As nanotechnology heat house

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21 May 2016

uniqueness of this material is that it is a very thin polymer that heats the room, radiating infrared rays when it is connected to the mains.

Film warm floors Like all other systems "warm floor" foil heaters are mainly installed on the floor and used for home heating, baths, houses, as well as to heat greenhouses, greenhouses, etc.

Still, the main difference from other types of heaters is that under it is not necessary to prepare the surface - it can be installed anywhere, on any surface.

you can mount it in a cage your favorite pet, so it does not mёrz winter, pasted on the bathroom mirror, and it will not sweat, warm any room, securing it on the floor, walls and ceiling.

It draws its mobility and ease of installation, and if you have a cottage, you can not carry bulky heaters and do not use the stove to heat the entire house.It's enough to spread out, where necessary, a foil heater.

In addition, there is a remote control heating, which can change the temperature in each room separately, depending on your desires

.During operation other than the desired temperature, the oxygen in the room is stored, there is no noise, no odor and dust and almost no electromagnetic radiation.

This remains to add that in comparison with cable floors Foil floor saves 15-20% of energy, and if the program space heating, the savings are another 20 - 25% of "energy.

Everyone knows that the infrared rays used in medicine as a warming up, and recovering from surgery, medicine.And our Foil heater during heating, acting on the same principle, has a beneficial effect on humans.

Moreover, the frequency of the radiation is very similar to infrared rights and beneficial effect on blood microcirculation, relieves stress and fatigue.

Thanks to infrared radiation in the air negative ions are formed, they clean the air of different odors, neutralize static electricity thus have a positive impact on people.


This polymer with a silver-copper conductor, which is supplied with a voltage of 220 V. Film warm floors

connection is made in parallel in the case of failure of one of the bands of the whole system will continue to work.

conductors themselves are made of nanotechnology thereby increasing the amount of infrared radiation.

When you buy film you need to pay attention to the delivery for completeness and compliance with specifications and GOST certificates.


  • voltage 220-230 V 50 Hz;
    maximum power consumption, depending on the type of film: 150 W / m2 220 W / m2 400 W / m2;
  • the melting point of the film 265 c.Celsius;
    surface temperature of the film (depending on the wattage) to 45 ° C to 60 ° C to 80 ° C;
  • far infrared rays of 90.4%;
    wavelength of 7-20 microns;
  • electromagnetic field is absent.

assembling their own hands ...

film is recommended to cover 75-80% of the area.Film warm floors It has a thickness of 0.3 mm, the thermally reflective material - 3 mm.Since the coupler is not applied, the total thickness does not exceed 3.3 mm.

film heaters perfect for laminate, linoleum flooring, Soft flooring without glue and ties.

When installing a wood heating surface coating must be gentle, and therefore the film is set 150 W, for the apartments above the second floor and 220 watts - for private houses and first floors.

maximum heating temperature of 45 degrees.

Installation is carried out with heat seal packing, it reduces heat loss.

For this purpose, insulation materials, coated metalized Mylar film with a thickness of 3 mm, is suitable attacks and cork of the same thickness.From above, it was sandwiched thermal infrared film, which is covered by a floor covering.

Under ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles suitable film capacity of 220 watts.If you need additional fixation used construction mesh with cells from 5 to 45 mm, it is laid over the film and attached to the primary coupler.Installation on a cement - adhesive solution is to hitch coupler and tiles.In this case, include a radiant floor heating is possible only after 20 days of drying.

If all the rules of operation and installation, you turn your home into the realm of comfort, creating islands of heat in any quantity and in any place.