Heating systems for home

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21 May 2016

Traditional heating systems

Heating systems for home furnaces boilers are essential elements of the traditional heating systems.For heating using an oven using such products heating as gas, electricity, oil products (kerosene, fuel oil), coal and wood.

In more modern furnaces are used for recirculation blower hot air.

Furnaces are mainly used cold air at home by absorbing its and taken through the pipes in those compartments where the air comes back already in the form of heat, thus solving the problem of heating living rooms.

  • absorption (absorption) of the circulated air through the filter occurs, which contributes to the purification of house dust and other harmful fine particles.
  • Gas and fuel oil furnace pilot light are required for heating the heat exchange section, which in turn heats the air circulating in the house.These units have stove air extraction pipe through which the exhaust (exhaust) gases out outwardly.
  • Electric furnace installation provides teplovyrabotku using heaters and radiators.
  • furnaces providing heat using coal and wood are closed furnace, which burns fuel, and the heat exchanger, where the air is warmed before it starts to circulate through the house.
  • Metal ventilation holes that allow warm air to exit the heating system directly into the living rooms of the house are usually found on the floor or on the walls of living rooms.Housing
  • temperature controlled by the thermostat changes the data, which is usually mounted on a wall at eye level.Thermostat shows the current temperature of the house.
  • Tank kerosene stoves are sometimes placed underground.In case of leakage, such installations are dangerous for the environment.

Electric Heat Pump

Heat pump mechanism of the thermal pumps is to move heat from one place to another.Heat pumps also serve as air conditioners in hot weather.

heat pump draws heat from the outdoor air, groundwater or surface water or land.If necessary, the air is heated via the heat pump system itself, rather than by circulating.

Also, optional metallic vents, such as those plants that are used in furnaces with natural draft.The thermostat will be similar to the system of metal air vents, but will also include control system air conditioning.

baseboard radiator type

  • Radiators baseboard type is elongated metallic units with galvanic elements inside.Each unit is controlled separately via the control system starting from the lowest level and ending with the highest.But the regulatory system does not show the current temperature of the room.
  • Radiators baseboard type can be used as a primary source of heat generation and auxiliary power to the cooler rooms, not sufficiently heated the main system of heat.Work baseboard radiators such as cost more expensive than conventional furnace operation and boiler heating systems.

Radiators roof and floor (parquet) type

  • Systems radiator heating roof and floor (parquet) types of heat the approximately just as the sun.Blowers are used.
  • units are installed radiators within the floor or in the ceiling.In some systems, radiator heating roof and floor (parquet) type has a control system, designed for each section separately.The control system is very similar to the control system baseboard radiator type.The units can also be installed inside walls, but this is less common.

hydronic system

Heating systems for home This is another kind of radiator heating.In this system, used for heating hot water pipe or aggregates similar to aggregates baseboard radiator type.Hydronic heating system can also be installed inside pololka.

  • hydronic heating system is sometimes installed under the road surface from concrete to prevent snow and ice accumulate.
  • hydronic heating system includes a boiler (water heating device), which heats circulating water.

Room heaters

  • There is also room heaters electric, gas and kerosene types.As you know, like heaters can not be considered a built-in heating and should be considered heating aids.
  • In some cases, or in some places, gas heaters are fairly common means of heating.Gas heaters may be attached to a wall or may be portable.If gas heaters provide heating room completely attached to the wall and not temporarily, but permanently, the room where the gas heating means, can be considered as the heated area with built-in heating system.

This article covers the basics and nuances of only some of the most common heating systems.Experts Installation of heating systems can provide more specific information and expert advice on all heating systems.