Heated hoses

By Admin | Heating
19 May 2016

Heated hoses company introduced two models - for water and utility needs.Both models are made of polyvinyl chloride, have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (USA).When using heated water hoses on the street in the hose will never freeze.This is a very useful invention for farmers, gardeners, owners of caravans, is simply irreplaceable on site.The ends of the hose are made of brass, inner and outer thread - ¾ inch.

line for domestic use (Utility Line) designed that, if necessary, use a hose included in the socket, and after use - is turned off and wound into a ring.This hose is just perfect if there is no need for constant running water (water their animals once a day, a hot tub filled with water, pour the ice rink behind the house, wash the car or break the ice at the threshold).If the water hose is frozen, it must be plugged in and after 5-10 minutes the water will melt (melting ice time depends on the outside temperature).Heated hoses solve a lot of problems with water at a temperature below 00C


Heated Hose (Pirit Heated Hose) works by plugging in an electrical cord, which is activated by means of a built-in hose thermocouple.Thermostatically controlled heated fuser hose activated if the outside temperature drops below 350 ° C and is switched off if the outside temperature is above 400C.That is, if the hose is turned on, then, basically, the fuser will be activated.Such hose emits external heat, which is extremely useful for gardeners: with hose in greenhouses.The heated hose may be used to prevent damage from frost, melting snow and ice, and for seed germination.

water pipe line (Pirit Water Line) includes an electrical cord and a built-in hose thermocouple (copper wire).This heated water line is designed for use as a permanent source of water at ambient temperatures below 00C.This hose can be left plugged in.Thermocouple is controlled by the thermostat: is activated when the outside temperature is below 20 ° C, and turns off when the outside temperature above 4,40S.If such a hose is left on, the water inside will not freeze.It is very convenient novelty, if the water must be supplied to the house, utility room, a camper in trailers at the construction site, in the paddock, in the boat, mobile home - wherever you need a steady source of water during the freeze.

specifications for both models:

  • 2.9a
  • 120V 60Hz
  • 15,25 m
  • Inner diameter 5/8
  • Made of PVC
  • approved by the Food and Drug Administration (USA) for supplying drinking water
  • enhance the connection
  • Brass, internal and external thread - ¾ inch
  • Safety Certificate Lab Safety (USA) and the Canadian Standards Association