Power saws.

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22 April 2016

Not surprisingly, the saws are quite diverse in structure - as they say, for all occasions.Some (chain saws) are used for rough cutting of materials, say, or for firewood, others (jigsaws, miter saws) - for accurate (precision) machining.There are also more or less "universal" model.About how to choose the "correct" electric saw, and will be discussed in this article.

Circular Saw term "saws" unites three types of building tools, which differ in the design of the cutting mechanism.For devices with reciprocating cutting regime are jigsaws, saber saws, carpentry saws, the technique of the cutting mechanism in the form of a rotating disk or a toothed chain - respectively disk and chain saws.


between a circular saws are distinguished by:

1. power consumption;
2. rotational speed of the blade;
3. blade diameter and the diameter of the bore;
4. availability of optional accessories that extend the functionality and to ensure safe operation of the saw.

circling WHEELS

disc or circular saws can be
found in any "building courtyard."Their main cutting mechanism - not the usual "web", and rotating disc with teeth.In the simplest case, they are used to carry out long and smooth cuts, however, these tools are able to "cut" (with additional guide rails) material at the desired angle.

power consumption and speed of rotation of the disk have a significant impact on the performance of the saw.Power of most models of circular saws varies 1.0-1.5 kW.However, there is a technique both smaller (eg, 500- and 600-watt household models 5140, 5240, Skil, Holland), and with more power (professional equipment DW86, DeWalt, USA; W 8402CI, Ryobi, Japan; BHK-210, Bort, Germany; SCS-65, Milwaukee, USA).From the speed it depends on the quality of cut: the higher it is, the more accurate the cut line is obtained.Usually circular saws have one disc rotation speed (about 3000-5000 vol. / Min at idle), and only a few tools (AT 65 EB, Festool, Germany; PKS 66 CE «electronic», Bosch, Germany) it is regulated.Variable cutting speed may be useful for the treatment of various materials, as, for example, low-melting polymers are better to cut at low speeds.Thus, the model AT 65 EB (Festool) even included a list of speeds, "recommended" for chipboard, PVC.In addition, adjustable speed allows you to start work at low speed without the typical "fast" drunk jerk.

even greater impact on the quality of cut has a disc type.Recent vary the size and shape of the teeth, sharpening their corners.In general, the more teeth on the disk (the number can vary from 10 to 120), the higher cut quality and lower the cutting speed.

Among the devices that "specialize" in high quality propylene, it is worth noting dip circular saw TS 55 EBQ (Festool).The advantages of this model are due to special guides, which saw moves with high precision, as well as the special arrangement of the cutting blade.He "drowned" in the stationary housing and extends only if the sole rests on the blade blank.With a circular saw TS 55 EBQ can be "easily and naturally" cut chipboard and MDF panels, while at the edge of the cut chips will not be formed.However, working with this tool for weight has not come out.

Each circular saw fit certain diameter wheels.The larger the disc diameter, the larger material thickness capable of processing the tool.Thus, when the disc diameter of 190 mm can get the depth of cut 66 mm in diameter and 240 mm - 86 mm.Of course, better to be safe and to get a more powerful tool with large diameter disc.However, this technique is more expensive and, most importantly, will be somewhat difficult for the layman.For comparison, the mass of 5140 models (Skil) and BHK-210 (Bort) - 2,4 and 11.0 kg respectively.

should also be remembered that the chain saw mounted on the disk of smaller diameter than the one for the instrument, you can not.The gap between the disc and the sleeve saws will be very large, and "tooth" saws can get your fingers the hapless wizard.Circular saws - the most traumatic type of power tools and such "liberties" do not forgive.

Among the devices that provide comfortable operation of circular saws, note the device for cutting at an angle that allows you to make cuts at an angle of up to 450. In order to protect the tool against overload in some models, for example in the CSP 132 E (Protool, Czech Republic), KSE 68 Plus(Metabo, Germany) are used: the system soft starting and stopping the engine, safety clutch, automatic shutdown in case of overheating and excessive wear of the motor brushes.Other circular saws, say, 5143 (Makita, Japan) and AT 65 EB (Festool), equipped with electronic brake that provides rapid (within 2 seconds) to stop rotating disk.And all models AEG (Germany) and Milwaukee set lower guard, which automatically shifts at work;if the saw is in a "raised" state, it extends and closes the cutting blade.

wizard to become as comfortable as possible, manufacturers pay great attention to the design of circular saws.For models DW86 (DeWalt), PKS 66 CE «electronic» (Bosch) has a spindle lock for quick change cutting discs.Saw SCS-65 (Milwaukee) fitted with a movable handle that can be mounted in one of the eight positions.Circular saws (especially those who are reputed manufacturers will not be used in a stationary state) is made as light as possible - the body is made of aluminum alloy, since it better heat dissipation from the engine, which is very important when a large amount of work.In the model 5017 RKV (Makita) provided the riving knife and dust extraction with dust bag made of transparent plastic.

from simple to complex

nearest relative of circular techniques - miter saw.It is a circular saw hanging over the bed by means of movement mechanism.The design allows the latter to saw materials at a predetermined angle, in any projection, and with great accuracy.A power tool is available in a desktop or floor standing version, and almost always is - professional equipment.

end saw All that has been said about the classification of a circular tool, can be attributed to miter saws.They also differ in capacity, the diameter and the rotational speed of disc loaded.Among the more "specific" characteristics is called the vertical and horizontal angles of the blade, the maximum dimensions of the workpiece.Typical values ​​of the horizontal and vertical angles of up to 450, but some tools are capable and more than that: for example, the model DW706E (DeWalt) provides two-way 480 and the inclination angle of the cut in both directions Facing up to 500, and in the model LS1013 (Makita) is possible right turn sawsin the horizontal plane to 520. In short, the higher the "flexibility" of the working mechanism, the wider "production capacity" blade holder.Overall dimensions of the workpiece depends on the design of the desktop and a mechanism for longitudinal movement of the saw guide.If present, the possibility of miter saw sharply increased, say, the right angle model EMS 254 (Elmos, Germany) will be sawing wood billets 100h60 mm Saw EMS 254 S (Elmos) - Details section 300h60 mm, and the model DW708 (DeWalt) - 305h110 mm blanks.When cutting at an angle of 450, these values ​​for the first two tools make 76h60 and 212h60 mm (similar rates in the model of the KGS 331 Electra Beckum, Germany).

Another useful option is - the opportunity to work as a normal miter saw circular, that is to do the longitudinal cuts.Such devices are often referred to as combination saws.Such opportunities provide a model DW743 (DeWalt) and EMS 250 T (Elmos).Combined "circularly miter" technique is more expensive than usual, but is ideal for those who are looking for a circular saw for all occasions.

Miter saws are precision devices, so that all mechanisms move the blade and fixing it at a predetermined oblique or rotated position are performed with high accuracy.Hence the higher cost of such equipment.When choosing a model, pay attention to the presence of additional devices to ensure accurate cut - for example, the laser light (EMS 300 TXL, Elmos).Among other useful features - the ability to adjust the speed of rotation of the disk that can cut a variety of materials (DW706E, DeWalt).

Another improved version of disk technology - Radial Arm Saws, invented by Raymond Devaltom in 1923.They are posted on the cutting mechanism L-shaped console that provides high maneuverability and the ability to handle large parts.Thus, the cutting width of radial arm saw DW729K (DeWalt) while cutting up to 610 mm, cutting - 920 mm cutting depth in this case is 110 mm.

with teeth on the chain

special category of "Peel devices" - chain saws, which are used for gardening (EFCO, Italy; Bosch; Husqvarna, Sweden; Makita; Perm aggregate association "INKAR").They are indispensable where you want to quickly and effectively "cut down chain Saw forest", the main advantages of chain saws - high performance and the ability to cope even with very thick trunks.Cutting quality is not so important.Surely you are familiar close relatives of electric chain saws - chainsaws, which are used for logging.From the point of view of professionals, gasoline has a number of advantages because it does not connected to the mains.The area is the use of power saws chain length is somewhat limited supply cable (battery needs special spread has not received due to the high power consumption of drinking and problems with their use in the cold);However, within a garden plot their use is justified, since most such equipment is used for cutting one of two trees instead of a cherry orchard.Less power is compensated by the convenience of work (to cope with a chainsaw, and requires physical strength and some skill), and the relatively low weight of the tool.The important role played by environmental saws - people go out of town to have a rest from the city of petrol, and once again touch the exhaust gases they absolutely do not want.

between an electric chainsaws vary power consumption, which averages 1.4-1.8 kW (professional equipment and can be characterized by large figures, for example, saw "Parma 2M" from "INKAR" has a capacity of 2.1 kW)bus length, which is set toothed chain (30 to 45 cm), the shape and dimensions of the teeth chain.For everyday needs are most commonly used chain saws with a length of 30-40 cm tires (like, say, in the models of EFCO) and low-profile chains with a pitch of teeth of 0.325 inches.

In conclusion, I would like to mention the model Duo-Saw (KRESS-Elektrik), which is both a disc and a chain saw.This saw allows you to install any drive or bus with a chain and promptly replace one cutter others.Thus, the range of possible work much expanding.

Our information

Remember that wheels for precise treatment of wood can not tolerate shock, so they should be protected from damage.The most common disc "suffer" from nails, so the wooden parts with fasteners should be cut very carefully at the minimum speed.

When selecting a tool note the existence and design of the handle more.Always hold the saw in hand, to assess whether it is convenient.Specify the cable length - circular saw often have to use the "outdoors", so two, three-meter supply cable gives more freedom to maneuver.Of course, most manufacturers are unlikely to support the initiative of Protool, whose model CSP 132 E is equipped with a 10-meter cable, but four to six meters can count.A Tools Milwaukee (USA) and KRESS-Elektrik supplied cable is disconnected, which, if desired, or if necessary, easily replaced by longer.


Chain saws can be equipped with a chain brake, interlock, softstarter, thermostat.

1. The chain brake to prevent "garbage" tool during the cutting teeth contact with the surface of the wood (the most dangerous moment in the work with the chain saw).
2. Lock-off switch eliminates the possibility of accidental starting saws.
3. Soft-start limits the maximum starting current.
4. Thermal power saws mechanism protects against overheating.