Drills and hammers, pros and cons

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26 April 2016
battery or network?

Drills and hammers can be operated from the mains or from the battery.

- wires do not interfere;
- greater safety of use (the voltage is lower, there is no chance of cutting off the wire);
- independence from power supply (more mobile);
- standard charger fills the battery in about an hour, bystrozaryadnoe - 15 - 20 minutes;

- a higher price;
- profitable use for the tool with high energy consumption: the battery quickly "gets."

operate from AC

- lower price;
- longer at low temperatures;

- are less convenient to use;
- less mobile;
- the inability to use without stationary power (electrical outlets).

main difference between professional and household tool that is designed for the first permanent severe stress, and the second - at periodic use.


main function - drilling.



highly specialized, the market is rare.Designed to work with plastic materials, which are produced when drilling chips,
especially with metals (as well as plastics and wood).

- fewer moving parts, so the higher the accuracy of the drilling;

- quite a high price;
- a narrow field of application;
- are not suitable for use with hard materials.


Power: from 400 to 1200 watts.The ability to regulate the speed to 3500 rpm. / Min., Operates on a "drilling" / "slotting".With hard solids in the hammer mode, as well as wood, brick, steel, plastic, glass, concrete (concrete if the mark is not higher than 300) and al. In drilling mode.

- wide range of application;
- versatility;
- Shot function can be turned off;

- a higher level of noise and vibration;
- not a very large impact force (as compared to the punch).


For drilling small holes (eg 10 - 13 mm in the metal).

- compact;

- not suitable for drilling large holes in the solid material;
- high speed and low torque.Therefore, the low speed power is not enough, and at high speeds there is a risk to damage the product.

Two speed

Universal drill.Some models are able to drill large holes in metal (up to 32 mm in the steel up to 50 mm in aluminum) - a pattern with high capacity but a low speed (at high speed metal may melt).

- in low gear can drill small holes at high - larger;

- generally more cumbersome than single-speed;
- higher price.

the following groups drills power from 300 to 600 W, 600 to 700 W and 900 W to 1.5 kW.For example, a 350-watt sverOlit drill hole in aluminum to 8 mm, in the steel up to 6.5 mm in the wood to 15 mm and 1150 Watt - in aluminum 28 mm, in the steel up to 23 mm, in the wood to 50mm.


mainly used for drilling, chipping and shtrobleniya hard materials (stone, bricks).Dual-mode drills make drilling without hammering and chiselling.The tri-mode there is also a combined mode - hammer drilling.


- cverlenie holes in various materials (wood, plastics, various metals, etc.);

- making holes in hard and very hard materials;

- screwing / unscrewing bolts, screws and screws;

- chiselling various kinds of chisels.



make up the bulk of the market hammers.The maximum impact force - 60J.

- unlimited energy impact (the larger the tool, the greater the force of impact);
- the mechanism does not experience critical loads during operation;
- less vibration and low noise;
- the impact force is independent of the pressing tool;
- easy to use;

- you need regular servicing: changing lubricants, sealants, cleaning impact mechanism;
- higher price.


on the market are in a small range.The maximum impact force - 1.5 J. However, there are also professional electromechanical machines running on batteries because they can operate without recharging for a long time.

- lower price;
- higher efficiency;
- no need to replace lubricants;

- a small force of impact;
- a lot of noise and vibration is large;
- are less convenient to use.

Types cartridges

Modern drills and hammers are equipped with two types of ammunition: toothed or quick.The toothed drill chuck is secured with a special key.The downside is that this process takes time, and the key may be lost.To secure the bit in keyless chuck is sufficient only small arms efforts.Keyless chuck are single and dvuhgilzovye.In dvuhgilzovogo are two rotating rings - for clamping and loosening.OdnogilzovyeO cartridges (press-lock and auto-lock) are more convenient when changing.The perforators usually used retention mechanism SDS-Plus (for light and medium weight models) or SDS-Max (heavy models).This mechanism allows you to use only special drills (drills) and does not require a key to secure.To secure the drill to run in rotation punch, you must use a special adapter.In recent years, manufacturers have started to offer models drills without an adapter - with replaceable cartridge.To install the bit, enough to replace one cartridge to another by screwing it directly to the shaft of the punch.This system significantly improves the performance of the instrument.

Impact drill or punch?

Impact Drill

- convenient to work on soft materials - bricks, concrete blocks, wood, etc. Etc .;
- preferably for drilling small diameter;

- not recommended for drilling holes in hard materials (much lower performance, quickly breaks down).


- hard material (stone, concrete) performance punch above;

- punch with accessories more expensive hammer drill (with the same power of these tools);
- usual drill punch can not be used without an adapter that extends the design, making it more difficult and makes drilling puncher less durable (exception - drill with a special system where the cartridge adapter can be screwed directly to the shaft of the instrument).


Makita (Japan)

specializes in professional tools.A leader in the production of light drills and one of the leading manufacturers of heavy.The requirements of the company to the level of vibration motors twice tougher standards adopted in the industry.Regularly releases new products produced using the latest technology.High quality products, regardless of the country where it was made.The inscription on the product Makita «made in China" should not scare.The relatively high price is fully justified quality.

Bosh (Germany)

This is the first branded tool, which appeared in Russia has a good service network that is especially true for drills.Constantly updated product range, taking into account technical innovations.Quality tool at a reasonable price (the price range - from moderate to high).

Kress (Germany)

The range is regularly updated with the know-how.The strongest positions of the brand - drills.The price range is closer to high.

DeWolt (US)

known primarily professional-grade battery technology.Prices - from medium to high.

STIHL (Germany)

fact, every 2 - 3 years is completely updated product range.Lower price with good quality.In particular, the drilling cost is quite comparable with the domestic.

tips when working with hammer

1. Be careful not to overheat the instrument.If you feel that the instrument is overheated, it is necessary to turn it off and on again not earlier than 5 minutes.

2. The unit does not work, maybe it happened because of the wear and tear of the graphite brushes.They must be replaced in service salon.

3. Do not change the grease by yourself, located inside the gun (the gear lubricant, and others.).This lubricant is replaced experts in service (for example, during replacement of the graphite brushes that are worn).

4. In the chiseling and hammering with rotation is not recommended to apply pressure to the tool.The effort must be maintained during operation should not exceed 3 - 4 kg - then stroke will be the most productive.If the pressure is stronger stroke is reduced: falling productivity tool, and machine wear faster.