By Admin | Tools
23 April 2016

One has only to face a couple of times, for example, need to assemble a wardrobe or change the lock, it becomes clear that without a screwdriver is necessary.


And then the question arises: a screwdriver to choose ?The assortment of today is very broad, but how to find the ideal tool for themselves?The first thing to pay attention to the basic characteristics of screwdrivers.

So important parameters are the speed and torque.For domestic use rather screwdriver with a maximum torque of 10 - 15 Nm, allowing tight tighten screws.Drills with high torque are considered universal, as it allows to carry out the function of drilling and solid materials.Have a professional tool it can reach up to 130 Nm.

speed selection for drilling and connected by a complexity of the problem will be solved.For tightening screws enough speed 400-500 vol. / Min.Drilling requires a minimum of 1200-1300. / Min.High frequency is required only in exceptional cases.

now turn our attention to the gearbox.This member provides
rotation of the working tool shaft during drilling with a certain angular velocity.Screwing enough 500 rev / min for normal drilling - from 1200 to 1500 rev / min.Typically cordless screwdriver planetary gear set with plastic gears, satellites.

When choosing quite naturally raises the question, is a professional tool to buy or household.The main differences in the capacity and uptime before recharging.At home both are substantially less, but with ordinary household situations screwdrivers cope without any problems.And they are much cheaper, respectively.Professional Tool makes sense to buy if you firmly know that you have to face high loads.

Before buying also need to determine the order of the type of battery will be your screwdriver.It can be a nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) or lithium ion (Li-Ion).

Household batteries often equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries.Most of them are calculated per 1000 chargings, whereas Ni-MH batteries - at 500. Now there screwdrivers that can support both types of batteries.The big disadvantage of such batteries is the so-called memory effect: at each charging if the battery was not completely discharged, its capacity is reduced.To avoid this, while working with the tool without unexpected interruptions to allow charging the replaceable battery.

Lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect.In addition, they are more environmentally friendly because they do not contain cadmium, harmful to human health.But at the same battery Li-Ion worse tolerate subzero temperatures.


In addition, there are battery-operated screwdrivers network.Their disadvantage is that the access area is limited long cord.Furthermore, such screwing heavier.Selection of the power tool is preferred that if a lot of work and it is associated with the processing of solid materials.

We are touched only the most basic parameters, which play an important role in choosing the screwdriver.You can still add that, of course, when buying a tool, it is necessary to pay attention to its shape and position of the handle.Screwdriver, like any tool, should lie comfortably in the hand.When choosing between pistol grip and placed in the center of gravity of the tool, it is better to give preference to the latter, because in such an arrangement, hand fatigue.

Regarding the choice of the brand and the possible presence of additional functions in the screwdriver, it all depends on personal preferences and financial opportunities.