Cannon shock work.

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25 April 2016
Hammer - not just a tool.It is the father of all the tools, the first tool that man has invented both arms.Its purpose - to extend, to direct and to increase the force of the human hand, cause an energetic punch strictly to the desired point, to help other instruments - chisel, chisel, a tool with - to do their job.

It is arranged hammer is quite simple.It consists of a heavy hammer (which differ striker front and rear backplate) and the handle.Form pin may be rectangular, circular - depending on the purpose.Dominated rectangular strikers - the most universal.

Nevertheless, there are all sorts of hammers.The varieties of hammers are the sculptors, sculptors, artists and engravers, watchmakers, shoemakers, cobblers, surgeons and even musicians.In these special areas, we will not interfere.It's about the hammers, which are used in joinery, carpentry, plumbing and construction work.But they are also quite diverse.

operating and hammer

massive hammer (1 kg or more) on a sturdy handle is called t
he hammer.It is needed where you want a very large impact energy: to extract jammed fasteners, breaking stones, staples, and spikes in the thick logs, penetration into the ground poles and stakes.Handle sledgehammers have to be made of shock-absorbing material - wood or composite plastic.Primitive sledgehammer with the handle of a piece of pipe welded together and give the body a "return" that an employee will soon fail - zanoyut joints.A very massive sledgehammers and hammers (3 kg), used by blacksmiths, in the garden and suburban everyday life is hardly needed.

relatively easy, but the big hammer, which working part is made of wood and have rounded corners, called a mallet.Mallets used in the carpentry and roofing work - for driving spikes and wedges for tamping and embedded vrublennyh parts straightening, trimming and folding sheets of roofing iron.

Mallet does not damage the surface of the treated wood and leaves a deep imprint on the sheets of metal.Now on sale there mallets cylindrical shape, in which the working piece is made from durable composite plastic and placed it inside a metal weight material.

to stone furnace and tile work used a special hammer - kirochku.Kirochki for bricklayers, tilers and stove-makers are slightly different in shape and weight, but these differences are insignificant.Backplate kirochki flat and pointed, slightly curved downward, like a pick, making the instrument and its name.With kirochki can accurately break bricks and tiles on the part of the desired shape and size, obbivat stones, masonry correct defects, prepare the surface of the wall under the trim (knock down the old plaster and plaster, do bully).

Hammer, flat curved back plate which has a wedge-shaped groove is called a hammer - crowbar.His appointment is clear: it is used in joinery and carpentry and allows, without using tongs, removed from the wooden parts of old nails and bones.Hammer with a round, slightly convex striker to "stalk" and pointed butt pad - a straightening - hammer.It is used for straightening (straightening) and the distillation of products from the surface of a thick metal plate.

«Exotic" types of hammers are scarce.One of them - a hammer roofer, which instead of fore-end - a small-blade ax.They are convenient to use during roofing work as a universal tool for a hand - cut through the soft roofing materials, podtesyvat crate.The second "exotic" hammer - Geology.It is small in size, the striker is in the form of his picks (pointed tetrahedron) and the back plate is flat and too pointed.Geological hammer is good to work with minerals - they can be quite subtle and delicately to treat the surface of stone and concrete.

Reliability and Safety

Hammer in progress ripped off the handle, can be travmoopasen.Therefore, securing the handle of the hammer is necessary to pay attention to.

impact of the hammer usually has a hole.The hole is inserted into the handle, and then strengthen it, by driving top vraspor one or more metal wedges.It is the oldest and most reliable way of fixing.

Hammers with the gun, which is inserted in the arm, less reliable.Handle and forearm have to fasten with nails or screws, making arm strength drops and wedge in under the bottom of the forearm, quickly fall out from vibration.

In some designs of hammers are special clamps and brackets, which additionally include the hammer and the handle in place of their bonds.


The price range of the instruments of shock work great.On average, they vary in the range from 20 to 300 rubles.Price depends on size, weight, material and manufacturer.The most expensive hammers - geological: the price of "brand" of the Swedish, German or English can be up to 2500-3000 rubles.

M. Kalugin

«Gardener» №3-2007