (dry running).If this is not provided by the designers, it is necessary to take care of the protection of equipment from power surges.

Finally, the durability of the pump affects the way it is operated.On the main conditions and operating rules written in the official instructions, but some of them need to know, regardless of the model of the equipment.For example, the suction branch plumbing is best to set a filter that will reduce the ingress of sand and other solid particles in water.Pumps drainage type must undergo regular cleaning, otherwise they quickly break down and lose their characteristics.

worth mentioning another point, related to the operation.After installation is complete, the pump will have to manage on their own.For a man who is constantly burdened with work and family cares to know a great many subtleties of the mechanisms and the pump is virtually impossible.Therefore, we recommend taking the simplest technique in the management of which will inform its owner about all the changes and emergency situations.