Band sawmill, with their own hands

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22 April 2016
Pulleys "borrowed" from the combine like the "Neva", the diameter of the pulley is 30-32 cm. I whittle them so that protrudes slightly worn belt (a couple of millimeters), and later I took off I cut the straps and without them, much quieter and better.

lathe work very little.This is due to the fact that I mainly used to guide poldyuymovuyu tube and the tube (do not know which one) but it is clearly put on poldyuymovku (1-2mm gap that even when welding is convenient).
begin with "rails"

most of the rail is 50 mm area is set up (if the wheels have to be very well set different tire rub off on the corner), usually make up an edge angle then the wheel will not be erased.
"sleepers" is a pipe profile 25 * 25mm.Also welded in a sleeper, between the profile tubes, the above (actually referred to below) poldyuymovaya tube which put on a log fasteners (nails).Clamps and move freely bend clip is made of wood with a hammer on the terminals, causing the clamp samozaklinivaetsya.

Profiled tube in favor of rail, t
hese projections are set adjusting bolts (M14 * 100 mm).
on core tubes are installed "bridges" which keeps a log.The last two have a distance between 50cm (short workpieces).Photo 1, 2.
Band sawmill Band sawmill
View sawmill.Photo 3, 4, 5.
Band sawmill Band sawmill Band sawmill
Corps pulleys (the hub of the "Moskvich") are welded (with the frequency of the segment and re-welding, in a way I exhibited pulleys, this littlelater) to the tubes, and moves together along horizontal guide-tubes (poldyuymovaya pipe) and can be fixed by bolts.

Right (Slave) pulley is automatically tensioned by a spring (with the motorcycle shock absorber "cacique").
Left (Lead) is fixed, but can be moved when you change the size of the band saw.In the photo 8
little visible mechanism belt motor.
Band sawmill Band sawmill Band sawmill
Pulley left-right.Photo 9, 10
Band sawmill Band sawmill
When developing rollers I start from the fact that they have to be red-hot.Did the entire sawmill in his garage, the only pulleys only turner wore Stachy (my stanochek not intermeddle), so look for the most simple and reliable way.As a result, he made a "roller assembly" of a set of bearings, two (202 seem) and rear equal a little more (+ 2-4mm).Fig.1 photo 11, 12
Band sawmill Band sawmill Band sawmill

"Rollers" on machined shaft to calculate the need for it was possible to install the washer between the bearings (at variable width of the saw).The shaft is inserted into the same pair of tubes (poldyuymovaya + "mama"), the shaft is welded to poldyuymovoy offset axes (blue line in the figure)
all fixed to the guide tube so that the roller assembly adjusted in height (but not necessarily self-made drink. Is desirable)and moving from side to side with subsequent fixation (to set the width of the opening, depending on the diameter of the log).On the establishment of video from the driven pulley mounted drip coolant.
Band sawmill
The frame is made of channel (100), a height of 1.5 meters.Frame tightened scarves.It's a little "playing", but this does not affect sawing.I saw a very good factory-made, so it can also play.
"Cutting Unit" moves on the channel bars with screws, studs, for insertion "r.bloka" installed bolts kontr.gaykoy.Hoist can be seen in the pictures.
Band sawmill Band sawmill Band sawmill
Band sawmill Band sawmill
more about installing pulleys.

"by the book", they have to beat parallel.I made them with a slope (2-4gradusa) to tape "delayed the" rollers, otherwise it flew at me.
I cut with a margin on the shrinkage and deformation during drying, the run length of 3.5 m at a normal saw and sawing does not exceed 1-1.5 mm.