Heating without gas?

By Admin | Heating
21 May 2016

the boiler is heated with pellets relatively recently become popular in Europe boilers for pellets (wood pellets).Wood shavings and sawdust - wood industry residues compacted under pressure.They look like a cylinder with a diameter of 6-14 mm.0,5-2sm and length.

Pellets are biofuels.Unlike other fuels, they are inexpensive, but have a good calorific characteristics

Pellets convenient to store and transport, and the residue after burning pellets is only 0.5% of the volume of burnt and are generally used as a fertilizer.

Set boiler equipment includes the boiler and burner with automatic hopper.To use the boiler, connect it to the heating system, pallets and load the hopper for a long time, from one to several months, the furnace can operate without human intervention.After 1-2 years after the purchase, the cost of purchase and installation of the boiler pays off.

boilers, heated pallets do not require special maintenance, cleaning and ash spend 1 per month.Power of domestic boilers from 15 to 100 kW, and the efficiency is 85-95%.Som

e boilers have an additional DHW

Automation and safety

Boilers for pellets come in different types, but all use the technology Hi-Tech that automates all the processes and performs:

  1. As required automatic feeding fuel from the bunker.
  2. Keeping the temperature at a given level.

also explosion-proof heaters.

coal and wood do not allow to automate the process, using oil boilers it can inadvertently spill, everywhere there is no gas, and electricity is not suitable because the low-power line.

In this situation one way out - the boiler is heated with pellets.

the presence in the house of solid fuel boilers, it, no problem, can be translated into pellets.For this made the bunker sold pellet feeding system, the burner for pellets.The burner should be combined with a solid fuel boiler and bring it to the supply of pellets.And possible migration from pellet heating to gas.Then simply replaced on the burner gas.